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2020中国中部(郑州)国际装备制造业博览会暨第22届好博郑州国际工业展览会 Title 2020 Central China (Zhengzhou) International Equipment Manufacturing Expo & 22nd Good Expo Zhengzhou International Industrial Exhibition

Start time: 3/18/2020 End time: 3/21/2020 Location: Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center (1st floor)

It ’s still wonderful
2020 Central China (Zhengzhou) International Equipment Manufacturing Expo
Cum 22nd Zhengzhou International Industrial Exhibition
Invitation card
3 18-21 Time: March 18-21 , 2020   Venue: Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center (1st floor)                                                                                                
Organizer: Henan Science and Technology Association
Henan Mechanical Engineering Society
Henan Automation Society
Organizer: Zhengzhou Ruixiang Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Zhengzhou Habotasus Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Exhibition area: the whole floor of the hall Number of exhibitors: 1000+
Number of professional buyers: 85,000 + Exhibitors above five sessions: 72.6%
聚焦全球工业智能化着眼《中国制造2025》 关注河南工业大升级 Focus on global industrial intelligence and focus on "Made in China 2025" Concerned about the industrial upgrade in Henan
With the release of "Made in China 2025", the integration of manufacturing and the Internet has accelerated, and new technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things have been applied to the industry. The era of intelligent manufacturing has arrived, and great changes have begun! The manufacturing industry is the backbone and support of the real economy. Promoting intelligent manufacturing is the only way for the development of manufacturing enterprises. It is the main direction for the industry to move to the mid-to-high end. Where.
出台深化制造业与互联网融合发展实施方案,今年将以智能制造为主攻方向,发挥财政资金和基金引导作用,推动大范围智能化改造,滚动培育50个智能工厂、100个智能车间,争创国家智能制造试点示范。 Henan Province actively docked with "Made in China 2025" and issued an implementation plan to deepen the integration of manufacturing and the Internet. This year, smart manufacturing will be the main offensive direction. It will play a financial and fund guidance role, promote large-scale intelligent transformation, and roll out 50 intelligent Factories, 100 intelligent workshops, and strive to create national smart manufacturing pilot demonstration.
高新科技提升动力中部制博会“智造”未来 High and new technology enhances the power of the “Central Manufacturing Expo” in Central China Expo
    (简称:“CCEME”“中部制博会”郑州展) 每年春季在郑州举办,历经21年精心打造和磨砺,现已发展成为中部地区行业影响力与号召力的品牌盛会,被誉为“中部工业的晴雨表”,拥有了一大批稳定的参展商和专业的客户群体。 “2020 Central China (Zhengzhou) International Equipment Manufacturing Expo” (abbreviated as “CCEME” and “Central China Expo” Zhengzhou Exhibition) is held in Zhengzhou every spring. After 21 years of careful construction and polishing, it has developed into an industry in the central region The influential and appealing brand event, known as the "Barometer of Central Industry", has a large number of stable exhibitors and professional customer groups. The exhibition involves machine tool and laser sheet metal, industrial automation and instrumentation , robots and smart equipment, smart factories, power transmission and compressor equipment, welding and cutting, super hard materials, casting equipment, industrial hardware, equipment manufacturing and other related products And other fields, comprehensively display the latest products and services in the field of industrial equipment, and provide an efficient business cooperation and exchange platform for the central industry.
The number of exhibitors, grades of exhibitors, exhibition area, number of visitors, technical lectures, event planning, customer service, site layout and other aspects have steadily improved in this exhibition. In particular, the three exhibition essence operations of "professional visitors, innovation, and service" have ranked at the forefront of similar exhibitions. At the same time, in the exhibition area on the first floor of the Convention and Exhibition Center, brands gathered, new products gathered, forums, technical seminars, etc. were carried out at the same time to provide the best solutions for all parties.
The "Central Expo" will continue to take "the creation of a one-stop high-end procurement and high-quality platform for equipment manufacturing in the central and western regions" as its mission, explore industry development trends, stimulate industry market vitality, create an industry development atmosphere, and build the most professional communication and trading platform. , Lead the traditional manufacturing industry to "Smart Manufacturing"!
展会宗旨: 升级中部工业 智造河南装备 Exhibition Purpose: Upgrade Central Industry and Make Henan Equipment    Boosting technology development    
宣传推广: 多渠道联合宣传,保障效果 Publicity: Multi-channel joint publicity to ensure the effect   
The “Central Expo” Zhengzhou Exhibition is a professional exhibition jointly created by Henan Science and Technology Association, Henan Mechanical Engineering Society, Henan Automation Institute, and Zhengzhou Ruixiang Exhibition Company. The industry association guides the exhibition. Its publicity advantage is self-evident. Metaphor.
"Central Expo" has a strong self-media marketing platform, including the official website platform, WeChat promotion platform, EDM marketing platform, telephone marketing platform, direct mail marketing platform, SMS promotion platform, etc., products and brands will continue to be exposed Much attention. In addition to self-media, CCEME2020 has established cooperative relationships with 260+ professional media and 60+ integrated media to promote 159Ʊ reports simultaneously.
汽车及电力、石油化工、钢铁、冶金重矿、纺织、通讯、航空航天、物流设备、工程机械、建筑机械、包装印刷、造纸、五金、橡塑制造、3C制造、电器制造、环保、水处理、输变电、智能建筑、电信、金融、摩托车零配件、机械制造、机械加工、金属加工、模具制造、铁路机车、农机、建筑建材等行业的科研设计院所、质量控制、系统集成商、采购供应、销售、代理商、批发零售商等 到会,预计观众人数将达85,000人以上。 "Central Expo" has a strong database of professional visitors, and will continue to formulate a comprehensive professional audience invitation plan, focusing on automotive and electric power, petrochemicals, steel, metallurgical heavy mining, textiles, communications, aerospace, logistics equipment, construction machinery , Construction machinery, packaging and printing, papermaking, hardware, rubber and plastic manufacturing, 3C manufacturing, electrical appliance manufacturing, environmental protection, water treatment, power transmission and transformation, intelligent construction, telecommunications, finance, motorcycle spare parts, machinery manufacturing, mechanical processing, metal processing , Mold manufacturing, railway locomotive, agricultural machinery, building materials and other industries, scientific research and design institutes, quality control, system integrators, procurement and supply, sales, agents, wholesale retailers, etc. , the audience is expected to reach 85,000 people the above.
"Central China Expo" will continue to hold professional forums, new product and technology release conferences and supporting activities during the same period, and invite industry experts, suppliers, buyers, and industry professionals to discuss industry development hotspots, exchange technical experience, and grasp industry development opportunities. .
组委会仍将大力诚邀以下企业的产研供销部门继续组团参观采购 ◆ The organizing committee will still strongly invite the production, research, supply and marketing departments of the following companies to continue to organize delegations to visit and purchase
Yutong Group, Zhengzhou Nissan, Shaolin Automobile, Zhengfang Machinery, Zhengmei, Zhengzhou Haima, China YTO, CITIC Heavy Machinery, Luosha LYC, Hechai, Zhengmei, 725, Xu Ji Group, Huanghe Industry, Nanyang Explosion , Datang Shouyangshan, Shuanghui, Yinge Industry, CIMC Huajun, Jiaozuo Chery Engine, Yimei Electromechanical, Yuguang Gold Lead, Jiyuan Iron and Steel, Mingtai Aluminum, Yongtong Special Steel, China Tobacco Industry, Egret Chemical Fiber, New Asia Paper, Kelon Electric, Singapore Airlines Group, Pingmei Coal Group, Yongmei Group, Hemei Coal Group, Zhongyuan Oilfield, Henan Oilfield, Pinggao Electric, 014 Center, Zhongyuan Dahua, Great Wall Aluminum, China Aluminum Henan, Shenhuo Aluminum , Luoyang Petrochemical, Linzhou Heavy Machinery, Luobo Group, Wuyang Iron and Steel, Fengshen Tire, Henan Axle, Anyang Iron and Steel, China Aluminum Luotong, AVIC Optoelectronics, Dafang Bridge Machine, Longgong Machinery, Siwei Mechanical and Electrical, Weihua Group, Ke Rui Group, Pengfei Lifting, Henan Lifting, Yellow River Handling, 613, 27, Ancai Hi-Tech, Jiaozuo Xingong Machinery, 713, Foxconn, Yulian Energy, Zhongyuan Special Steel, Jinguan Electric, Tianyuan Aluminum, Yi Chu and Zheng of the North Institute, Three Mills Institute, Zheng Tie, Xin'an Power, Zhongyuan Gold, Zhongjia Steel, Lingbao Gold, Fengbao Steel, Xibao Metallurgy, Shunyuan Aluminum, Yugang Coking, Tianhai Electric, Unified Enterprise, Taifeng Pharmaceutical , AVIC Electric Vehicle, Longrui Automobile, Dayou Plastic Industry, Yunhe Food, Sanyuan Technology, Sunda Energy, Huatai Special Cable, Huanyu Group, Kaifeng Air Separation, CMC Tenth Academy, Sinosteel Loner, Gree Electric Appliances ...
组委会还将重点邀请以下各工业产业集群企业参观采购 ◆ The organizing committee will also invite the following industrial cluster companies to visit and purchase
栾川钼业产业集群 长葛产业集聚区 洛阳市机器人智能装备产业园 Zhengzhou High-tech Development Zone Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone Luoyang High-tech Industrial Agglomeration Area Luoyang National University Science and Technology Park Luoyang Industrial Park Luanchuan Molybdenum Industry Cluster Changge Industrial Agglomeration Area Luoyang Robot Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park     巩义产业集聚区 巩义建机及线缆设备产业集群 Puyang Mining Machinery, Construction Machinery, Valve Industrial Cluster Gongyi Industrial Cluster and Gongyi Construction Machinery and Cable Equipment Industrial Cluster
偃师钢制家具产业集群 洛龙李楼轴承配件产业集群长垣起重工业集群 中原电气谷 Linzhou Auto Parts Industry Cluster Yanshi Steel Furniture Industry Cluster Luolong Lilou Bearing Parts Industry Cluster Changyuan Lifting Industry Cluster Zhongyuan Electric Valley    新乡工业园区 吉利石化产业集群 涧西机械装备加工产业集群 鹤壁国家高新技术产业开发区 鹤壁电子接插件产业集群 新乡县振动机械产业集群 Hebi Automobile Industrial Park Xinxiang Industrial Park Geely Petrochemical Industrial Cluster Luxi Machinery Equipment Processing Industrial Cluster Hebi National High-tech Industrial Development Zone Hebi Electronic Connector Industrial Cluster Xinxiang County Vibration Machinery Industrial Cluster
展会亮点 Exhibition highlights :
Huge market demand in central China-"Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", policy interpretation of "Made in China 2025"
Significant increase in internationalization-overseas pavilions help, mainstream media scramble to report
Join hands to strengthen and complement each other's advantages-promote industrial upgrading and change the way of industrial growth
Industry policy support-huge business opportunities attract and promote the continued prosperity of the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry
With the "Machinery Manufacturing Revitalization Plan", another climax of smart manufacturing equipment procurement
展会日程 Exhibition schedule
Exhibition date: March 16-17, 2020 Exhibition time: March 18-21, 2020
展览地点 Exhibition location
Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center (No. 1 CBD Central Park, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou)  
参展范围 Exhibition scope
■ CNC machine tools, metal cutting machine tools, pressure forming machine tools, laser technology and machine tool accessories and accessories, cutting tools, molds, automotive manufacturing equipment technology, abrasive abrasive product grinding technology;
■ Casting (special casting) equipment, die casting, die casting materials, forging, stamping and auxiliary equipment and forgings, forging equipment, industrial furnaces;
■ Power transmission and control technology, bearings and special equipment, fluid machinery, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, air compressors, fans, fastener springs and equipment;
■ Automation control, robot and intelligent equipment, intelligent factory and 3D printing technology, electronic application systems, instruments, software and equipment manufacturing information solutions.
■ Welding and cutting technology and equipment, hardware and machinery, plastic machinery and accessories, surface engineering, cleaning equipment, generator sets, environmental protection and energy saving equipment, heat treatment, logistics equipment;
您将会在展会期间获得 You will get during the exhibition
Understand the development direction of smart manufacturing in central China. Contact important customers / buyers of smart manufacturing in Henan Province.
Promotion of exhibitors / products / services to increase visibility Marketing new products, new technologies, new materials
参展报名 Exhibition Registration    
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