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2020成都智慧物业博览会招商正式启动 Title 2020 Chengdu Smart Property Expo officially starts investment promotion

Release time: 2019/8/5 Source: Ayiwang Views: 613

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2020 Chengdu Smart Property Expo will be held from April 9-11 (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) in Hall 1 of West China International Expo City Exhibition Center ( No. 88 , Fuzhou Road East Section , Tianfu New District, Chengdu ) . Earlier, the Chengdu Smart Property Expo's booth plan has been officially released. At the same time, it will be open for investment in smart property, smart parking, three-dimensional garages, smart community charging, cleaning and other corporate institutions. There are 3 different types of booths available for reservation.

各地方物业 清洁 停车 充电 物联网等数 十家行业协会、华润置地(成都)物业服务有限公司、中铁建物业管理有限公司、成都龙湖物业服务有限公司、成都中海物业管理有限公司等十余家品牌物业公司以及多家行业高等院校等组织战略支持与协办。 The 2020 Chengdu Smart Property Expo is specially supported by the Sichuan Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, co-sponsored by the Sichuan Parking Service Industry Association, Wuhan Motor Vehicle Parking Industry Association, and Wenhua Convention and Exhibition . Dozens of industry associations, China Resources Land (Chengdu) Property Services Co., Ltd., China Railway Construction Property Management Co., Ltd., Chengdu Longhu Property Services Co., Ltd., Chengdu Zhonghai Property Management Co., Ltd., etc. And other organizations strategic support and co-organization. This expo strives to focus on cutting-edge technology, build a multilateral dialogue and exchange platform for the industry around smart properties, smart communities, smart parking and three-dimensional garages, clean technologies and equipment, and charging infrastructure, and promote the display, exchange and cooperation of the entire industry chain.

There is huge room for development in the Sichuan market, and intellectual property has become an inevitable trend. In 2018 , the total area of the country's property management industry was nearly 30 billion square meters, there were more than 100,000 property service companies, more than 10 million employees , and total operating income of nearly 700 billion yuan. Among them, only Chengdu has a property management area of 500 million square meters and more than 3,000 property service agencies . Chengdu has launched the smart property management service desk in 2017 , and the development momentum of all parties is strong. The property industry is facing profound changes, and the industry is constantly transforming and upgrading. The government is also strongly supporting, advocating the development of the Internet + industry, providing various convenient policy support for the industry, and promoting the intelligent transformation and development of the property industry.

Lead the future with wisdom and gather the world. At present, the 2020 Chengdu Smart Property Expo has officially started its investment promotion activities. The 2020 Chengdu Smart Parking and Stereo Garage Expo, the 2020 Chengdu Clean Technology and Equipment Expo, and the 2020 Chengdu Smart Community Charging Equipment and Technology Expo will be held concurrently with the expo. The exhibition area of 12,000 square meters includes three types of booths : ordinary standard booths, boutique standard booths and special decoration booths, so as to meet the needs of different types of exhibitors.

2020 成都智慧物业博览会 展位预订遵循先订先得的原则, 为更好的促进展示交流,组委会推出了一系列的参展优惠, 详询博览会组委会招商组成员 Due to the limited number of booths, 2020 Chengdu Smart Property Expo booth booking follows the principle of first-come-first-served. In order to better promote exhibition exchanges, the organizing committee has launched a series of exhibition benefits .

2020 成都智慧物业博览会 的筹备、宣传工作已正式全面启动,为了更好的将 博览会 推向 行业大众 ,组委会将进行多元化、跨媒体的密集报道聚焦,在电视、平面、网络、微信公众号等不同平台,从不同角度对此次展会进行全方位、深度的宣传推广,将 本届博览会 的传播影响力推向高潮。 In addition to the official investment promotion of the booth, the preparation and promotion work of the 2020 Chengdu Smart Property Expo has been officially launched . Plane, network, WeChat public account and other platforms, from a variety of perspectives to carry out a comprehensive and in-depth publicity and promotion of the exhibition, to promote the influence of the expo 's communication to a climax.

关于展会介绍、日程、活动、招商、合作等全方位资讯,敬请 关注成都智慧物业博览会官方平台,或联系博览会组委会。 The 2020 Chengdu Smart Property Expo will be held from April 9th to 11th (Thursday - Saturday) in Hall 1 of West China International Expo City Exhibition Center ( 88 Fuzhou Road East Section , Tianfu New District, Chengdu ) . About the exhibition introduction , Schedule, activities, investment promotion, cooperation and other comprehensive information, please stay tuned to the official platform of Chengdu Smart Property Expo, or contact the Expo Organizing Committee.

Chengdu Smart Property Expo

Official website: china-cdspe.com

Official public number: Chengdu Smart Property Exhibition

Exhibitor Hotline: 023-63025781

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