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现浇梁数控张拉系统厂家智能张拉设备多少钱@新闻 Title How much is the smart tensioning equipment manufacturer of in-situ beam CNC tensioning system manufacturers @ 新闻

Release time: 2020/1/11 Source: Anhui Lianta Shengtong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Views: 21

How much is the intelligent tensioning equipment manufacturer of in-situ beam CNC tensioning system @ 新闻
Application areas : The above is the introduction of the CNC tensioning equipment manufacturer introduced by Xiaobian. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. If you want to buy CNC tensioning equipment and understand the relevant knowledge of tensioning equipment If you can contact customer service or call the hotline directly to contact us, we will have professionals to answer your questions. Smart tensioning equipment is now used in many construction sites, but many lay people do not know what this is useful for and which tensioning equipment brands are good, so I will introduce you to the smart tensioning equipment today Brands, if you have purchasing intentions, be sure to check it out. The intelligent tensioning system can accurately control the prestress value applied during the construction process, and check the elongation in time. The system sensor collects steel strand data in real time and feeds it back to the computer to automatically calculate the elongation. Within 6%, "double control" of stress and elongation is realized. One host controls two or more jacks to stretch simultaneously and symmetrically.
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Pre-stressed intelligent tensioning equipment has the functions and features: Remote: You can observe the tensioning data at any time and anywhere, and check the tensioning standardization. Unified standardization: The tension of each project can help achieve standardization and standardization. Tensioning: In the event of sudden power failure or interruption during construction, the jack will stop working to ensure tensioning. Applying stress: The pressure sensor installed in the jack has high sampling, which can quickly respond to the real-time oil pressure value, so it can control the prestressed tension value at both ends of the beam body during tension construction, and the error range is controlled by Pulled from 15% to 1%;
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How much is the intelligent tensioning equipment manufacturer of the in-situ beam CNC tensioning system @159Ʊ Intelligent tensioning system main functions and features: one machine controls double tops, synchronous balance, and accurate force application. An intelligent tensioning host can control two jacks. Two beams and four cylinders can be tensioned at the same time, only two master and slave machines are needed, which reduces costs and is easy to use. The computer issued instructions to make two or four jacks accurately stretch at the same time, and the error range was reduced from 15% of manual tension to 1%. (Article 7.12.2 of the Highway Bridge and Culvert Construction Specification states that “the accuracy of the tension control stress should be 1.5%”.) (Article 1 of the Highway Bridge and Culvert Construction Specification stipulates that “Allowable error of simultaneous tension force between jacks” " 2%".) Intelligently control the tension to collect data and check the elongation at any time.
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Application case : But people want to know the price of smart tensioning equipment. Today I will introduce the price of smart tensioning equipment for you to avoid when purchasing. The intelligent tensioning equipment is not manually controlled, but uses computer intelligent control technology to complete the tensile construction of steel strands. It is a relatively advanced process in the field of domestic prestressed tensioning. Intelligent tensioning technology Due to the high accuracy and stability of the intelligent system, it can completely eliminate human interference and effectively ensure the quality of prestressed tensioning construction, so that the workers are also very relieved. According to the tensile data issued by the Beam Field Information Management Center, input the box girder beam number, beam type, and channel on the spot, and check the target tensile force and elongation value. Just press the button and the stretching process is fully automatic. There is no need to equip professional technicians, and even ordinary workers with low cultural quality on the construction site can operate easily. This is one of the reasons why smart tensioning equipment is popular. Nowadays, smart tensioning equipment is also relatively popular.
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The intelligent tensioning equipment must make the following preparations before tensioning: (1) The anchorage is installed correctly, and the concrete must reach the required strength for the post-tensioning members. (2) The pre-stressed tendons and the installation of the pre-stressed tendons before tensioning are inspected in accordance with the relevant provisions of the current bridge and culvert construction technical specifications (3). The appearance and dimensions shall meet the requirements of quality standards. The key to control the tensioning process is the control of the four valves of the oil pump and the combination of the valves to make the jacks perform the tensioning work procedure 23-20. Two stepper motors are installed on the left and right throttle valves, and two DC motors are installed on the two unloading valves. The control of the valve during the tensioning process is directly converted to the control of the four motors. The entire tensioning process of the oil pump can be divided into four states: initialization state, loading state, holding state, unloading and returning oil state. Proposal of digitally controlled intelligent tensioning equipment technologyWith the widespread application of prestressed structures in bridge engineering, traditional prestressed tensioning technology, that is, the use of oil pump jack intelligent tensioning equipment, manual control of oil pump valves, and manual reading of hydraulic meter values The method of controlling the tensile force and the manual reading of the prestressed tendon elongation value with a ruler exposes more and more problems during the construction process. (1) During the tensioning process, the method of manually controlling the oil pump valve to control the tensile force is The sensitivity of the hand is limited, and it is gradually unable to meet the requirements of the high accuracy of the tension of the bridge structure. It reduces the structural risks of bridge cracking, underwinding, and damage caused by lack or excess of prestressing force, which helps to ensure structural safety, improve durability, extend bridge life, and reduce maintenance and repair costs. 2. The NC tensioning equipment system has completed synchronous and symmetrical tensioning, which eliminates the hazards caused by the distortion of the structure due to the asynchronous symmetrical tensioning. 3. After actively controlling the tensioning process, the loss of prestress during the tensioning process is greatly reduced to ensure that the effective prestress meets the planning requirements. 4. The CNC tensioning equipment system has completed the effective handling, monitoring and error correction of the entire tensioning process. Proactively generate reports to eliminate data. Network monitoring and data archiving were implemented for the construction unit, quality supervision part and owner unit. Strengths: 1. Ultra-high pressure active hydraulic valve group: The advanced electronic control valve group in the hydraulic system is selected to increase reliability and sensitivity. 2. Programmatic control skills: The intelligent tension detection software completes the programmatic control of the hydraulic system startup, oil inlet, oil return, flow, pressure relief, and suspension, and the entire tensioning process is completed automatically.
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Shelf life : Only in this way can the effect be guaranteed after its use. The above are the main precautions when using prestressed anchorages. For many construction workers, they are very familiar. It is hoped that the above requirements on the anchorage of prestressed steel strands will be helpful to everyone. Steel strand anchorage is mainly used in engineering construction. It is a sexual anchoring device used in pre-stressed concrete. It is widely used and is mostly used in bridges, interchanges, light rails, high-rise buildings, water conservancy and hydropower dams, docks, subways, ships, Reinforcement engineering, stay cables, suspension cables, etc. Smart Tension Product Introduction: Smart Tension is easy to operate and has a user-friendly interface, adapting to various construction sites. With the help of intelligent tensioning, the beam and plate parameters can be read automatically, the tensioning pressure value can be intelligently calculated, the oil pump can be controlled wirelessly, and the oil pressure and displacement information can be collected wirelessly in real time, and the prestressed tensioning record table can be automatically generated.

Intelligent tensioning system main indicators: tensioning system hydraulic system tensioning jack wireless communication force measuring system accuracy: 0.25% FS motor power: 3 (KW) nominal tension: 270-5000KN work: 420MHz two front-end controller synchronization time accuracy: 10ms Pressure range: 0 ~ 50MPa Single stretching range: 200m Transmit power: 26dbm (0.8w) Double top right Imbalance: ≤5KN Flow: 3Lmin Displacement linearity: 0.05% Transmission distance: 0.8km Control system working voltage: 220V 10% working voltage: 380V 10% stroke deviation: 2mm displacement measurement accuracy: <0.25% resolution 0.1mm working temperature: -20 ~ 55 ℃. Note for intelligent tensioning equipment: As tensioning is a high-altitude operation, the matters must refer to the various provisions in the intersection of pier columns and covered beams. Specialists should carefully check the tensioning according to the requirements of high-altitude operations to avoid accidents. When the automatic tensioning and pumping station is not used for a long time, it must be stored in a dry and ventilated room and covered with dust. It is strictly prohibited to store it in the open and below. When the jack is not used for a long period of time, it is recommended to disassemble the components to clean the sundries and other debris, refuel, and put it in the room after the assembly to cover the dust. The return cylinder should be filled with oil to prevent rust, so as to ensure long-term use.

The control module of the main pump of the intelligent tensioning equipment can store about 40,000 tensioning parameters to prevent the tensioning parameters from being lost due to transmission problems. The intelligent tensioning system can accurately control the value of the prestressing force applied by the jack, and control the fault planning to 1%, reducing the risk of bridge cracking and deflection caused by the lack of or surpassing the prestressing force, which is conducive to ensuring the safety of the structure. Forward durability, extended service life, reduced protection and repair costs. Intelligent tensioning equipment is currently the advanced technology in the field of domestic prestressed tensioning. Intelligent tensioning equipment refers to the use of computer intelligent control technology, which does not rely on manual control by workers, and uses instruments to automatically operate to complete the tensioning of steel strands. In today's bridge and road construction, prestressed construction is widely used. Among them, the key process-tensioning, the quality of the construction will directly affect the durability of the structure, but the traditional tensioning construction depends solely on the experience of the construction personnel. Manual operation, the error rate is very high, can not guarantee the quality of prestressed construction. A large number of investigations and inspections of prestressed bridges show that the hidden dangers of prestressed bridge quality are mainly caused by the irregular prestressed tensioning construction process and the lack of effective grouting quality control methods. The establishment of effective prestressing directly affects the safety, reliability and use of the bridge. life. How to improve the prestress construction technology and how to effectively control the prestress of the bridge have become important issues to be solved urgently. Promote standardized construction and refined management of bridges. The bridge prestressing adopts intelligent tensioning and intelligent grouting construction technology, which has changed the traditional tensioning and grouting process, and strictly controls the accuracy of prestressed tensioning and the compactness of pipeline grouting. It is of great practical significance to improve the durability and service life of bridge structures and reduce the life cycle cost of bridges. 1. Using intelligent tensioning construction technology, changing manual operation to intelligent mechanical automatic control, achieving precise synchronization and automatic construction to improve tensioning accuracy. 2. Adopting large-cycle intelligent grouting construction technology to continuously circulate pressure to exhaust the air in the tunnel.

The standardization and accuracy of the operation process need to strengthen the traditional prestressing and cable tensioning construction operation procedures, such as the quality approach inspection of the equipment, the preparation of the prestressed tendon blanking, the prestressed tendon comb through the bundle, and the tension oil gauge. The reading, tensile length measurement, and pre-loading before tensioning and immobilization are greatly affected by site conditions and human factors, and have large randomness and variability.The stability and reliability of construction quality are poor. . 4. The lack of process measurement and control methods and acceptance evaluation standards depends on the design on the one hand, but when the design becomes mature and standardized, it depends more on the construction, especially the real-time quality control of the construction process. Traditional prestressing and cable tensioning construction techniques lack efficient and reliable modern process measurement and control methods and acceptance and evaluation software standards as auxiliary support, staying in a relatively extensive and backward technological state. Therefore, the application of intelligent measurement and control technology system in tension construction is imperative. After the smart tensioning device is stretched, it should be checked whether there is slipping. The reasons for slipping are mainly as follows: ① The prestressed steel strand is severely rusted or the surface has cement and oily debris; ② The wire in the work clamp There are rust, oil stains, sundries, or the wire in the clip is damaged, and the size of the work clip is unqualified (large size); ③ The jack is resisted by other tools and the force is uneven. During installation, the front end of the jack piston sleeve is sleeved on the outer circle of the limit plate.If the gap between the rear limit plate and the piston stop is too large (greater than 5mm), the processing ring should be placed in the stop piston stop, and then Put it on the outer circle of the limit plate, and the front end of the jack should be aligned with the limit plate. The jack is installed and fixed by hand hoist or other tools. (4) To install the tool anchor plate and tool clip, first wipe the outer tapered surface of the tool clip and the inner tapered hole of the tool anchor plate with a clean cotton cloth, and install the tool anchor plate into the step hole at the rear of the jack (note: tool anchor plate As the supporting product of the same anchoring system as the working anchor plate), as shown in Figure 10-13, the tool anchor should be aligned with the front working anchor, and the steel strand between the tool anchor and the working anchor must not be twisted. In order to facilitate the return of the anchor of the tool holder, the outer tapered surface of the tool holder can be evenly coated with a special anchor anchor. Advantages of the intelligent tensioning device: The main pump and the auxiliary pump of the intelligent tensioning device use a wireless connection interval of no more than 200M. The auxiliary pump will transfer the displacement and pressure signals to the main pump.
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