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title The 19th China (Shanghai) international power equipment and generator set Exhibition

Start time: September 21, 2020 end time: September 23, 2020 location: Shanghai New International Expo Center ???

+ Brainstorming for innovation and development!

two thousand + Participants, build the most effective interactive space!

four hundred + Domestic and foreign exhibitors, to provide comprehensive solutions for industrial upgrading!

70,000 + Professional visitors, build the whole industry chain ecosystem!


Section The 19th China (Shanghai) international power equipment and generator set Exhibition

The nineteen th ?China Shanghai ?International Power nd Generating Sets Exhibition

Time: September 21-23, 2020 Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center



?? China internal combustion engine industry association

?? China data center working group CDCC

?? China Internal combustion power generation equipment branch of China Electrical Appliance Industry Association ?

?? Distributed energy supply Committee of Shanghai Energy Conservation Association

?? Longgao Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd


[concurrent activities]

?? 2020 China Data Center Green Energy Conference

?? 2020 China comprehensive energy services Summit Forum

?? The 5th Symposium on off road spark ignition generator set


Gpower power exhibition has become the most distinctive and influential brand exhibition in the emergency power equipment industry under the continuous attention and full support of industry colleagues in the past 20 years. It is also a global first launch platform for new products and a platform for technological exchange and innovation. The 19th gpower power exhibition is scheduled to be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from September 21 to 23, 2020. While serving the industry with heart, gpower power will strive to be more professional, branding and internationalized, presenting a more splendid industry event for the industry and its visitors!

[review of the last session]

The last exhibition attracted people from Nearly 350 Chinese and foreign enterprises from more than 40 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, except Cummins, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, yakos, Taihao power, Ketai power, Bowei power, Qiyao power, Doushan, Shoufan power, Weichai, Yuchai, Shangchai, Lingzhong, Weixin, savani, Lovol, Chongqing Keke, Huafeng power, Weiman power, ordnance Power Research Institute, Beinei and hehe Chai, xinsheng'an, Shandong Evolver, Yunfei, lileisenma, marathon innovation, Deco, Sinochem, Basler, haiyinzman, Flanders, COMAP, Zhongzhi technology, Faraday motor, likesay, flextrong, DSE, Yudong, Deif, Dingyi electric machinery, Herbig, Pusheng petroleum, Valin star horse, dolcibain, Yiyun environment, Kaixiang Zhuohui, Shanghai Jinfa, Jiangsu Weichuang, Benma, Hangli Electromechanical, mototake, Mahindra, Quanyi power, Jindu power, Tianjin Desai, yudeyalike, Luxi new energy, kangao radiator, best, Zhanju energy, chevron In addition to the big names and hard core fans like edaneng and Xinxiang Zhengxu, Scania, Gongti, Fujian Lijia, Atlas Copco, Fusheng Elman, Shenzhen Zhedong, CCCC new energy, new Austrian energy and wenetz are also welcomed Enterprises such as power, Yunuo, Tongli, Yangdong, teneng Electromechanical, Zhejiang xinchai, ASCO, HotStart, Fujian Carter, Shandong Carter, Derui power, lvlian purification, kemeihe, Chongqing Pushi, MAHLE and other enterprises gathered to launch their representative high-tech products and services in key fields and industrial clusters.

The exhibition area of the last exhibition reached 30000 square meters, a total of 24172 visitors from 58 countries and regions around the world, including 2158 overseas visitors and 71966 visitors.

[time and place]

Registration and exhibition arrangement: September 19-20, 2020 09 : 00-18 : 00

Exhibition time: September 21-22, 2020 09 : 00-16 : thirty

September 23, 2020 09 : 00-13 : thirty

(Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays)

Withdrawal of exhibitors: September 23, 2020 fourteen : 00-18 : 00

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center

[registration deadline]

In order to help the organizers to start the matching activities of accurate invitation and supply for the exhibition period as soon as possible, this exhibition will participate in the exhibition The deadline for registration is August 20, 2020

[scope of exhibits]

Generator Set : diesel generator set, gas generator set, gasoline generator set, biogas generator set, marine generator set, cogeneration generator set, biomass energy generator set, distributed energy generation, power vehicle, mobile power station, etc;

Cogeneration : Cogeneration CHP), cogeneration, gas engine, gas turbine, turbine generator, garbage power generation, biomass cogeneration, fuel cell, power station boiler, biomass boiler, waste heat boiler, heat exchange system, etc.

engine : power generation engine, marine engine, gas engine, hydrogen engine, fuel cell agricultural machinery engine, general gasoline engine, commercial vehicle engine, yacht engine, gas turbine, engine remanufacturing and manufacturing equipment, engine core parts;

alternator : alternator, DC generator, synchronous generator, low-voltage generator, high-voltage generator, land-based generator, marine generator, special generator, wind turbine, generator for steam turbine and gas turbine, and related parts;

Supporting equipment, parts, oil products: Radiator, muffler, emission treatment, load tank, control system, fuel system, filtration system, cloud service instrument Additives, lubricants, etc.

Production process and equipment: Casting, machining, forging, machine tools, molds, assembly and commissioning, testing equipment and other special manufacturing equipment, testing and testing equipment and instruments, new technology, new materials, new technology or scientific research achievements, etc.

Related expenses

?? Standard booth: domestic enterprises 1500 yuan / m2 /Exhibition period ; overseas enterprises $400 ?/ square meter / Exhibition period The cost includes: Venue 2.5m high hoarding, one negotiation table, two chairs, booth lighting and lintel board; Standard booth 3m3m Starting rent, greater than For 9 square meters, the increase is an integral multiple of 3, and the double opening booth will be charged RMB 1000.

?? Exhibition space : domestic enterprises one thousand and four hundred RMB /Square meters / exhibition period Overseas enterprises three six zero dollar /Square meters / exhibition period The cost includes: Exhibition venues, security services. Excluding the management fee and power box fee

?? Special promotion meeting Conference room with more than 100 people: 18000 RMB / 90 minutes; conference room with less than 100 people: 15000 RMB / 90 minutes.

?? Advertising projects and a small number of sponsorship opportunities, please call for advice


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