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桥梁智能张拉机哪卖数控张拉系统厂家@新闻 TitleSell Bridge Intelligent Tensioning Machine Where Can I Sell CNC Tensioning System Manufacturer @ 新闻

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How to sell bridge tensioning machine CNC tensioning system manufacturers @ 新闻
Application areas : The power supply system should have a reliable grounding system to avoid injury due to leakage. 2. Inspection of oil pumps For newly purchased oil pumps, or before commissioning after long-term storage, inspection should be performed in accordance with "Prestressed Electric Oil Pumps" JG / T319 to prevent malfunctions during use and affect construction progress. No-load operation: After the oil circuit and circuit are connected, the oil quantity should be checked before starting, and it must not be lower than the specified offline. The valve is in the open position. After starting at no load, observe that the motor rotates smoothly without large vibration and noise. After normal operation, check the no-load measurement. The three averages must not be lower than 95% of the theoretical design value and not higher than 110% of the theoretical flow rate. After the no-load inspection is qualified, the oil drain port can be blocked, and the full-load inspection can be performed. Raise to the nominal pressure for 2 minutes, and observe whether there is leakage and the needle movement. Advantages of the intelligent tensioning device: The main pump and the auxiliary pump of the intelligent tensioning device use a wireless connection interval of no more than 200M. The auxiliary pump will transfer the displacement and pressure signals to the main pump.
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This equipment can implement simultaneous tensioning of multiple beams.Because of the differences between the anchoring factors and the elasticity factors of other beams and other factors, the tensioning process of the simultaneous tensioning of multiple prestressed beams is a complex nonlinear force Allocation process. During the tensioning process, the load must be held to complete the force distribution. The above-mentioned tensioning process is realized by setting a PLC programmable controller. When assembling the fixed end of the intelligent tensioning device, the steel strand is first penetrated into the steel pipe, and then the stranded wire at the wrong end is sequentially passed through the limit plate, the ring anchor anchor ring, the plastic paper pad, the tapered anchor, and the tapered anchor. Plug the plug with engine oil for easy removal. Place the limit plate on the end of the simulated beam and the ring anchor ring on the limit plate. The ring anchor ring must be near the limit plate. Cut the top of an ordinary steel pipe with an inner diameter of 16mm and a length of 1m, and place the steel pipe into the stiffened end of the steel strand and press it on the conical anchor plug. Use a hammer to hit the steel pipe to press the conical staggered parallel into the circular anchor ring .
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In addition, grounding is very important in actual engineering. If the grounding is not solved well, the signal will be unstable. At this time, the signal instability cannot be solved by software filtering. In actual engineering, various ground wires should be connected according to regulations. It should be noted that the negative signal terminal of the signal input terminal of the EM235A / D module should be connected with the ground wire. What are the conditions for pre-tensioning, pre-tensioning, and final tensioning: When the concrete strength of the beam reaches 50% of the planned strength, pre-tensioning can be performed. The formwork should be loosened and should not prevent the beam from contracting. Tension quantity, orientation and tension value should meet the planning requirements. ⑵Conditions for initial tension: When the concrete strength of the beam body reaches 80% of the planned strength level specification value and the concrete is placed for 96 hours, the initial tension can be performed. The beam can only be lifted off the stand after the initial tension. Tension quantity, orientation and tension value should meet the planning requirements. When the beam strength reaches 80% of the planned strength during demolding, the two stages of pretensioning and initial tensioning are combined into one stage for construction.
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Application case : Traditional tensioning machine equipment has complicated operating procedures, high recording error results, and shortcomings such as good or bad engineering quality after construction. And the intelligent tensioning machine equipment realizes the precise automatic control of the prestressing in the process of prestressing tensioning. Many people will ask, what is the intelligent tensioning machine equipment and what is the use, the following editor will explain to you under. The prestressing tensioning equipment also has the ability to automatically collect the tensioning force; set the tensioning mode (segmented tensioning); automatically record the tensioning time, shifts, and the final prestressing value after tensioning of each bundle of prestressing tendons, etc. Parameters, through wireless remote data transmission, on the host computer to form these values into a report, save or print out. Ensure the quality and accuracy of the tensioning and records. The application of smart tensioning equipment has changed all this. Supervisors can grasp the tension construction quality in a timely and efficient manner without going to the site. With our close attention to the data, we analyze the causes of the abnormal data and conduct field investigations.
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Smart Tensioning Machine, Smart Tensioning Equipment, CNC Tensioning System, Smart Tensioning Machine Price, Smart Tensioning Machine Manufacturer, Smart Tensioning Equipment Manufacturer, Smart Tensioning Equipment Price.
What are the advantages of the intelligent tensioning system: measuring the elongation: the displacement sensor on the jack, accompanied by the migration of the jack, reads the elongation in real time. Tension specification: adopts program intelligent control, which is not affected by man-made factors, and the tension factors such as pause point, loading rate, and holding time meet the requirements of bridge design and construction specifications; strong operation adaptability: operation intelligent tension detection in addition to computers No additional training is required outside the operator. The computer operation interface is simple and convenient. Pre-stressed tensioning process: (1) Enter control commands on the touch screen and set the tensioning parameters. (2) Start the oil pump to start loading. After the tensioning and elongation values are within the specified range, according to the construction process requirements. Hold the load for 2min, then return to the oil, unload, and display the successful tensioning interface. (3) The pressure value and elongation value during the stretching process are displayed on the touch screen in real time. (4) In the process of tensioning, if any of the tensile force or elongation value does not meet the specified range, the tensioning must be stopped immediately, and the oil pressure should be returned. Accompanied by sound and light alarm, the alarm screen is displayed on the touch screen. (5) Transfer the tensioning data to the PC, print out the key problems that the pre-stressed intelligent tensioning equipment needs to solve. (1) Improve the structure of the existing tensioning device, so that the pressure can be continuously controlled. (2) Use PLC to control two sets of tensioning equipment, so that it can perform one-side tension or two-side tension. (3) The tension and length values during the tensioning process can be stored in the PLC periodically.
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Shelf life : smart tensioning equipment, do you know it, in which field can it be generally used, today I will talk about it, and invited smart tensioning equipment manufacturers to tell you how to buy smart tensioning equipment, Listen carefully. Let me first explain the definition of it, and then talk about the selection requirements to facilitate everyone's understanding. Intelligent tensioning refers to the use of computer intelligent control technology, which does not rely on manual control by workers, and uses instruments to automatically operate to complete the tensioning of steel strands.

At present, in most domestic construction sites, the jack of the oil pump is both a tensioning device and a measuring device for its own output.Therefore, its performance reliability and index accuracy directly affect the prestressed construction quality and determine the size of the effective prestress. And evenness. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly calibrate and adjust the jack of the oil pump in strict accordance with the relevant regulations. Under conditions, more advanced sensing elements and digital displays should be used to track and read the tensile force to avoid pre-stressed construction quality defects caused by mechanical and human operating errors. Smart tensioning equipment safety and environmental protection measures (1) Strengthen safety training for managers and construction personnel, and improve the safety awareness of all participating construction personnel. (2) A red eye-catching sign should be set in the tensioning operation area. Non-tensioning construction personnel are not allowed to enter. During the tensioning process, the front side of the steel strand should be provided with a baffle. It is strictly forbidden for people to walk through and stand. There is a QR code posted on the web position of each T-beam in the project department. To understand the information, simply scan the QR code with intelligence, etc., T-beam beam number, beam length, beam type, horizontal and vertical slope, embedded steel plate, pouring Details such as time, pouring staff, tensioning and grouting can be seen at a glance. Selection and requirements of intelligent tensioning equipment: 1. The rated tonnage of the tensioning jack should be 1.5 times the tension and not less than 1.2 times. It must be performed before use. Correction, the correction coefficient must not be greater than 1.05. The validity period of the correction is one month and no more than 200 tensioning operations. The stroke of the tensioning jack should meet the requirements of the tensioning process; 2. The tensioning jack, pressure gauge, and oil pump should be calibrated, Supporting use. When an abnormal phenomenon occurs during use, it should be recalibrated. 3. The rated pressure of the oil pump should be 1.4 times the corresponding tension value. The fuel tank capacity should be 1.5 times the total oil delivery of the tension jack; 4. The pressure gauge should be anti-vibration, and the larger reading should be 1.5 to 2.0 times the corresponding pressure value of the tensile force. The accuracy should not be less than 1.0. It must be verified by the metrology department before the first use. It must be regularly verified when used. The validity period is one week. When using class 0.4, the validity period of the test can be one month. The main manifestations are: ① other burns and bruised steel strands such as welding slag during construction; ② the quality of the steel strand itself; ③ the pre-stress degree is greater than the design Prestressing degree; ④ the quality of the clips and the installation misalignment (tool anchor, work clip); ⑤ the friction of the curve segment is too large; 6 the limit plate is not matched (the limit is too large and too small).

The composite force sensor is an innovative point in this research. It integrates the composite force sensor and the jack that are separated from the jack in the semi-automatic intelligent prestressed tensile tester. In order to solve the defect of twisting the core of the displacement sensor when the cylinder of the jack rotates during the prestressed tensioning process, the core of the displacement sensor is creatively fixed to a bearing that can freely rotate around the jack, and then the bearing and the displacement sensor are fixed to Tensioned on the jack. The controller includes PLC, analog input mode, switch output module and touch screen. By controlling the number of steps of the stepper motor to control the opening degree of the throttle valve of the oil pump, the tension control can be realized. The force sensor and the displacement sensor are fixed on the jack, and the tensile force and tensile length of the prestressed tendon are converted into electric signals and input to the control unit. The process flow of the prestressed intelligent tensioning equipmentThe fully automatic prestressed tensioner should realize the closed-loop automatic control of the tensioning process of the prestressed tendons. Control to ensure the accuracy of the construction. Intelligent construction becomes a development trend The national highway construction standardization activity site will propose that the national highway construction standardization activity is an effective carrier to promote modern engineering management, effective measures to improve the level of industry management, a good platform to consolidate industry consensus, and promote highway construction science As an important way for development, construction standardization activities are used as the carrier in various places, the system construction is gradually improved, the project quality is steadily improved, the economic benefits are gradually shown, the construction site image is obviously improved, and the construction market order is becoming more and more standardized. The meeting proposed that the key task of highway construction management at present and in the future is to focus on the "five modernizations", take construction standardization activities as the carrier, strengthen the implementation of activities, deepen the connotation of activities, focus on the actual effects of activities, and comprehensively implement modern engineering management.

There should be safety measures when tensioning, and no one should stand after the jack is stretched, and neither side of the prestressed tendons should be stretched. (5) Anchorage systems should be used together and cannot be mixed. If the OVM anchor system is used, the anchors, fixtures, limit plates, anchor pads, spiral ribs, bellows and tensioning equipment should all use OVM products, and cannot be mixed with other systems.The instruments currently used to calibrate intelligent tensioning equipment The most widely used is the pressure testing machine. Due to the requirements of the testing machine itself, the working piston of the jack was partially ejected without contact with the press plate when it was on time. Then the jack stopped the automatic operation, and then the press was started to apply pressure. The pressure of the piston of the jack is increased by tightening the piston to the predetermined maximum pressure value. It can be seen that in this kind of calibration operation, the lack of a jack that should be operated automatically is in a forced operation situation. During calibration, the rotation direction of the jack piston is inconsistent with the actual tension operation. This will inevitably cause some errors due to the internal friction of the jack, the transmission loss of the oil pipe and the output connection of the oil pump and pressure gauge. In today's bridge and road construction, prestressed construction is widely used. Among them, the key process-tensioning, the quality of the construction will directly affect the durability of the structure, but the traditional tensioning construction depends solely on the experience of the construction personnel. Manual operation, the error rate is very high, can not guarantee the quality of prestressed construction. Many bridges were forced to be reinforced in advance due to unqualified prestressed construction, which caused serious or even sudden collapse, causing huge loss of life and property to the society. Due to the high precision and stability of the intelligent system, the intelligent tensioning technology can completely eliminate human interference and effectively ensure the quality of prestressed tensioning construction. It is an advanced technology in the field of domestic prestressed tensioning. Mechanical equipment factory direct sales of intelligent tensioning equipment, intelligent grouting equipment, pre-stressed intelligent tensioning system, high-frequency vibrator and other intelligent tensioning / pulping equipment, complete specifications, reliable quality, welcome to buy!

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