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桥梁智能张拉设备多少钱智能张拉设备厂家@新闻 Title How much is the smart tensioning equipment smart tensioning equipment manufacturers @ 新闻

Release time: 2020/1/12 Source: Anhui Lianta Shengtong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Views: 47

How much is the bridge intelligent tensioning equipment smart tensioning equipment manufacturers @ 新闻
Application areas : The stress losses that occur at the moment of anchoring are: 1. Reverse friction loss caused by rebar retraction 2. Stress loss caused by joint compression deformation 3. Steel beam stress loss caused by elastic compression of components It is usually that only when the usual maintenance work is done properly, can they prolong their service life and work better for us. With the development of productivity and the continuous leap in scientific progress, many products in the construction industry have begun to gradually realize intelligence and technology. Among them, intelligent tensioning equipment is a very important equipment product brought by the development of science and technology. Today we conducted a more detailed analysis of the smart tensioning device, hoping to help everyone understand this product device more clearly.
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In addition, grounding is very important in actual engineering. If the grounding is not well solved, the signal will be unstable. At this time, the signal instability cannot be solved by software filtering. In actual engineering, various ground wires should be connected according to regulations. It should be noted that the negative signal terminal of the signal input terminal of the EM235A / D module should be connected with the ground wire. When the oil pipe of the intelligent tensioning equipment is connected, carefully check the oil nozzle and joints for impurities. You must wipe them clean to ensure that the oil inlet pipe and the oil return pipe are not confused. The installation position of the oil return pipe on the jack is the end of the jack away from the beam plate when tensioned. That is, one end of the jack is installed with a black safety valve; a copper gasket must be used at the connection of the oil pipe to prevent oil leakage. The protection spring of the oil pipe should be close to the oil nozzle to extend the service life of the oil pipe. The installation position of the oil inlet pipe is close to the data line interface, and the protection spring is close to the oil nozzle for protection; the installation position of the oil return pipe is far from the data line interface. The other end of the oil inlet pipe is installed at the end of the jack near the beam body.
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How much is the bridge intelligent tensioning equipment? Intelligent tensioning equipment manufacturers @ 159Ʊ When performing tension-free tensioning, it is strictly forbidden to replace the calibrated supporting equipment. Operators should be focused and give oil return smoothly. (3) During the tensioning process, Jacks and oil pumps must be placed securely to prevent injury from falling.The tubing joints, oil pump inlet and outlet ports, and jack oil inlet and outlet ports are strictly prohibited from standing. Do not touch the cylinder with your hands to avoid injury to the cylinder. (4) High pressure is strictly prohibited. The oil pipe is twisted or bent, and the oil pressure should be removed and treated immediately after discovery. When the amount of fuel in the fuel tank is insufficient, refuel after unloading. Generally, the oil is 10 =, and 20 = in winter. It is strictly forbidden to use another liquid instead. (5) It is strictly forbidden to lack phase and short circuit when using electricity. (6) During tensioning, it is strictly forbidden to damage the force sensor, displacement sensor and signal line of the intelligent prestressed tensioner, and special protection shall be made when necessary. The main functions of the prestressed intelligent tensioning device: (1) The tensioning device realizes the dual simultaneous control of the tensile control force and the tensile length of the prestressed tendons during the tensioning of the prestressed structure during the tensioning process. .
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Application case : The method of manual measurement and manual recording of the elongation value of the prestressed tendon is not easy to accurately record the actual condition of the elongation of the prestressed tendon due to errors in the reading. (3) More and more bridge prestressed structures appear. The original level of construction technology is gradually unable to adapt to the development of bridge prestressed structures due to low construction efficiency. In response to these problems, the company has designed and developed a device that can directly control the actual stress on the prestressed tendons.The displacement sensor is used to automatically measure the actual elongation of the prestressed tendons, and transmit the actual stress and displacement values. To the automatic control system. Through the automatic control system, it can be directly judged whether the tensile stress and the tensile extension value are in accordance with the specified ratio, so that the pre-stressed bar can be judged directly.Finally, the stress value and displacement value of the pre-stressed bar are passed The data interface is printed directly by the printer. This method can not only ensure the precise control of the tensile stress and the accurate determination of the tensile elongation value and the authenticity of the record, but also greatly improve the construction efficiency of the prestressed structure of the bridge engineering.
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Check the connection points between the smart tensioner and the jack, including oil pipes, data cables, etc. Each interface must be intact before tensioning the construction; check the tool clips to ensure that they are in place. (4) During the tensioning process, the speed of the intelligent tensioner to enter and return to the oil, the pointer of the pressure gauge rises and falls, and the readings of each sensor should be stable, uniform. Check the safety valve frequently to make sure it is sensitive and reliable. (5) When tensioning construction, make sure that the tensioning equipment is not exposed to the sun and rain; keep the instrument ventilated in summer. (6) When tensioning construction, ensure that the console and the tensioning equipment maintain a straight visible distance, and the maximum controllable distance is 200m. (7) During the tensioning construction, each intelligent tensioning instrument should be assigned to be on duty. If an abnormality is found, immediately press the "emergency stop" button and report to the tensioning operator. After the problem is eliminated, the tensioning construction can be continued; tensioning operation During the tensioning process, the staff member must not leave the console. If they find any abnormality, they should click the software interface “pause tensioning”, press the “emergency stop” button of the instrument, disconnect the power of the tensioning instrument, and investigate the cause. Product Advantages of Smart Tensioning System 1. The control error error is reduced to within 1.5%. 2. Check elongation in time to achieve "dual control". 3. Standard tension and prestress loss. 4. Friendly operation interface, power failure memory, incoming call renewal. 5. Wireless networking between the main and auxiliary machines is convenient for the construction site. 6. Automatically generate reports to prevent data, while reducing the labor intensity of construction personnel. ? Note for smart tensioning system: If you find that the master-slave empty cabinet cannot communicate after turning on the machine, you need to check whether the communication line is connected properly or disconnected. If not, restart it. In Zhangzhong, the oil pipes and control cables must be straight, and they must not be twisted or rolled to prevent the oil pipes and cables from being torn. If there is a problem during tensioning, you should first press the "Emergency Stop" button on the panel of the control cabinet. You cannot force the tensioning. In the equipment, the pumping station, jacks and controls should be placed on the trolley, pay attention that the oil pipes and wiring cannot be twisted or broken. Under normal circumstances, jacks and pumping station oil pipes are not allowed to be dismantled. The abrasion resistance of the jack will change with the use time, and the jack should be periodically checked according to the process requirements. During the tensioning, the pre-stressed steel strands have broken wires, and the jack has a serious oil leakage. When the jacks are replaced, the tensioning tools should be calibrated again.
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Shelf life : Avoid artificial, affect the quality of tension. The high-pressure oil pump is the power source for prestressed hydraulic equipment. The rated oil pressure and flow of the oil pump must meet the requirements of the supporting hydraulic equipment. At present, most pre-stressed hydraulic jacks and other hydraulic equipment require oil pump pressure above 50MPa, which can provide continuous and stable high-pressure oil. The high pressure oil pump is divided into manual and electric according to the driving method. At present, most domestic oil pumps are electric high-pressure oil pumps, which can be used with various prestressed hydraulic equipment to complete the work of prestressed tendon tensioning, wire cold heading, and heavy lifting, reducing labor intensity and improving work efficiency. Some manufacturers also produce manual oil pumps in small quantities to meet the needs of no power supply and special environments. I. YBZ2 * 2-50A (63A) electric high-pressure oil pump: This oil pump has been widely used in prestressed tension and cold drawing, pier head, structural test, etc. It is currently the most used type of oil pump in China. The meaning of each part of YBZ2 * 2-50 is: Z means plunger pump, 2 * 2 means dual oil supply, the flow rate of each oil path is 2L / min, 50 means the rated oil pressure is 50MPa.

Signal processing skills: Real-time transmission and processing of tension signal data through the tension collection controller, and the computer responds to various parameters and information in real time. 4. Sensing skills: Real-time collection of the extension of the prestressed tendons and applied tension through the built-in sensors. Data, real-time response to the computer 5, wireless skills: use the current universal WlFl wireless transmission control skills to complete the wireless control of computers and tension equipment. Common faults of tensioning tools and troubleshooting The tensioning tools have the characteristics of uniform force, reasonable structure, good sealing, easy maintenance, light weight, and strong adaptability to the environment. Operators should avoid the axis of the tensioning cylinder during the construction process. It is strictly forbidden to stand within 30 of the axis to ensure safe construction. What are the common faults of tensioning equipment? How should we troubleshoot these faults? Spree Xiaobian briefly introduces: 1. Crawl phenomenon. Crawl phenomenon may occur. There is air in the system. The method of elimination is to make the oil cylinder walk for many times with no load and exhaust the air. 2. The tension cylinder is not relieved of pressure. If this happens, it may be that the position of the reversing valve is incorrect. The method of exclusion is to reposition the reversing valve. Hit the middle position. 3. Do not boost. This may be caused by low oil, or the direction change is not in place, or the oil injection hole is not open. The exclusion method is to add oil when the oil is low, and when the change is not in place When the oil injection hole is not open, open the oil injection bulb. 4. The tensioning cylinder tightly clamps the steel strand and does not retreat. This situation may be that the valve is not in place and the cylinder has no reverse supply. Insufficient oil or cylinder reverse pressure. The method is to push the directional valve forward when the directional valve is not in place. When the reverse pressure of the cylinder is not enough, supply more oil to the cylinder. 5. The tension of the cylinder clamp is not tight. It may be that the surface of the strand is severely rusted, dirty, or the tool anchor is temporarily damaged. The method of exclusion is to remove the embroidery and dirt on the surface of the strand when the strand is too dirty, and replace the tool anchor if the tool anchor is damaged. The control box of the intelligent tensioning device is an important part of the fully automatic pre-stressed digital tensioning system to achieve closed-loop dual control.It is responsible for processing the electrical signals of the displacement sensor and the signals of the force sensor and feeding the results back to the harmonic deceleration. Stepper motor, the oil pump is controlled by the stepper motor to achieve double control of prestressed tension construction. The instrument is warmed up for 5 minutes; when the temperature is lower than 10 degrees Celsius, it is warmed up for 15-30 minutes. (3) Inform staff on both sides of the beam and board to pay attention to safety. Click the "Start Tensioning" button in the control software, and start the first tensioning construction. At this time, pay close attention to observe whether the pressure and displacement values are normal on the computer. If there is an abnormality, click to pause the tensioning and perform related inspections. The computer is strictly forbidden to run other programs during the tensioning construction. The operator always pays attention to the relevant values and leaves the console. (4) During the tensioning process, pay close attention to the working conditions of the equipment at both ends of the beam plate and the jack, and pay attention to safety. If there is an abnormal situation, click the suspension tensioning immediately, press the tensioner emergency stop instruction button, and stop the tensioning. After the abnormal situation, you can continue to stretch. (5) After the tensioning of each hole is completed, the device automatically retracts, saves the data, and automatically skips to the next tensioning step. Before the next tensioning step begins, the computer operator should check the anchor, jack, and limit again. Whether the bit boards are properly nested, whether the data connection lines are loose or squeezed, and whether the jack is pressing the thick steel bars.

In terms of quality, it can be reassuring, after all, the longer the industry has done, the more reassuring. The tensioning equipment of Anhui Liansheng Shengtong is the intelligent series of engineers of ENGINEER Liansheng Shengtong, farewell to the old manual operation, one-click control is more accurate and convenient, and it is a benchmark for prestressed tensioning equipment. Yes dual screen, one for the novice to quickly understand, the screen inside is the operation screen, and also comes with an early warning system, which can resolve some of the largest. Xiaobian recommended this manufacturer for you. Let me talk about the qualification of Luen Shengtong first. Luen Shengtong is a company that provides equipment for highways, railways, bridges and tunnels, urban overpasses, anchoring of rock slopes and dams of hydropower stations The manufacturer also provides intelligent solutions and mature supporting products. It is also a large-scale joint-stock enterprise focusing on the production of prestressed anchors and equipment and machinery, integrating research, production and sales. The company's products have passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, CCPC transportation product certification and MA coal safety quality product system certification. However, because the anchor structure of the prestressed structural member in the prior art is relatively single, it is easy to deform or even break the clips under strong tension when it is subjected to a strong external force, and the deformed or broken clips The continuous use of the film for a long time is prone to the phenomenon of flying out after cracking, and the flying clip has a high initial velocity, which has a serious impact on the production of the construction personnel. Because of the various advantages of prestressed structural anchors, it is widely used in beams and slabs of houses, roofs, highways, high-speed railways, and municipal bridge projects. Xiaobian sorted out the relevant prestressed steel strand anchor installation knowledge for you. The installation knowledge is also different in different anchors, so knowing more knowledge of anchors can be helpful for engineering construction. The steel strand is under tension during use. The tension is pre-stressed. Therefore, at least one end of the steel strand anchor can be adjusted in length to maintain the pre-stress and to facilitate installation. The prestressed steel strand anchor is the anchor at the adjusting end. Everyone does not know what anchor ratio is used for the prestressed steel strand. The following editor will introduce it to you.

Pre-stressed tensioning process: (1) Enter control commands on the touch screen and set the tensioning parameters. (2) Start the oil pump to start loading. After the tensioning and elongation values are within the specified range, according to the construction process requirements. Hold the load for 2min, then return to the oil, unload, and display the successful stretching interface. (3) The pressure value and elongation value during the stretching process are displayed on the touch screen in real time. (4) If any of the tensile force or elongation value does not meet the specified range during the tensioning process, the tensioning must be stopped immediately, and the oil pressure must be returned. Accompanied by sound and light alarm, the alarm screen is displayed on the touch screen. (5) Transfer the tensile data to the PC, print out the key problems that the pre-stressed intelligent tensioning equipment needs to solve (1) Improve the structure of the existing tensioning device, so that the pressure can be continuously controlled. (2) Use PLC to control two sets of tensioning equipment, so that it can perform one-side tension or two-side tension. (3) The tensile force and tension length during the tensioning process can be stored in the PLC periodically. So if it doesn't improve its reliability. Selection and calibration of intelligent tensioning equipment Select tensioning equipment according to the type of prestressing bar used and its anchoring requirements during construction. The through-hole diameter of the tensile equipment should be greater than the maximum external dimension of the prestressed ribs of 10mm; the rated tensile force of the tensile equipment should be greater than 10% of the maximum tensile force; the tensile stroke of the equipment should be greater than the tensile length of the prestressed ribs (such as When the tensioning stroke is insufficient, multiple graded tensioning methods can be used, provided that the selected anchors and fixtures should meet the performance requirements of repeated tensioning and anchoring); the rated oil pressure of the oil pump should be greater than the oil corresponding to the maximum tensioning force. The maximum scale value of the oil pressure gauge must be greater than the rated oil pressure of the oil pump.The precision level of the oil pressure gauge must meet the design requirements. The tensioning equipment and oil pressure gauge must be inspected and calibrated in a third-party qualified inspection unit. Determine the relationship between tension and pressure. The tensioning process of the intelligent tensioning equipment is generally divided into the following steps: (1) Install the working anchor plate and work clamps. When installing the work anchor plate, put it in the anchor pad stop, close to the anchor pad, and install the work clamp It is required that the surface is flat and the gap between the two pieces (or three pieces) is even. Use flat tools such as tighteners and steel pipes to tap the pieces one by one.
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