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预制场数控张拉系统价格智能张拉机哪有@新闻 Title Prefabricated Field CNC Tensioning System Price Smart Tensioning Machine @ 新闻

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Precast yard CNC tensioning system price intelligent tensioning machine how can there be @ 新闻
Application : After the main pump processes the signal, it will transmit the control signal to the auxiliary pump to control the oil supply, interruption and oil return of the jack. During the tensioning construction, the tension parameters of the main pump site are wirelessly transmitted to the site monitoring computer. The control module of the main pump of the intelligent tensioning equipment can store about 40,000 tensioning parameters to prevent the tensioning parameters from being lost due to transmission problems. The intelligent tensioning system can accurately control the value of the prestressing force applied by the jack, and control the fault planning to 1%, reducing the risk of bridge cracking and deflection caused by the lack of or surpassing the prestressing force, which is conducive to ensuring the safety of the structure. Forward durability, extended service life, reduced protection and repair costs. Key points of smart tensioning equipment construction operation: (1) The control software returns to the main interface, and checks the status bar in the lower left corner of the software. The display is normal. The number of the tension beam in the upper right corner is correct. (2) Check again to make sure that the jacks at both ends of the beam plate are installed correctly, then start the equipment at both ends of the beam plate (press the green oil pump start button), start the equipment, the motor runs normally and smoothly.
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Signal processing skills: Real-time transmission and processing of tension signal data through the tension collection controller, and the computer responds to various parameters and information in real time. 4. Sensing skills: Real-time collection of the extension of the prestressed tendons and applied tension through the built-in sensors. Data, real-time response to the computer 5, wireless skills: the current universal WlFl wireless transmission control skills are selected to complete the wireless control of computers and tensioning equipment. Common faults of tensioning tools and troubleshooting The tensioning tools have the characteristics of uniform force, reasonable structure, good sealing, easy maintenance, light weight, and strong adaptability to the environment. Operators should avoid the axis of the tension cylinder during the construction process. It is strictly forbidden to stand within 30 of the axis to ensure safe construction. What are the common faults of tensioning equipment? How should we troubleshoot these faults? Spree Xiaobian briefly introduces: 1. Crawling phenomenon. Crawling phenomenon may occur. There is air in the system. The method of elimination is to make the oil cylinder walk for a number of times without load and exhaust the air. 2. The tension cylinder does not release the pressure. In this case, it may be that the direction valve is not in the correct position. The method to eliminate is to change the valve Hit the neutral position. 3. Do not boost. This may be caused by low oil, or the reversing is not in place, or the oil injection hole is not open. The exclusion method is to add oil when the oil is low, and when the reversing is not in place. When the oil injection hole is not open, open the oil injection bulb. 4. The tensioning cylinder tightly clamps the steel strand and does not retreat. This situation may be that the valve is not in place and the oil cylinder has no reverse supply. Insufficient oil or cylinder reverse pressure. The method is to push the directional valve forward when the directional valve is not in place. When the reverse pressure of the cylinder is not enough, supply more oil to the cylinder several times. 5. The tension of the cylinder clamp is not tight. Maybe the surface of the strand is severely rusted, dirty, or the tool anchor is temporarily damaged. The method of exclusion is to remove the embroidery and dirt on the surface of the strand when the strand is too dirty, and replace the tool anchor if the tool anchor is damaged. Intelligent tensioning equipment control box is an important part of the fully automatic pre-stressed digital tensioning system to achieve closed-loop dual control.It is responsible for processing the electrical signals of the displacement sensor and the signals of the force sensor and feeding the results back to the harmonic deceleration. Stepper motor, the oil pump is controlled by the stepper motor to achieve double control of prestressed tensioning construction.
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Prefabricated field CNC tensioning system price intelligent tensioning machine how can there be @ 新闻 In today's bridge and road construction, prestressed construction is widely used, of which the key process-tensioning, its construction quality will directly affect the structure Durability, but the traditional tension construction is purely manual operation by the construction personnel based on experience, the error rate is very high, and the prestressed construction quality cannot be guaranteed. Many bridges were forced to be reinforced in advance due to unqualified prestressed construction, which caused serious or even sudden collapse, causing huge loss of life and property to the society. Due to the high precision and stability of the intelligent system, the intelligent tensioning technology can completely eliminate human interference and effectively ensure the quality of prestressed tensioning construction. It is an advanced technology in the field of domestic prestressed tensioning. Mechanical equipment factory direct sales of intelligent tensioning equipment, intelligent grouting equipment, pre-stressed intelligent tensioning system, high-frequency vibrator and other intelligent tensioning / pulping equipment, complete specifications, reliable quality, welcome to buy!
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Application case : The main functions and features of the intelligent tensioning system: one machine controls double tops, synchronized balance, and accurate force application. An intelligent tensioning host can control two jacks. Two beams and four cylinders can be tensioned at the same time, only two master and slave machines are needed, which reduces costs and is easy to use. The computer issued instructions to make two or four jacks accurately stretch at the same time, and the error range was reduced from 15% of manual tension to 1%. (Article 7.12.2 of the Highway Bridge and Culvert Construction Specification states that “the accuracy of the tension control stress should be 1.5%”.) (Article 1 of the Highway Bridge and Culvert Construction Specification stipulates that “Allowable error of simultaneous tension force between jacks” " 2%".) Intelligently control the tension to collect data and check the elongation at any time.
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During the tension construction process, the tensile force and tensile length of the prestressed tendon are displayed and printed in digital form in real time. When the tensile control force reaches the set value and the tensile tensile value of the prestressed tendon is within the range specified by the specification During internal time, the control system drives the oil pump to hold the load, press the pressure, return the oil and stop the tensioning, accompanied by sound and light alarms to complete the entire tensioning process. Intelligent tensioning equipment system refers to a pre-stressed automatic tensioning equipment and its computer control system.It is mainly composed of pre-stressed intelligent tensioner, intelligent jack, remote control host, high-pressure oil pipe, etc., mainly stress, and the elongation is Auxiliary, through the sensing technology to collect the tensile force of each tensioning equipment (jack) and the stranded wire elongation value including the amount of retraction> and other data, real-time data is transmitted to the control host for judgment, while the tensioning equipment (pump Station) receives system instructions to achieve real-time precise control of tension and loading speed. The system also issues instructions from the control host according to preset procedures, while controlling each mechanical action of the platform equipment to automatically complete the entire tensioning process. Note for intelligent tensioning equipment: As tensioning is a high-altitude operation, the matters must refer to the various provisions in the intersection of pier columns and covered beams. Specialists should carefully check the tensioning according to the requirements of high-altitude operations to avoid accidents. When the automatic tensioning and pumping station is not used for a long time, it must be stored in a dry and ventilated room and covered with dust. It is strictly prohibited to store it in the open and below. When the jack is not used for a long period of time, it is recommended to disassemble the components to clean the sundries and other debris, refuel, and put it in the room after the assembly to cover the dust. The return cylinder should be filled with oil to prevent rust, so as to ensure long-term use.
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Shelf life : So I recommend a good prestressed intelligent tensioning equipment manufacturer for you. Due to the high accuracy and stability of the intelligent system, the intelligent tensioning technology can completely eliminate the interference of human factors and effectively ensure the quality of prestressed tensioning construction. It is a current process in the field of prestressed tensioning in China. It is the most common in today's bridge construction. Prestressed construction is the most widely used in construction. The tensioning step is even more critical. Therefore, intelligent tensioning equipment has become the most common in bridge construction. Class equipment. Many bridges were reinforced in advance due to unqualified prestressed construction, which caused serious or even sudden collapse, causing huge loss of life and property to the society. Due to the high accuracy and stability of the intelligent system, the intelligent tensioning technology can completely eliminate the interference of human factors and effectively ensure the quality of prestressed tensioning construction. It is a current process in the field of prestressed tensioning in China. Therefore, we must pay attention to selecting good quality manufacturers when choosing. This is the United Tower Shengtong.

In this way, the effect after use can be guaranteed. The above are the main precautions when using prestressed anchorages. For many construction workers, they are very familiar. It is hoped that the above requirements on the anchorage of prestressed steel strands will be helpful to everyone. Steel strand anchorage is mainly used in engineering construction. It is a sexual anchoring device used in pre-stressed concrete. It is widely used and is mostly used in bridges, interchanges, light rails, high-rise buildings, water conservancy and hydropower dams, docks, subways, ships, Reinforcement engineering, stay cables, suspension cables, etc. Smart Tension Product Introduction: Smart Tension is easy to operate and has a user-friendly interface, adapting to various construction sites. With the help of intelligent tensioning, the beam and plate parameters can be read automatically, the tensioning pressure value can be intelligently calculated, the oil pump can be controlled wirelessly, and the oil pressure and displacement information can be collected wirelessly in real time, and the prestressed tensioning record table can be automatically generated. Pre-stressed tensioning process: (1) Enter control commands on the touch screen and set the tensioning parameters. (2) Start the oil pump to start loading. After the tensioning and elongation values are within the specified range, according to the construction process requirements. Hold the load for 2min, then return to the oil, unload, and display the successful tensioning interface. (3) The pressure value and elongation value during the stretching process are displayed on the touch screen in real time. (4) In the process of tensioning, if any of the tensile force or elongation value does not meet the specified range, the tensioning must be stopped immediately, and the oil pressure should be returned. Accompanied by sound and light alarm, the alarm screen is displayed on the touch screen. (5) Transfer the tensioning data to the PC, print out the key problems that the pre-stressed intelligent tensioning equipment needs to solve. (1) Improve the structure of the existing tensioning device, so that the pressure can be continuously controlled. (2) Use PLC to control two sets of tensioning equipment, so that it can perform one-side tension or two-side tension. (3) The tension and length values during the tensioning process can be stored in the PLC periodically.

The characteristics of intelligent tensioning equipment compared with ordinary tensioning: full use compatibility: The equipment not only has jacks of different tonnages can share a set of equipment, but also has single-hole tensioning and detection of pre-anchor prestressing functions. The unqualified data is clear: As for the tensioning result that does not meet the requirements of the specification, it will be eliminated in the unified interface. It also puts forward suggestions and measures for the unsatisfactory tensioning results. Ensuring Zhangla's approval mechanism: Before Zhangla work begins, it must be reported to the supervisor for approval. After the supervisors ensure that the age of the beam and the strength of the concrete meet the requirements, they can submit the approval information in order to start the tensioning process. With a variety of protection functions: the computer can real-time voltage, operating temperature, liquid level and various conditions of the equipment in operation; the development of Zhejiang is relatively fast, their traffic and the construction industry are also starting to open crazy here The leaves are scattered, and the materials required for the construction itself cannot be met, so you can only go to overseas to purchase. The following editor will introduce you the Zhejiang prestressed intelligent tensioning equipment purchase address. Among them, pre-stressed intelligent tensioning equipment is used in the construction industry, so the procurement of tensioning equipment is also very important. However, because the industry in Zhejiang is not more developed than in other places, in general, it is to purchase Zhang Tensioning equipment and building materials such as anchors, generally speaking, the quality of tensioning equipment and the like in Hefei, Anhui is still relatively good, Xiaobian recommends a good tensioning equipment manufacturer-Lianta Shengtong I hope to help everyone. Luanda Shengtong Prestressing Company can meet the tensioning requirements of various prestressing design and construction processes. The product has been widely used in many key projects nationwide and has won praise.

Can set the target value of tensile force, target value of displacement check, holding time, etc. The tension is synchronized and balanced during tensioning. The pressure and displacement sensors collect data in time to simulate and convert the digital display of the tension value and the tensile length of the steel strand. The computer automatically calculates the elongation and timely checks whether the elongation error is within 6%. To achieve "double control" of stress and elongation, the continuous in-situ cast-in-situ box girder steel strands automatically reach the recorded value after the extension reaches the top. (Section 7.6.3 of the construction code for highway bridges and culverts stipulates that "When the prestressed tendons are tensioned using the stress control method, the elongation should be checked .... The deviation should be controlled within 6%.) Standard tension process: prestress The system realizes the intelligent control of the prestressed tensioning program, which is not affected by man-made and environmental factors; the tensioning process elements such as the stopping point, loading rate, and holding time meet the requirements of the bridge design load construction specification, avoiding or greatly increasing the tensioning process The loss of medium prestress. Smart tensioning equipment, do you know it? In which field can it be generally used, today I will talk about it and invite smart tensioning equipment manufacturers to tell you how to buy smart Tensioning equipment, everyone listens carefully. First of all, we will explain the definition of it, and then discuss the selection requirements for easy understanding. Intelligent tensioning means that instead of relying on manual control by workers, intelligent computer control technology is used to pass the instrument. Automatic operation to complete the tension construction of the steel strand.

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