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Xianxian Pengyi Construction Instrument Factory

Main: Highway Instruments, Laboratory Instruments

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Xianxian Pengyi Construction Instrument Factory

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Xianxian Pengyi Construction Instrument Factory is currently a key backbone enterprise in domestic production: highway test equipment, construction test equipment. It has a high reputation in China. The company has first-class equipment, perfect detection methods and strong technical force. The products are designed and manufactured strictly in accordance with national standards. In addition to supporting the supply of test equipment, our factory also undertakes the planning and design of new laboratories, equipment selection, installation and commissioning, parts supply and logistics support. The company's main products are: concrete experimental equipment, cement testing equipment, curing boxes, curing rooms, asphalt testing equipment, emulsified asphalt testing equipment, waterproof coil testing equipment, geotechnical testing equipment, soil testing equipment, fine aggregate testing equipment, masonry Wall brick test equipment, CA mortar test equipment, reinforced connection sleeve and so on. Key launches: concrete presses, concrete mixers, steel bar pullers, anchor pullers, cement fineness negative pressure screens, drilling coring machines, concrete impermeability meters, cement mortar mixers, cement slurry mixers, electric Table jumping, asphalt penetration, asphalt softening point, asphalt low temperature elongation meter, asphalt viscometer, Marshall stability meter, Marshall compactor, electric compactor, engineering test mold, etc.These products are widely used in concrete manufacturers. .
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