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预制场数控张拉系统厂家数控张拉系统价格@新闻 Title Prefabricated Field CNC Tensioning System Manufacturers CNC Tensioning System Price @ 新闻

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Prefabricated CNC Tensioning System Manufacturers CNC Tensioning System Price @ 新闻
Application areas : ensure compacted grouting, avoid or significantly reduce the corrosion of steel strands, improve the durability of bridge structures, and use double holes for simultaneous grouting to improve work efficiency and engineering progress. 3. Intelligent tensioning and intelligent grouting supporting intelligent system control schemes, their combined effects ensure that the bridge prestress is well realized. 4. Intelligent construction has changed the traditional quality management mode. One-click operation is simple and easy to understand. It realizes remote monitoring. The entire process of the system operates automatically. The construction is standardized. The system automatically prints data sheets. It cannot be tampered with. "Tracking and timely error correction" is convenient for dynamic management and historical traceability. The above is the introduction of the pre-stressed intelligent tensioning equipment for bridges. If you have any knowledge about construction or tensioning equipment, please contact us or click here to learn more about the tensioning equipment. Performance or something. When it comes to Zhejiang, everyone thinks of rich people, after all, as the most savvy province.
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The quality management level of prestressed construction has made a qualitative leap. At present, many prestressed bridges appear to be deflected, cracked, or even broken after a period of operation, endangering structural safety and shortening the service life. The investigation and test results of a large number of active bridges show that the establishment of effective prestress directly affects the safety, reliability and long-term service life of the bridge. The prestressed construction quality of bridges is a key process to ensure the safety and durability of bridge structures, and is the lifeline of structural safety. In order to improve the construction quality of intelligent tensioning equipment, our company has developed an intelligent control system for bridge prestressed construction quality, changed the old construction method, realized the intelligent control of the entire tensioning process, and truly achieved the "real-time" quality management of tensioning Tracking, intelligent control, timely error correction. " While effectively ensuring the quality of prestressed tensioning construction, the construction management level and efficiency have been greatly improved, and greater economic and social benefits have been created. Anhui is a relatively well-known Central Plains region in China.
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Prefabricated CNC tensioning system manufacturers CNC tensioning system price @ News In addition, standard punctual jacks are placed vertically instead of horizontally during normal field operations, which also brings errors. When the same jack is under different operating conditions, the direction of friction between the piston and the inner wall of the cylinder is different. It is used in conjunction with the same pressure gauge. The pressure is the same under two different operating conditions, but the external practical force is different. The cooperative use of dynamometer and dynamometer can handle the doubt that the direction of the jack's force may be inconsistent with the actual tensioning operation, and the measurement accuracy of the electric dynamometer is higher than that of the traditional testing machine with an accuracy of 2%, especially Sensing standard dynamometer, the accuracy of force measurement can reach more than 0.5%. Therefore, the calibration method of dynamometer is now more and more recognized and implemented. However, the dynamometer is still very clumsy to complete the reaction force through the steel rod. It is not convenient to use, and it still does not completely imitate the practice on the construction site. It cannot represent the different steel strands, anchors, and temperatures at each site. In addition to the convenience of service, influencing factors in the practice of prestressed construction such as construction methods and construction methods, in terms of accuracy and practical guidance, the use of force measuring frames as a calibration method still lacks a lot.
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Application case : This brand is a prestressed manufacturer from Anhui-Lianta Shengtong. They have more than 20 years of production experience, so they have a reputation in credibility, followed by quality, and have triple domestic certification. With a lot of customers, people also feel very reliable. Anhui Lianta Shengtong Company mainly produces six series of products: prestressed anchors, tensioning equipment, grouting and grouting equipment, intelligent tensioning, intelligent large-cycle grouting and intelligent bridge maintenance equipment. Among them, the design of the tensioning equipment has its own original creativity, one-sided teaching and one-sided control on the double-sided screen, so that novices can get started quickly. Resolved within, also retained a lot of people's hearts. In many cases, bridge prestressing intelligent tensioning equipment is used in the construction of bridges. This type of equipment can bring great convenience to the construction of bridges. Since this type of equipment is relatively expensive, it is still necessary to choose certain equipment. Of expertise.
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Smart Tensioning Machine, Smart Tensioning Equipment, CNC Tensioning System, Smart Tensioning Machine Price, Smart Tensioning Machine Manufacturer, Smart Tensioning Equipment Manufacturer, Smart Tensioning Equipment Price.
The special software in the pre-tension control box of the intelligent tensioning equipment processes the signals from the composite force sensor and the displacement sensor, stores them and displays them synchronously, and prints out the tensile force and the corresponding pre-tensioned tensile length. When the tension control force reaches the preset value and the tensile length of the prestressed tendon is within the preset range, the intelligent control box controls the stepper motor to drive the four-position five-way solenoid valve of the oil pump to complete the pretension tension. During loading, holding, the jack presses the head of the composite force sensing part forward while squeezing the force sensing elastic member of the composite force sensing part, so that the head anchors the clip of the anchor, completes the anchoring, and finally returns to the oil. The internal circuit of the intelligent prestressed control box has the commonality of general acquisition signal processing devices on the box or the overall structure. (The working process of general acquisition signal processing devices is to collect various analog signals from the signal sampling circuit and analog-to-digital conversion. The circuit is converted into a digital signal, enters the central processing circuit, and the signal is analyzed, compared, and processed with the support of a software program. Finally, the output circuit completes the functions of display, printing, alarm, and control). The composite force sensor is an innovative point in this research. It integrates the composite force sensor and the jack that are separated from the jack in the semi-automatic intelligent prestressed tensile tester. In order to solve the defect of twisting the core of the displacement sensor when the cylinder of the jack rotates during the prestressed tensioning process, the core of the displacement sensor is creatively fixed to a bearing that can freely rotate around the jack, and then the bearing and the displacement sensor are fixed to Tensioned on the jack. The controller includes PLC, analog input mode, switch output module and touch screen. By controlling the number of steps of the stepper motor to control the opening degree of the throttle valve of the oil pump, the tension control can be realized. The force sensor and the displacement sensor are fixed on the jack, and the tensile force and tensile length of the prestressed tendon are converted into electric signals and input to the control unit. The process flow of the prestressed intelligent tensioning equipmentThe fully automatic prestressed tensioner should realize the closed-loop automatic control of the tensioning process of the prestressed tendons. Control to ensure the accuracy of the construction.
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Shelf life : Main functions and features 1. Precise stress application The intelligent tension system can accurately control the prestress value applied during construction, reducing the error range from 15% to 1% of traditional tension. (Section 7.2.2 of the “Technical Specifications for Construction of Highway Bridges and Culverts” stipulates that “the accuracy of the tension control stress should be 1.5%”. 2. Check the elongation in time to achieve the “dual-control” system sensor Real-time collection of steel strand data, feedback to the computer, automatic calculation of elongation, timely check whether the elongation error is within 6%, and achieve "dual control" of stress and elongation. (Section 7.6.3 of the Technical Specifications for Construction of Highway Bridges and Culverts stipulates that "When the prestressed tendons are tensioned using the stress control method, the elongation should be checked .... The deviation should be controlled within 6%". 3 Symmetrical synchronous tensioning One host controls two or more jacks simultaneously and synchronously and symmetrically to achieve the "multiple synchronous tensioning" process. (7.12 of the "Technical Specifications for Construction of Highway Bridges and Culverts" stipulates that "the allowable error of the synchronous tension between the jacks is 2%."

Able to meet a large number of procurement needs. The company mainly produces six series of products: prestressed anchors, tensioning equipment, grouting and grouting equipment, intelligent tensioning, intelligent large cycle grouting and intelligent bridge maintenance equipment. People who want to purchase tensioning equipment can consider here. The equipment here is relatively complete. After all, it has been here for more than 20 years. The minimum reputation and quality service guarantee are still there. Bridge construction has become an indispensable category in domestic construction, so many bridge equipment purchases will occur during bridge construction. Of course, bridge equipment procurement is better in Hefei, Anhui. Today Xiaobian I will not talk to you about the tensioning equipment manufacturers in Hefei, and talk about some knowledge of bridge prestressed intelligent tensioning equipment, I hope it can be helpful to everyone. The durability of bridge structure is a key factor that affects the safety and life of the bridge. The premature damage of the superstructure, such as early deflection, cracking and other diseases, and the occurrence of bridges are increasing concerns of the domestic transportation industry. In today's bridge and road construction, prestressed construction is widely used. Among them, the key process-tensioning, the quality of the construction will directly affect the durability of the structure, but the traditional tensioning construction depends solely on the experience of the construction personnel. Manual operation, the error rate is very high, can not guarantee the quality of prestressed construction. Many bridges were forced to be reinforced in advance due to unqualified prestressed construction, which caused serious or even sudden collapse, causing huge loss of life and property to the society. Due to the high precision and stability of the intelligent system, the intelligent tensioning technology can completely eliminate human interference and effectively ensure the quality of prestressed tensioning construction. It is an advanced technology in the field of domestic prestressed tensioning. Mechanical equipment factory direct sales of intelligent tensioning equipment, intelligent grouting equipment, pre-stressed intelligent tensioning system, high-frequency vibrator and other intelligent tensioning / pulping equipment, complete specifications, reliable quality, welcome to buy!

Conditions for final tension: Use the "three-control" criteria for concrete strength, elastic modulus, and concrete age, that is, the concrete strength and elastic modulus of the beam body before tensioning should meet the planning requirements, and the age is not less than 10d. ⑴The purpose of pre-tensioning is to avoid cracks in the beam due to the initial shrinkage of the concrete and the loss of water due to hydration heat. Generally, it is performed after loosening the touch panel connection. The intention of the initial tensioning is mainly because the beam body has occupied the platform for a long time to affect the production progress. After the initial tensioning, the beam body can be moved out of the beam-making platform. Generally, it is performed after removing the touch panel. (3) The final tensioning is performed due to the planned structural load bearing, and it is generally carried out 14 days after the concrete is poured into the beam. What is prestressing? Prestress is short for prestressing. Before the structure is subjected to an external load, stress is applied to the area under the external load in advance to improve the performance of the structure. Prestressing stress can be used to resist the tensile stress or bending moment, and pretensioning stress can be used to resist the compressive stress of the structure. Check the connection points between the smart tensioner and the jack, including oil pipes, data cables, etc. Each interface must be intact before tensioning the construction; check the tool clips to ensure that the installation is in place. (4) During the tensioning process, the speed of the intelligent tensioner to enter and return to the oil, the pointer of the pressure gauge is raised and lowered, and the readings of each sensor should be stable, uniform. Check the safety valve frequently to make sure it is sensitive and reliable. (5) During tensioning construction, ensure that the tensioning equipment is not exposed to the sun and rain; in summer, the instrument should be ventilated. (6) When tensioning construction, ensure that the console and the tensioning equipment maintain a straight visible distance, and the maximum controllable distance is 200m. (7) During the tensioning construction, each intelligent tensioning instrument should be assigned to be on duty. If an abnormality is found, immediately press the "emergency stop" button and report to the tensioning operator. After the problem is eliminated, the tensioning construction can be continued; tensioning operation During the tensioning process, the staff member must not leave the console. If they find any abnormalities, they should click the software interface “pause tensioning”, press the “emergency stop” button of the instrument, disconnect the power of the tensioning instrument, and investigate the cause.

The above is the relevant introduction of Anhui CNC tensioning equipment manufacturers introduced by Xiaobian. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. If you want to buy CNC tensioning equipment and understand the relevant knowledge of tensioning equipment, you can contact Customer service or call the hotline directly to contact us, we will have professionals to answer your questions. Smart tensioning equipment is now used in many construction sites, but many lay people do not know what this is useful for and which tensioning equipment brands are good, so I will introduce you to the smart tensioning equipment today Brands, if you have purchasing intentions, be sure to check it out. The intelligent tensioning system can accurately control the prestress value applied during the construction process, and check the elongation in time. The system sensor collects steel strand data in real time and feeds it back to the computer to automatically calculate the elongation. Within 6%, "double control" of stress and elongation is realized. One host controls two or more jacks to stretch simultaneously and symmetrically. Unloading protection function: After the tensioning is completed, the jack can be retracted, and the impact of the sudden retraction of the jack on the beam plate when unloading is guaranteed. Tension can be traced back: the tension parameters of each strand can be adjusted at any time. Provide a reliable original basis for the study of bridge prestress loss. Construction responsibilities can be traced back: Tension operators and supervisors take photos and deposit to ensure that the tension is in place and the responsibility is to the people. The tension data is real and reliable: the tension data is automatically generated to avoid artificial modification and fabrication. Tension data aging: Tension parameters are recorded in real time as the tension is performed, which overcomes the timeliness and large errors of artificially recorded data. Automatically generate tension curve diagrams: Generate displacement and pressure curve diagrams in real time during tensioning. The tension diagrams can be visually observed in the graphs. You can also find the cause of unqualified tension according to the help of graphics. The user login interface is unique: it provides user interfaces such as construction unit, supervision unit, owner unit, quality supervision unit, etc. Each interface is set up with a variety of different users to view different interface contents.

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