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百科:过期啤酒可以再喝吗? Title Encyclopedia: Can Expired Beer Be Drinked Again?

Release time: 2019/7/16 Source: Shanghai Jinma Third Party Immunization Center Views: 1508

Summer is here, and beer lovers have begun to move, although how can beer lovers expire beer? However, it remains to be seen whether or not expired beer can be drunk. So how about it? Please read the report!

Expired beer cannot be drunk. This is because the beer that has exceeded its shelf life contains a variety of acids, which can easily react with proteins to oxidize and polymerize, making the beer turbid, or because of poor water quality, microbial contamination during filling And fermentation, become sticky and ridiculous, easily cause symptoms such as diarrhea after drinking.
   On holidays, family and friends come to party, and beer is an indispensable regular customer. Beer often cannot be drunk. The remaining beer has been stored for a long time and will expire. Can these expired beer be drunk? Let's take a closer look at this issue together.
First, can you drink expired beer? Everyone knows that food has a shelf life. Once the shelf life is exceeded, it will cause harm to the body and will easily be poisoned. Expiration of beer is also the most likely to deteriorate, and all indicators will decline accordingly. There may be turbidity and a little sediment. It is better to drink less beer, and try not to drink it. Don't be reluctant to cause trouble in the end for the moment. Therefore, do not drink expired beer for your health.
Second, the magical use of expired beer Actually expired beer, don't be reluctant, because it has many wonderful uses, such as expired beer, can be used to wash hair; use expired beer to wash silk fabrics; leftover beer to wipe refrigerator; leftover beer wipe Glass; leftover beer wipes plant leaves, waters flowers, and beer can be used for beauty.
It's a pity to throw out the expired beer. So, what help and wonderful use does it have for our home life? Let ’s take a look at the magical use of expired beer to turn waste into treasure.
1. Flowers and flowers: Beer is slightly acidic, it can adjust the pH of the soil, and it can make the flowers that like acid grow more lush. Mix with one third of the beer and two thirds of the water. Use a soft cloth to soak the beer solution and gently scrub the leaves of the flowers. One can wipe off the dust, and the other can fertilize the leaves, such as clivia. The scrubbed leaves are very shiny.
This is mainly the nutrients in beer, which are dissolved on the surface of the leaves. Pour the remaining beer directly into a flower pot, it is still an excellent fertilizer, because the enzymes in beer will make the flowers grow lush, which makes the flowers more vivid and moving.
2. Shampoo and conditioner: Beer contains barley and hops. Shampooing with beer can make the hair soft, shiny and anti-dandruff. After washing the hair with shampoo, add expired beer to the water and use it to soak or rinse the hair. The barley and hops contained in the beer will bring certain nutrients to the hair and make the dry hair shiny.
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