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影响胎牛血清质量的几大要素 Major Factors Affecting the Quality of Fetal Bovine Serum

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Appearance; get serum, early contact is the appearance of serum, for people with little experience in cell culture, appearance judgment is particularly important


According to the different hemoglobin content, fetal bovine serum can show yellow or red color. The standard of serum for cell culture in China is not higher than 20mg / dl. In fact, the level of hemoglobin has no direct effect on the serum. The meaning of this goal is that Can reflect the degree of caution and standardization of blood collection process, good operation can reduce the hemolysis of serum.


Imported fetal bovine serum is thin and light due to the low content of protein and lipids, while domestic serum, because most of it is rebirth bovine serum, is relatively thicker and slightly darker. This is about the beginning of contact with serum It is difficult for people to judge, but comparing them can be easily distinguished.

3. Clarity

The deposition in the serum is caused by the aggregation of fibrin, which has no effect on the quality of the serum. There are many reasons for the deposition, which are closely related to the processing and production methods of the manufacturer.

Most of the domestically produced serum comes from the north. Due to its low price and poor storage environment, it will undergo repeated freeze-thaw cycles from blood collection, freezing, transportation to production. Each freeze-thaw process will separate out some fibrin deposits. In this way, the serum After filtration, the product looks more and more "clean", with very few deposits.

Imported fetal bovine serum is rarely frozen and thawed before filtration and packaging, and the product after production is also clear, but as time passes, a lot of fibrin in the serum will separate to form deposits. Of course, imported regenerative bovine serum is generally about 2 weeks old. The content of various proteins in the serum is significantly higher, and the serum may be contaminated after delivery and even have a lot of deposits.

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