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中国(山西)国际交通产业博览会为山西城市轨道交通发展助力! Title China (Shanxi) International Transportation Industry Expo Helps Shanxi Urban Rail Transit Development!

Release time: 2019/8/5 Source: Ayiwang Views: 566

Take the initiative to get rid of the development model of subsidies for operation. Taiyuan Metro actively weaned and self-made blood, and determined a sustainable development road based on market-oriented methods. It strived to build a "city integrated operator". Taiyuan Metro is expected to enter the country with the most advanced technology, The operation mode is the most advanced subway; Taiyuan hopes to cross the "city with subway" and enter the "city of subway". Recently, it was learned that the total investment of the first-phase project of Taiyuan Urban Rail Transit Line 1 was about 22.097 billion yuan, and the construction period of the project reached 60 months. On July 25, a reporter from Shanxi Evening News learned from the Taiyuan Development and Reform Commission that the "Taiyuan Urban Rail Transit Line 1 Phase I Project Feasibility Study Report" compiled by the Taiyuan Rail Transit Construction Management Office and commissioned by China Railway Engineering Design Consulting Group Co., Ltd. has been prepared. Compilation is complete.

As of June this year , 33 cities across the country have opened subways and operated 156 lines. Blueprints can only be made on white paper. Missed the rapid development period of the subway in the country, Taiyuan caught up with the high quality development period of the subway. High-quality development not only means that Taiyuan Metro can use more advanced and mature technologies such as artificial intelligence. Bai Xiaoping, chairman of Taiyuan Rail Transit Development Co., Ltd. said: "We can stand on the shoulders of giants, turn disadvantages into advantages, and take innovation as Grasp your hands, take the initiative to wean, and dare to take the lead in the world, and embark on a development path with Taiyuan characteristics. "

With the development of urban rail transit, people's understanding continues to deepen. At the beginning of development, the subway was defined as a mode of transportation, and a subway line was equivalent to an underground bus line. Such cities are called "city with subway". In recent years, the development of the subway has shown a new trend, which is highly integrated with urban development, and has evolved from a simple mode of transportation to an urban development mode. Such a city is called a "subway city". Hong Kong, an internationally renowned "subway city", has 45% of the urban population and 80% of employment opportunities within 500 meters of the subway. "Metro city". The land around the subway station and along the line is guided by public transportation. The above-ground and underground integrated planning and integrated construction. The subway is deeply embedded in the city. It is closely integrated with people's life and work and has become an indispensable part of people's lives. portion.

Most of the national subway companies are semi-government enterprises, which mainly rely on government finances to survive. Under such circumstances, Taiyuan Metro combined with the actual situation with high-quality development as its goal, innovatively proposed a market-oriented development strategy: build "China 338" (the 338th rail transit line in the country), and build China's urban rail transit high-quality projects; Taking the subway as the hub, it will lead the development of the city, integrate related industries, and promote the development of the entire rail transit industry chain; proactive weaning, self-blood generation, enhanced financing capabilities, diversified operations, back-fed construction operations, supplement government finance, and fully promote urban renewal and pull Economic growth creates a new engine of urban development.

The strategic positioning of Taiyuan Rail Transit is “Integrated Urban Operators”. In addition to subway construction and operation, it is also necessary to promote urban renewal through integrated planning and construction of surrounding areas along the line. It is also necessary to develop urban services, tourism development, Cultural communication and other businesses; Many well-known and powerful rail transit related companies are gathered around Taiyuan. These enterprises must be integrated through the form of industrial alliances to achieve the development of the entire industry chain.

China (Shanxi) International Transportation Industry Expo has received strong support from the local government and associations in Shanxi Province. The industry has received enthusiastic response. In response to the development needs of urban rail transit projects in Shanxi Province, it has set up relevant thematic exhibition areas and set up related forums on rail transit operations. Relevant scholars and experts were invited to give a speech at the scene and discuss the development prospects of the transportation industry with many corporate leaders. The expo invited leading domestic and foreign urban rail transit industry leaders to exchange communications and trade, introduce the latest technology and products, and invited well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad and authoritative persons in the industry; the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Science and Technology, leaders and experts ; Municipal transportation engineering construction and management unit; highway construction, corporate leaders and related personnel; make wonderful invited theme reports and answers for everyone, build a grand meeting for government, enterprises, and buyers to conduct face-to-face exchanges, for Shanxi Province Provide more latest and highest quality urban rail transit technology products and achievements, present a stage for more companies to showcase their products, achieve mutually beneficial results, and further promote the development of transportation in Shanxi Province.

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