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Ruifeng Graphite ___ Professional high-purity graphite crucible Gongyi Ruifeng Graphite Products Co., Ltd. is a well-known high-purity graphite product manufacturer in the Central Plains. The company is located next to Songshan in the south and the Yellow River in the north. It is located in Zhengzhou, an important transportation hub city in China. The doorway is China ’s east-west aortic artery national road. The Zhongyuan West Road in Gongyi runs through the Zhengxi High Speed Rail. The geographical scenery is attractive and the geographical advantage is extremely prominent. Ruifeng has many employees, engineering and technical personnel, and senior professional consultants. All employees of the company are forging ahead, using high technology as the driving force, expanding the market with high-quality products, and determined to pursue the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction, and promote the company to continue to grow bigger and stronger. The company produces fine-structured graphite, high-purity graphite, isostatic graphite, and other products. High-level scientific and technological content is the foundation for the international market. The products are widely used in industrial sectors such as metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery, light industry, electronics, and atomic energy. With complete varieties, complete specifications, high quality and high price, the enterprise has won the trust and praise of customers, and has won a reputation both at home and abroad. In order to ensure the high quality of the product quality and specifications, the company introduces advanced production equipment and management experience, superb design concepts, relying on Henan's rich graphite resources, has the ability to quickly adapt to the rapid development of today's technology; To meet the various needs of customers, to provide customers with a variety of high-precision graphite products.

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