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现浇梁数控张拉系统价格智能张拉机厂家@新闻 TitleIn-situ cast beam CNC tensioning system price intelligent tensioner manufacturer @ 新闻

Release time: 2020/1/12 Source: Anhui Lianta Shengtong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Views: 23

In-situ beam CNC tensioning system price intelligent tensioner manufacturer @ 新闻
Application areas : The intelligent tensioning equipment system is easy to operate and the interface is user-friendly, adapting to various construction site environments. With the help of the intelligent tensioning system, the structure parameters can be read automatically, the pressure value in the tensioning process can be intelligently calculated, the oil pump can be controlled wirelessly, and the oil pressure and displacement information can be collected wirelessly in real time. The entire process does not require manual intervention, and has tensioning process control such as error correction, data synchronization, and tensioning audit.The core is based on the prestressed tensioning control and construction technology summary, and the computerized control of the tensioning construction process has completely changed. Traditionally, the oil pump is manually operated to perform the tensioning operation, and the synchronization control of the tensioning is truly realized. The open-loop control of intelligent tensioning equipment is based on ordinary tensioning equipment. It does not make any modification to ordinary tensioning equipment. It is only equipped with intelligent control tensioner to achieve digital control of prestressed tensioning. The intelligent control tensioner is composed of four parts: a composite force sensor, a pressure transmitter, a displacement sensor, and a display and control instrument. The key to the open-loop control scheme lies in the research of the intelligent control tensioner.
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Due to the widespread use of smart tensioning equipment, the price of smart tensioning equipment is affected by various factors. Generally speaking, the price of each smart tensioning equipment is between about 3-5 million, but there are also many construction teams willing to For the purchase, one computer controls two or more jacks to simultaneously and symmetrically stretch and realize the "multi-top synchronous tensioning" process, which can save a lot of time and energy. The current tensioning procedure of intelligent tensioning equipment is intelligently controlled without being affected by man-made and environmental factors; the tensioning process elements such as stopping points, loading rates, and holding times fully meet the requirements of bridge design and construction technical specifications, so when purchasing Whether it is price or function that requires multiple comparisons, Xiaobian recommends a good smart tensioning equipment manufacturer for you. This is a high-quality product that sells at affordable prices. Anhui Lianta Shengtong Prestressing Factory mainly produces and sells six series of products including prestressed anchors, tensioning equipment, grouting and grouting equipment, intelligent tensioning, intelligent large cycle grouting and intelligent bridge maintenance equipment.
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In-situ beam CNC tensioning system price intelligent tensioner manufacturer @ 新闻 completes the tension construction of the steel strand, so the question is to check whether the communication line is normal. During the tensioning process, the oil pipes and control cables must be straight, and they must not be twisted and rolled to prevent the oil pipes and cables from being torn. Also, after the problem occurs, the time should be to press the "oil pump stop" button on the control cabinet panel, if ignored It may cause the oil pipe to break. When the oil pump is not running properly, it must be stopped and inspected immediately. Under pressure, you cannot turn the screw at will. The safety of the jack components is ensured. The safety valve oil nozzle is installed on the return stroke of the jack. When the pressure is improperly operated, the safety valve disc is broken and the pressure of oil leakage is reduced. continue to use. When tensioning, there should be obvious signs on the site, and personnel unrelated to the work are strictly prohibited from entering. It is strictly forbidden to stand behind the jack when tensioning or withdrawing the anchor, in order to prevent the prestressed steel bars from being disconnected or the anchors and clips from popping out to hurt people. Xiaobian about the use of smart tensioning equipment will introduce you here.
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Application case : The intelligent tensioning equipment must make the following preparations before tensioning: (1) the anchorage is installed correctly, and for the post-tensioned members, the concrete must reach the required strength. (2) The pre-stressed tendons and the installation of the pre-stressed tendons before tensioning are inspected in accordance with the relevant provisions of the current bridge and culvert construction technical specifications (3). The appearance and dimensions shall meet the requirements of quality standards. The key to control the tensioning process is the control of the four valves of the oil pump and the combination of the valves to make the jacks perform the tensioning work procedure 23-20. Two stepper motors are installed on the left and right throttle valves, and two DC motors are installed on the two unloading valves. The control of the valve during the tensioning process is directly converted to the control of the four motors. The entire tensioning process of the oil pump can be divided into four states: initialization state, loading state, holding state, unloading and returning oil state. Proposal of digitally controlled intelligent tensioning equipment technologyWith the widespread application of prestressed structures in bridge engineering, traditional prestressed tensioning technology, that is, the use of oil pump jack intelligent tensioning equipment, manual control of oil pump valves, and manual reading of hydraulic meter values The method of controlling the tensile force and the manual reading of the prestressed tendon elongation value with a ruler exposes more and more problems during the construction process. (1) During the tensioning process, the method of manually controlling the oil pump valve to control the tensile force is The sensitivity of the hand is limited, and it is gradually unable to meet the requirements of the high accuracy of the tension of the bridge structure.
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Tension data corresponds to multiple sets of equipment: Fully automatic prestressed tension control is designed for prestressed tension in a variety of highway bridges, ordinary railways, high-speed railway bridges, and high-speed ballastless track slabs. It consists of jacks, electro-hydraulic stations, high-precision pressure transmitters, high-precision displacement sensors, PLC controllers, hosts, wireless data, and transmission. It can simultaneously control 2-8 jacks to work simultaneously to form a balanced tension. . The tensioning process parameters are preset by the computer, and one-click operation is used to realize the fully automatic control of tensioning. The elongation value is displayed. The tensioning data is collected and checked in real time. The purchasing skills of prestressed intelligent tensioning equipment, we introduced to you in the last issue. Everyone knows that prestressed intelligent tensioning uses computer control technology and remote control technology to automate the entire process of prestressed bridge construction, and the accuracy can reach 99%, thus ensuring the quality of bridge construction. Although it is said to be an automated device, we have to pay attention to the precautions used in actual operation. This brand is a prestressed manufacturer from Anhui-Lianta Shengtong. They have more than 20 years of production experience, so they have a reputation in credibility, followed by quality, and have triple domestic certification, so there are many in China. Customers make people feel very reliable. Anhui Lianta Shengtong Company mainly produces six series of products: prestressed anchors, tensioning equipment, grouting and grouting equipment, intelligent tensioning, intelligent large-cycle grouting and intelligent bridge maintenance equipment. Among them, the design of the tensioning equipment has its own original creativity, one-sided teaching and one-sided control on the double-sided screen, so that novices can get started quickly. Resolved within, also retained a lot of people's hearts. In many cases, bridge prestressing intelligent tensioning equipment is used in the construction of bridges. This type of equipment can bring great convenience to the construction of bridges. Since this type of equipment is relatively expensive, it is still necessary to choose certain equipment. Of expertise.
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Shelf life : The intelligent control of the tensioning process is realized without being affected by man-made and environmental factors; the symmetrical tensioning synchronization, stopping point, loading rate, holding time, etc. are controlled, and the tensioning process elements meet the requirements of the bridge construction code. By standardizing the tensioning process, the hazards caused by the unsynchronized symmetrical tensioning to the structure are eliminated, and the loss of prestressing force during the tensioning process is greatly reduced, ensuring that the effective prestressing force meets the design requirements. It can accurately and real-time measure and review the elongation of prestressed tendons, and further control the prestressed tensile quality through elongation review. ? Automatically record tension data, eliminate the possibility of artificial quality data, and carry out true quality traceability. ? Realize remote monitoring function, facilitate quality management and improve management efficiency. The components of the system are introduced: 1. The hydraulic system of the hydraulic system is mainly composed of hydraulic stations, jacks, and oil circuits. 2. The control system of the control system is composed of a measurement and control box, a force sensor, and a microcomputer operating system for displacement sensors.

The tensioning computer must be dedicated to prevent computer viruses from tampering with the program and causing the tensioning process. (9) If any abnormal phenomenon occurs during the tensioning operation (such as severe vibration of the oil gauge, oil leakage, abnormal sound of the motor, wire breakage, etc.), the operation should be stopped immediately. (10) After the tensioning is completed, the two ends of the tensioning anchor should be properly protected from heavy objects. Enclosures and baffles should be provided at the end of the beam before the pipeline is grouted. It is strictly forbidden to hit anchorage and steel beams. Pre-stressed digital tensioning technology refers to the construction process of directly performing pre-stressed tension using digital intelligent tensioning equipment.This concept belongs to the category of structural engineering and mechatronics integration, and is a specific application of computer technology in engineering construction technology. . Digital tensioning technology is similar to information construction and there are certain differences.The main difference is that information construction uses various construction feedback information to guide or improve construction; digital construction refers to the use of digital tensioning equipment to directly perform prestressed tensioning. Drawing construction process. The pre-stressed intelligent tensioning device is controlled by a computer to simultaneously and simultaneously lift multiple jacks. During the tensioning process, the sensor collects pressure values and displacement values in real-time monitoring and feedback to the computer to automatically calculate the elongation and check the elongation. Synchronized control with tensioning, with intelligent, reliable and accurate construction. The prefabricated box girder concrete has reached 85% hardness. After 7 days, the tensile steel strand can be constructed. The quality inspection of the steel strand before use should meet the design specifications and requirements. The displacement of the auxiliary pump of the pre-stressed intelligent tensioning equipment, the pressure signal is transmitted to the main pump, and the signal processing of the main pump will be transmitted to the industrial computer. The industrial computer will use the programmable logic controller to operate the auxiliary pump. The two play a complementary role. In this way, the oil output, oil return and stop of the jack are controlled. The main pump wirelessly transmits the on-site tensile parameters to the industrial computer for monitoring and automatically stores the tension records in the construction history.

Before tensioning, it is necessary to check whether the connection is intact, and it is strictly forbidden to stand behind the jack when tensioning.People on both sides of the pedestal are prohibited from standing besides the operator; the operator must stop the oil supply when the operation fails to check; steel wire, steel strand The base of the cable connector should be covered with a protective cover, and it is strictly prohibited to step on it after being stressed. Precautions for relaxation of prestressed tendons are as follows: (1) The prestressed tendons can only be relaxed when the concrete strength of the component reaches 75% ~ 85% of the design strength. (2) Before the stress is relaxed, the component should be inspected comprehensively, and it can be released only after it is qualified. If cracks or holes are found during the inspection, it should be identified and treated with the relevant departments, otherwise it shall not be released. (3) The relaxation can be carried out by using a large-top overall relaxation process or by preheating melt cutting, cutting, shearing, oxygen cutting, etc. one by one. When cutting, it should be carried out in batches, stages, and symmetrically from the middle of the pedestal. Tensioning equipment combined with intelligent control: Digital tensioning system is composed of ordinary tensioning equipment and intelligent control tensioner to achieve double open loop control of prestressed tensioning. The main advantage of this is that it can avoid the loss of unnecessary prestressing. Second, the hole grouting requirements are very dense. Generally, when using prestressed anchors, the requirements for grouting of the channel are also strict. What needs to be ensured at this time is its compactness, and there are certain requirements for the strength grade of cement mortar. Generally speaking, the channels should be kept moist and clean before grouting. The grouting should be performed at a constant speed without interruption. Third, anchorage should be properly stored Prestressed anchorage should be properly kept after use. This can ensure that it will not appear rust and water and other debris when it is used again.

The instrument is warmed up for 5 minutes; when the temperature is lower than 10 degrees Celsius, it is warmed up for 15-30 minutes. (3) Inform staff on both sides of the beam and board to pay attention to safety. Click the "Start Tensioning" button on the control software to start the first tensioning operation. At this time, pay close attention to observe whether the pressure and displacement values are normal on the computer. If there is an abnormality, click and pause the tensioning and perform related inspections. The computer is strictly forbidden to run other programs during the tensioning construction. The operator always pays attention to the relevant values and leaves the console. (4) During the tensioning process, pay close attention to the working conditions of the equipment at both ends of the beam plate and the jack, and pay attention to safety. If there is an abnormal situation, click the suspension tensioning immediately, press the tensioner emergency stop instruction button, and stop the tensioning. After the abnormal situation, you can continue to stretch. (5) After the tensioning of each hole is completed, the device automatically retracts, saves the data, and automatically skips to the next tensioning step. Before the next tensioning step starts, the computer operator should check the anchor, jack, and limit again. Whether the bit boards are properly nested, whether the data connection lines are loose or squeezed, and whether the jack is pressing the thick steel bar. The control module of the main pump of the intelligent tensioning equipment can store about 40,000 tensioning parameters to prevent the tensioning parameters from being lost due to transmission problems. The intelligent tensioning system can accurately control the value of the prestressing force applied by the jack, and control the fault planning to 1%, reducing the risk of bridge cracking and deflection caused by the lack of or surpassing the prestressing force, which is conducive to ensuring the safety of the structure. Forward durability, extended service life, reduced protection and repair costs. Intelligent tensioning equipment is currently the advanced technology in the field of domestic prestressed tensioning. Intelligent tensioning equipment refers to the use of computer intelligent control technology, which does not rely on manual control by workers, and uses instruments to automatically operate to complete the tensioning of steel strands. In today's bridge and road construction, prestressed construction is widely used. Among them, the key process-tensioning, the quality of the construction will directly affect the durability of the structure, but the traditional tensioning construction depends solely on the experience of the construction personnel. Manual operation, the error rate is very high, can not guarantee the quality of prestressed construction.
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