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Xianxian Pengyi Construction Instrument Factory

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Xianxian Pengyi Construction Instrument Factory

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Recommended sleeve manufacturers

Recommended sleeve manufacturers

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  • Brand Name: Xianxian Pengyi Construction Instrument Factory (imported brand)
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Brief introduction: The sleeve manufacturers strongly recommend that the reinforced connection sleeves produced by our company pass the inspection of the National Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and all items meet the standards. Manufactured with no less than 45 carbon structural steel,
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Product introduction

品质保证 Sleeve manufacturers heavy recommended quality assurance

After-sales service commitment

Dear users, Hello:

我们将尽心尽力地为您作好售后服务。 Thank you very much for choosing the products of Xianxian Pengyi Construction Instrument Factory. Business license registration number: 92130929MA0936YT18 We will do our best to provide you with after-sales service. In order to allow you to get the * fast and * satisfactory service, our factory adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity management, steady development, advancing with the times" and the service purpose of creating customers' reliable choice with honest service. :

产品本厂承诺所有的系列产品,严格按照国标、部标标准组织生产,并承诺所提供的产品是全新的未曾使用过的,从原材料进厂到设备出厂都经过严格的和完善的检验。 1Products The factory promises that all series of products will be produced in strict accordance with national and ministerial standards, and that the products provided are brand new and unused, and undergo strict and comprehensive inspections from raw materials to the factory.

Second, after-sales service

Product after-sales service work is jointly completed by our factory's after-sales service department and authorized agents and distributors nationwide.

Third, the response time

After receiving the user's repair call notification. 小时内可到达现场并开始维修。 Customers in the province: Can arrive at the scene and start maintenance within 48 hours. 小时内可到达现场并开始维修。 Customers outside the province: can arrive at the site within 72 hours and start maintenance. 小时之内无法在现场得到完善维修解决,立即更换同样的新设备。 Within 48 hours after the maintenance personnel arrived, they could not be completely repaired at the scene and immediately replaced the same new equipment.

Fourth, the warranty period

如水灾、火灾、地震、雷击、电压异常或人为)造成的损坏不在保修之列。 During the warranty period, the factory will repair the equipment and accessories free of charge; damage caused by force majeure ( such as floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning strikes, abnormal voltage or man-made ) is not covered by the warranty.

V. Service content after the warranty period

After the expiration of the warranty period, paid services will be implemented for users, and the necessary wearing parts and spare parts will be supplied at cost. After-sales service personnel make regular return visits to users every year, and make a record of usage. If you are not satisfied with the service provided by our technical service personnel, please send feedback to our factory.

参数规格 Heavy Duty Manufacturer Recommended Specifications

直径14、16、18、20、22、25、28、32、36、40共十种规格 1, diameter 14 , 16 , 18, 20, 22 , 25, 28 , 32 , 36, 40 specifications

其主要参数;基本牙型60 2. Its main parameters; basic tooth profile 60

螺距为2.5mm时,齿高1,35mm 3. When the pitch is 2.5mm, the tooth height is 1,35mm

螺距为3mm时,齿高1.62mm 4. When the pitch is 3mm, the tooth height is 1.62mm

套筒内螺纹为6H级,锥头螺纹7g级 5. The internal thread of the sleeve is 6H, and the taper thread is 7g.

表面粗糙度Ra值为6.3UM,接头抗拉强度大于钢筋 6. The surface roughness Ra value is 6.3UM, and the tensile strength of the joint is greater than that of the steel bar.

本产品分三种【普通钢筋连接套筒】【变径钢筋连接套筒】【正反丝扣钢筋连接套筒】 Note: This product is divided into three types [Ordinary steel connection sleeve] [Variable diameter steel connection sleeve] [Positive and reverse wire buckle steel connection sleeve]

使用方法 Recommended method for sleeve manufacturers
  Recommended sleeve manufacturers

Standard: Rebar connection under normal conditions

(1) Production process

Cutting of round steel—drilling—bottom hole for rough turning—peeling outer circle—bottom hole for fine turning—cone buckle (milling buckle) —rust prevention treatment—inspection, packaging

(2) Introduction of steel connecting sleeve

Three series: standard type, positive and negative thread type, reducer type

Raw materials: 45 # high-quality carbon structural steel, which is in accordance with the current national standards for steel and the relevant regulations of JGJ107, with high dimensional accuracy and reliable quality.

Specifications: 14mm-40mm Applicable steel bars: can connect HRB335, HRB400, RRB400 ribbed steel bars with diameter range of Φ14-Φ40mm

Performance: Tested by the National Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, reaching the Grade Ⅰ joint standard in JGJ107-2010

(3) Certification for reinforced connecting sleeve products

Has obtained ISO9001 international quality system certification.

Has been approved for mass production by the Construction Department of Hebei Province.

Won the honorary title of new products.

Tested by the National Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, reaching the Grade Ⅰ joint standard in JGJ107-2003.

Standard series, positive and negative thread type, different diameter type three series of sleeves, a total of more than 50 varieties, can meet the horizontal, vertical, oblique and other arbitrary parts of the building structure

Rebar connection requirements.

性能特点 Recommended performance characteristics of sleeve manufacturers
Reinforced connecting sleeves have the advantages of high joint strength, fast connection speed, strong applicability, high construction efficiency, material saving, energy saving, and economy. The reinforced connection sleeve is suitable for various reinforced connection projects. The reinforced connecting sleeve produced by the company has passed the inspection of the National Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. All items meet the standards. It is made of carbon structural steel with a performance of not less than 45, and its mechanical properties and chemical composition meet the GB699 standard. The standard values of the reported bearing capacity and tensile bearing capacity are greater than 1.10 times the corresponding bearing capacity standard of the steel bar. The tensile strength of the joint made of the steel connecting sleeve is greater than the tensile strength of the reinforcing steel base material, and is greater than 0.9 times the measured value of the tensile strength of the reinforcing steel base material. The thread fitting accuracy is according to GB197, the inner sleeve of the reinforced sleeve is 6H grade, and the thread head thread is 7g. . The surface has been treated with anti-embroidery without defects such as rust, oil stains, cracks, and black skin. Add plastic protective plugs to the screw holes at both ends.

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