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2019中国(济南)食品产业博览会暨酒业饮品展览会与你相约9月金秋泉城 Title2019 China (Jinan) Food Industry Expo & Liquor Beverage Exhibition Meets You in September Golden Autumn Spring City

Release time: 2019/8/21 source: Ayiwang Views: 572

随中国经济的腾飞,人民的生活质量提高, 老百姓 对吃这一方面 的消费需求已经从 “吃得饱”向“吃得好”转变、要求“吃得健康”、“吃得放心”、“吃得便利” ,因此食品产业也迎来了飞跃式的突破与发展! After entering the new era , with the rapid development of China ’s economy and the improvement of people ’s quality of life, the consumer ’s consumer demand for food has shifted from “sufficient” to “eat well”, requiring “eat healthy”, “eat Rest assured "and" convenient to eat " , so the food industry also ushered in a leap-style breakthrough and development!

Liu Zhi, executive vice chairman of the China Food Industry Association, pointed out that in the future, the food industry will continue to maintain the basic trend of "the largest chassis and the most stable development" in the national industrial system . It is estimated that the main business income of food industry enterprises above designated size is expected to grow by about 7% annually. By 2020, the main business income may exceed 15 trillion yuan.

由山东省商务厅、中国饭店协会联手亲力打造一场空前绝后的食品 产业 盛会,呈现 食品 行业流行趋势,开括北方市场的绝佳机会。 Facing such an opportunity, the Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce and the China Hotel Association have jointly created an unprecedented food industry event, presenting the trend of the food industry, and an excellent opportunity to open up the northern market.

山东 国际展览中心全新亮相。 The 2019 China (Jinan) Food Industry Expo and Wine & Beverage Exhibition will be unveiled at the Shandong International Exhibition Center from September 27-29 . This exhibition brings together six exhibition areas, including wines, high-end beverages, imported foods, snack foods, food and beverage materials, and packaging machinery, and builds an industry ecosystem cooperation platform around supply and demand. It is reported that the current exhibition area is about 20,000 square meters. It is expected that professional buyers will exceed 20,000 person-times, and the number of people participating in the food carnival will reach more than 50,000.

2019中国(济南)食品产业博览会暨酒业饮品展览会 ,为食品产业发展搭建了一个共同交流,合作的大舞台,是一场空前绝后的食品产业盛会,无疑是您抓住机遇飞跃发展,打开北方市场大门的第一选择,也是最佳选择! What are you waiting for? The 2019 China (Jinan) Food Industry Expo & Wine and Beverage Exhibition has set up a stage for common exchanges and cooperation for the development of the food industry. It is an unprecedented food industry event. Opportunity leaps forward, the first choice to open the door of the northern market, and the best choice!
It is understood that the current exhibition booth sales are hot, and the main aisle booth is even more difficult to find. The number is limited. For details, please consult the organizing committee 15563369986.

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