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 IL-17A, rat interleukin-17A ELISA Kit

IL-17A, rat interleukin-17A ELISA Kit

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  • Release date: August 14, 2020 (Update Date: August 14, 2020)

Shanghai Jinma Experimental Equipment Co., Ltd two year

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IL-17A, rat IL-17A ELISA kit should be taken out from the cold storage environment and should be used after being balanced at room temperature. Dilution of 20 × washing buffer: dilute distilled water by 1:20, that is, 1 part of 20 × washing buffer solution plus 19 parts of distilled water.
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[product literature support]
Influence factor (if) = 5.5: anti inflammation effects of corn silk in a rat model of carrageenin induced pleurisy(

L the kit is used for quantitative determination of rat interleukin-17A (IL-17A) in serum, plasma, tissue, cell supernatant and related liquid samples in vitro.

L validity: 6 months

L storage condition: 2-8 ℃

L this kit is only used for in vitro study, not for clinical diagnosis

Sample processing and requirements

1. Serum: the whole blood sample should be placed at room temperature for 2 hours or 4 ℃ overnight, centrifuged at 1000g for 20 minutes. The supernatant can be detected, or the sample can be stored at - 20 ℃ or - 80 ℃, but repeated freezing and thawing should be avoided.
2. Plasma: EDTA or heparin can be used as anticoagulant. The samples should be centrifuged at 2-8 ° C 1000g for 20 minutes within 30 minutes after collection, or stored at - 20 ℃ or - 80 ℃, but repeated freezing and thawing should be avoided.

3. Tissue homogenate: rinse the tissue with pre cooled PBS (0.01M, pH = 7.4) to remove the residual blood (red blood cells in the homogenate will affect the measurement results), and cut the tissue into pieces after weighing. Cut the tissue and the corresponding volume of PBS (generally according to the weight volume ratio of 1:9, for example, 1g tissue sample corresponds to 9ml PBS, the specific volume can be adjusted according to the needs of the experiment, and the record should be made. It is recommended to add protease inhibitor into PBS) into glass homogenizer and grind it on ice. In order to further freeze the homogenate, the cells can be lysed repeatedly. After Zui, the homogenate was centrifuged at 5000 × g for 5-10 minutes, and the supernatant was detected.

4. Cell culture supernatant or other biological samples: centrifuged at 1000g for 20 minutes, the supernatant can be detected, or the specimens can be stored at - 20 ℃ or - 80 ℃, but repeated freezing and thawing should be avoided.
Note: hemolysis of the sample will affect the test results after Zui, so this test is not suitable for hemolytic samples.

matters needing attention

In order to ensure the accurate results, the temperature and time should be strictly followed. All reagents must reach room temperature 20-25 ℃ before use. Refrigerate the reagent immediately after use.
Incorrect plate washing can lead to inaccurate results. Before adding the substrate, make sure that the liquid in the hole is dried as much as possible. Do not let the micropores dry out in the process of warm cultivation.
Eliminate the residual liquid and finger print at the bottom of the plate, otherwise the OD value will be affected.
The substrate solution should be colorless or very light color, and the substrate solution that has turned blue cannot be used.
Avoid cross contamination of reagents and results.
Avoid direct exposure to strong light during storage and incubation.
After balancing to room temperature, open the sealing bag to prevent water droplets from condensing on the cold strip.
Any reaction reagent should not contact with bleaching solvent or strong gas emitted by bleaching solvent. Any bleaching component will destroy the biological activity of the reagent in the kit.
Expired products cannot be used.
If the disease is likely to spread, all samples should be well managed, and samples and testing devices should be handled according to the specified procedures.

Operation steps

1. Take out the required strips from the aluminum foil bags after 20 minutes of room temperature balance, and put the remaining strips back to 4 ℃ with self sealing bags.

2. Set up the standard sample hole and sample hole, and add 50 μ l standard substance of different concentration into the standard sample hole;

3. Add 50 μ l sample into the sample hole; do not add the blank hole.

4. In addition to the blank hole, 100 μ l HRP labeled antibody was added into each well of standard sample hole and sample hole. The reaction hole was sealed with sealing plate membrane, and incubated in 37 ℃ water bath or incubator for 60 min.

5. Discard the liquid, pat dry on the absorbent paper, fill each hole with washing solution (350 μ L), let stand for 1 min, throw away the washing liquid, pat dry on the absorbent paper, and wash the plate for 5 times in this way (also use washing machine to wash the plate).

6. 50 μ l substrate a and 50 μ L B were added into each well and incubated for 15 min at 37 ℃.

7. Add 50 μ l termination solution into each well, and within 15 minutes, determine the OD value of each pore at 450 nm.

Calculation of experimental results

Taking the OD value of the standard substance as the abscissa and the concentration value of the standard as the ordinate, the standard curve is drawn on the coordinate paper or by using relevant software, and the linear regression equation is obtained. The OD value of the sample is substituted into the equation to calculate the concentration of the sample.

Performance of kit

1. Detection range: 1 pg / ml – 32 pg / ml.

2. Sensitivity: low detection concentration of Zui is less than 0.1 pg / ml.

Specificity: no cross reaction with other soluble analogues.

4. Repeatability: the coefficient of variation within the plate is less than 10%, and the coefficient of variation between plates is less than 15%.


1. Due to the existing conditions and the level of science and technology can not fully identify and analyze all raw materials provided by all suppliers, this product may have certain quality and technical risks.

Make sure that the test results are well related to the laboratory environment.

3. The same product of different batches may have some differences, such as detection limit, sensitivity and color development time. Please carry out the experiment according to the instructions in the kit. The electronic manual is only for reference.

4. Only when all the matching reagents of this kit are used can the detection effect be guaranteed, and the products of other manufacturers cannot be mixed. The test results can only be obtained by strictly following the experimental instructions of this kit.
Shanghai Jinma Experimental Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, focusing on life science and biomedical field for many years. It is a new high-tech company integrating R & D, production and sales. Our company provides a variety of biological detection kits for universities, scientific research institutions, hospitals, pharmaceutical and diagnostic reagent manufacturers and other customers, such as enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kit, tszelisa kit, original ELISA kit, ELISA test kit, import of conventional biochemical reagents, antibodies, chemical reagents, Pharmacopoeia grade reagents, standards, serum and other scientific research Our products cover the fields of molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, immunology, proteomics, biopharmaceutical and diagnostic reagents. After many years of development, we have obtained many brands, such as ambcr, HbCO, HbCO, etc. Since its establishment, the company has attached great importance to the construction of enterprise informatization. We have adopted the advanced internal supply chain information processing platform to ensure the accurate and efficient processing of customer orders. Our customer relationship management system and customer relationship management team can respond to customers' pre-sale and after-sales demands in the first time, and pay attention to customer experience and satisfaction. We have hundreds of professional customer service engineers to provide you with professional and patient service. We are professional, so trustworthy; we focus, so we develop rapidly; we believe in "customer first", we adhere to "integrity innovation, win-win cooperation"; we will do our best to provide you with convenient and professional procurement services, save your time and cost. We firmly believe that through our unremitting efforts, Shanghai Jinma Experimental Equipment Co., Ltd. will become a "professional supplier with professional, large-scale, complete varieties and complete supporting services in the field of life science and chemistry", provide users with "one-stop" service in the field of biochemical science, and become the leader of this industry.
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