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Xianxian Pengyi Construction Instrument Factory

Main: Highway Instruments, Laboratory Instruments

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Xianxian Pengyi Construction Instrument Factory

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Composite resin manhole cover manufacturers recommend

Composite resin manhole cover manufacturers recommend

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  • Brand Name: Xianxian Pengyi Construction Instrument Factory (imported brand)
  • model:
  • Price: Negotiable
  • Location: Mainland China
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Brief introduction: Composite resin manhole cover manufacturers strongly recommend this product for drainage facilities in urban roads, parks, squares, vegetable fields, car washing fields and other projects, residential communities, post and telecommunications, power supply, water supply, heating, sewage, and inspection wells. , Can also be customized according to customer's special specifications and classification and coloring according to the requirements of individual city engineering settings.
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Product introduction

品质保证 Composite resin manhole cover manufacturers recommend quality assurance

After-sales service commitment

Dear users, Hello:

我们将尽心尽力地为您作好售后服务。 Thank you very much for choosing the products of Xianxian Pengyi Construction Instrument Factory. Business license registration number: 92130929MA0936YT18 We will do our best to provide you with after-sales service. In order to allow you to get the * fast and * satisfactory service, our factory adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity management, steady development, advancing with the times" and the service purpose of creating customers' reliable choice with honest service. :

产品本厂承诺所有的系列产品,严格按照国标、部标标准组织生产,并承诺所提供的产品是全新的未曾使用过的,从原材料进厂到设备出厂都经过严格的和完善的检验。 1Products The factory promises that all series of products will be produced in strict accordance with national and ministerial standards, and that the products provided are brand new and unused, and undergo strict and comprehensive inspections from raw materials to the factory.

Second, after-sales service

Product after-sales service work is jointly completed by our factory's after-sales service department and authorized agents and distributors nationwide.

Third, the response time

After receiving the user's repair call notification. 小时内可到达现场并开始维修。 Customers in the province: Can arrive at the scene and start maintenance within 48 hours. 小时内可到达现场并开始维修。 Customers outside the province: can arrive at the site within 72 hours and start maintenance. 小时之内无法在现场得到完善维修解决,立即更换同样的新设备。 Within 48 hours after the maintenance personnel arrived, they could not be completely repaired at the scene and immediately replaced the same new equipment.

Fourth, the warranty period

如水灾、火灾、地震、雷击、电压异常或人为)造成的损坏不在保修之列。 During the warranty period, the factory will repair the equipment and accessories free of charge; damage caused by force majeure ( such as floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning strikes, abnormal voltage or man-made ) is not covered by the warranty.

V. Service content after the warranty period

After the expiration of the warranty period, paid services will be implemented for users, and the necessary wearing parts and spare parts will be supplied at cost. After-sales service personnel make regular return visits to users every year, and make a record of usage. If you are not satisfied with the service provided by our technical service personnel, please send feedback to our factory.

参数规格 Composite resin manhole cover manufacturers heavy recommended parameters specifications

、本产品分2种【树脂材质】【铸铁材质】 1. This product is divided into 2 types [resin material] [cast iron material]

、本产品跟根据用户的选择上色。 2. This product is colored according to user's choice.

、也可根据客户要求定做大小。 3 , can also be customized according to customer requirements.

、也可根据客户要求定做字体。 4 , can also be customized fonts according to customer requirements.

性能特点 Composite resin manhole cover manufacturers recommended performance characteristics

1. Completely solve the problem of non-recycling value. Understand the dangers and associated losses caused by theft to pedestrians and vehicles.

Second, the bearing capacity is stronger than all kinds of traditional products, and it can bear a lot of pressure, and it will not break or crash.

Third, the bottom and the cover are tightly matched, and no jumping, rocking, ringing or shifting will occur. No noise, safe and reliable.

Fourth, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, environmental protection service life of more than 30 years. Corrosion resistance, no rust, no pollution, maintenance-free.

Fifth, the decorative effect is good. It can be classified and colored according to different industries to beautify the urban environment and improve the urban taste.

Sixth, light weight is only half of the weight of cast iron manhole cover, easy to operate. Easy installation, maintenance and replacement, reducing labor intensity.
公司介绍 Composite resin manhole cover manufacturers

是目前国内生产:公路试验仪器、建筑试验仪器的重点骨干企业。 Xianxian Pengyi Construction Instrument Factory is currently a key backbone enterprise in domestic production: highway test equipment, construction test equipment. It has a high reputation in China. The company has first-class equipment, perfect detection methods and strong technical force. The products are designed and manufactured strictly in accordance with national standards. In addition to supporting the supply of test equipment, our factory also undertakes the planning and design of new laboratories, equipment selection, installation and commissioning, parts supply and logistics support.
The company's main products are:

CA 砂浆试验仪器、钢筋连接套筒等等。 Concrete test equipment, cement test equipment, maintenance box, maintenance room, asphalt test equipment, emulsified asphalt test equipment, waterproof coil test equipment, geotechnical test equipment, soil test equipment, fine aggregate test equipment, wall brick test equipment, CA Mortar testing equipment, reinforced connection sleeves, etc. 本厂以合理的价格、热情的服务态度、精湛熟练的售后保障对您提供优质服务。 Key launches: concrete presses, concrete mixers, steel bar pullers, anchor pullers, cement fineness negative pressure screens, drilling coring machines, concrete impermeability meters, cement mortar mixers, cement slurry mixers, electric Table jumping, asphalt penetration, asphalt softening point, asphalt low temperature extensometer, asphalt viscometer, Marshall stability meter, Marshall compactor, electric compactor, engineering test mold, etc. These products are widely used in: concrete business , Mixing stations, laboratories, universities, municipalities, highways, railways, tunnels, bridges, petrochemicals, water conservancy construction, and other fields. Our factory provides you with high quality at reasonable prices, enthusiastic service attitude, and exquisite after-sales guarantee service. We serve the customers wholeheartedly based on the operating principles of prompt delivery, three guarantees, and tracking services.
Our company puts customers in place and establishes product pre-sale, sale, and after-sales service specifications. It meets customer requirements in an all-round and whole process, making our products and services win the trust of customers and establishing long-term cooperation with customers. And mutually beneficial relations.
视售后服务为产品质量的延伸,视产品质量为企业生命 的宗旨,在网络化的售后服务管理体系的保障下,为用户提供*优质的产品和服务。 The company adhering to the purpose of " seeing after-sales service as an extension of product quality and treating product quality as corporate life " , under the protection of a networked after-sales service management system, it provides users with the highest quality products and services. 和谐、诚信、专业、增值 价值观引领下成为公路仪器和建筑仪器一流的供应商。 As always, our company has become a first-class supplier of highway instruments and building instruments under the guidance of the values of " harmony, integrity, professionalism and value-added " .
       ! We look forward to working with you to create a better future !

Composite resin manhole cover manufacturers recommend

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