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装配式建筑引爆万亿级市场,BIC广州蓄势待发 Title Prefabricated building detonates trillion-scale market, BIC Guangzhou is ready

Release time: 2019/8/12 Source: Ayiwang Views: 597

场万众瞩目的行业盛事 中, 共同寻求行业发展突围之路和建筑业的转型升级之道。 On the eve of the blowout of the trillion-level prefabricated construction market, many government and enterprise elites, 150+ major industry players , 120+ construction industry industrial chain elite exhibitors, and tens of thousands of construction professionals gathered on August 25-27, 2019. The Pazhou Complex of the Guangzhou Canton Fair, in the BIC 7th Asia International Construction Industrialization Exhibition, is a highly anticipated industry event , and jointly seeks the road of industry development breakthrough and the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry.

在羊城则是梅开二度,即将举行的广州展筹备工作已经准备就绪,蓄势待发。 The editor was informed that BIC, as the first flagship exhibition with the theme of construction industrialization in China, is already blooming in China for the seventh time, and it is twice in Yangcheng. The preparations for the upcoming Guangzhou exhibition are ready and ready to go. .

Where is the 6 trillion prefabricated construction market ?

Prefabricated building refers to the building assembled on site with prefabricated components produced by the factory, and is an important part of industrialized buildings. In recent years, with the country's emphasis on building quality, energy conservation and environmental protection, and the need for transformation and upgrading, prefabricated buildings have become one of the mainstream development directions of China's construction industry due to its short construction period, easy standardization, green energy saving, and labor saving.

According to the top-level, local detailed rules, and prefabricated construction project consumption quotas, the cumulative space of prefabricated buildings nationwide is estimated to be about 2 trillion yuan in 2017-2020, of which the three major areas of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the Yangtze River Delta, and the Pearl River Delta have accumulated more than 8,500 in the cumulative regional market. 100 million yuan, accounting for about 40% of the country; the cumulative market space for prefabricated buildings nationwide in 2017-2025 exceeds 6.8 trillion yuan.

Who is the sharer of trillions of bonuses?

For housing companies, construction companies, decoration companies, and building materials manufacturers, what role does it play in a trillion-dollar war? It will be deeply inspired in the industry event of BIC Guangzhou.

This exhibition combines results display, academic discussions, market transactions, investment promotion, cooperation and exchange, information release, resource docking, and supply and demand integration. It is guided by the requirements of green buildings and prefabricated buildings, and promoted by green and new construction engineering materials. To focus on, strengthen the sharing, exchange and docking of real estate, design, structure, construction, interior decoration, materials, and promote the coordinated development of the industrial chain. Take a good analysis . Who can share the 6 trillion market? How much can we divide? Of course, do you have the mental pain to prepare for the early pain?

What's the highlight of the exhibition?

This exhibition includes three major sections of prefabricated building construction, interior industry and construction engineering materials, including the presentation of structural samples such as prefabricated concrete structures, prefabricated steel structures, and wooden structures, as well as overall bathrooms, interior and exterior walls. The centralized display of technologies such as mechanical and electrical pipeline integration, not only the light steel villa, integrated house technology shines, but also the industry chain materials supporting technology products. State-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises, listed companies, industry leaders, and industry newcomers will come up with housekeeping skills, stretch their martial arts, and jointly present the black technology and high-precision technology in assembled buildings.

For professionals in the construction industry, they can not only gain a three-dimensional understanding of the latest technology, products and equipment of the entire industrial chain of prefabricated buildings, but also enjoy five key points from zero distance: see the concentrated presentation of large-scale prefabricated technologies and see how the main structure of the building interacts The combination of interior decoration, watching how traditional building materials parts transform and upgrade the assembly system, watching how material suppliers cut into engineering channels, and seeing how light steel housing technology is integrated with cultural tourism and recreation facilities.

What brainstorms are worth looking forward to?

During the exhibition, the 3rd China International Prefabricated Building Summit, the 4th Asian Interiors Industrialization (Guangzhou) Summit and the Fully Renovated Industrial Chain Integration Development Forum, the 2nd National Building Energy Conservation and Green Building Technology Innovation Conference, and the 3rd Reporting session on the overall solution of building informationization, the first China (Guangzhou) Smart City Forum, covering prefabricated buildings, interior industrialization, building energy saving, building informationization, smart cities, renewable energy application technologies, existing building micro-retrofit technologies, Hot topics in the construction industry such as near-zero energy consumption in buildings in the hot summer and warm winter areas are expected to have more than 150 government leaders, academicians of the two academies, top experts, and corporate executives in the field of prefabricated construction. More than 2,000 elites in the fields of enterprises, enterprises, research, media and other fields gathered together, focusing on the new era, the Greater Bay Area, the big vision, the big buildings, the big future, colliding thoughts, inspiring sparks, facing the difficulties and pain points of the industry's development, and taking the pulse of the industrialization of building development Promote the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry, and help build high-quality development in the Bay Area.

What activities need to be invited?

It is understood that specially invited participation and precise docking are the two key words of this exhibition.

During the exhibition, there will be multiple decisive engineering channels, efficient and accurate win-win- 2019 supply and demand matchmaking meeting in the construction engineering industry, which aims to match materials companies directly with real estate developers, construction contractors, designers and decoration companies in the field of engineering construction. Conduct strong direct connection and precise docking to guide material suppliers to match the field of construction engineering and advance into the prefabricated construction market.

With the theme of "building bridges, allocating resources, and co-developing", the anniversary celebration activities of Guangdong Prefabricated Building Branch and the night of industrialization of BIC are great opportunities for integrating resources, making friends, and seeking business opportunities. Special invitation from the committee and the organizer.

What institutions and businesses can I meet?

中国房地产业协会内装产业专委会、中国建筑节能协会、中房协百年住宅联盟、广东省建筑材料行业协会、广东省建筑材料行业协会装配式建筑分会、广东省建设工程绿色与装配式发展协会、广东省钢结构协会、广东省建筑节能协会、广东省现代建筑工业化产业技术联盟、广东省大建材产业联盟、瀚联 EPC联盟、广东省城市建筑学会、广东设计产业联盟…… Institutions: China Real Estate Industry Association Interior Decoration Industry Special Committee, China Building Energy Efficiency Association, China Housing Association Centennial Housing Alliance, Guangdong Building Materials Industry Association, Guangdong Building Materials Industry Association Assembly Building Branch, Guangdong Construction Engineering Green and Assembly Type Development Association, Guangdong Steel Structure Association, Guangdong Building Energy Conservation Association, Guangdong Modern Building Industrialization Industry Technology Alliance, Guangdong Large Building Materials Industry Alliance, Hanlian EPC Alliance, Guangdong Urban Architecture Association, Guangdong Design Industry Alliance ...

采筑平台、明源云、广联达、新浪、搜狐 …… Well-known platforms: mining platform, Mingyuan Cloud, Guanglianda, Sina, Sohu ...

万科、融创、碧桂园、绿地、招商、美的、美好置业 …… Realtors: Vanke, Sunac, Country Garden, Greenbelt, China Merchants, Midea, Beautiful Real Estate ...

中建科技、中建二局、 中建三局、中建四局、远大住工、中民筑友、三一筑工、广东建远、东莞建安、佛山建装、常胜、现代营造 …… PC construction and components: China Construction Technology, China Construction Second Bureau, China Construction Third Bureau, China Construction Fourth Bureau, Broad Living, China Minzhu Friends, Sany Construction, Guangdong Jianyuan, Dongguan Jianan, Foshan Construction, Chang Victory, modern construction ...

杭萧钢构、大禾众邦、客族、安美捷、众建联、阳地钢、合适家、华创 …… Steel structure, light steel and integrated housing: Hangxiao Steel Structure, Dahe Zhongbang, Hakka, Amejie, Zhongjianlian, Yangdi Steel, Suitable 159Ʊ, Huachuang ...

广田、金螳螂、乐宜嘉、品宅、蒙娜丽莎、科逸、鸿力、莎丽、中财、戈兰迪、深中装、宝力集彩、固美特、法狮龙、丰屋、孚达 …… Interior: Guangtian, Golden Mantis, Leyijia, Pinzhai, Mona Lisa, Keyi, Hongli, Sally, Zhongcai, Golandi, Shenzhong, Poly Power Collection, Gumet, French Lion Dragon, Fengwu, Fuda ...

华阳、广东省设计院、香港华艺、华森、瀚华、清华大学 …… Design: Huayang, Guangdong Design Institute, Hong Kong Huayi, Watson, Hanhua, Tsinghua University ...

雄塑、雄杰、志特、荣润、迈诺、古景、松本 …… Others: Xiongsu, Xiongjie, Zhite, Rongrun, Minor, Gujing, Matsumoto ...

This is an industry event with a mission to promote the in-depth development of prefabricated buildings

This is a platform for gathering industry-industry -industry-study-research-funded high-quality resources

This is a stage to focus on the industry's new technology and new achievements

This is an industry window that condenses industry wisdom and willingness to develop together

Whether it is an industry pioneer who has been working for many years, or an enterprise who is about to join this industry, or a rookie who wants to understand the business opportunities in this industry, this prefabricated construction industry festival is undoubtedly an excellent platform.

See you in Pazhou, Guangzhou from August 25-27, waiting for you!

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