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⇒Our company specializes in sales of ultra-high voltage equipment and systems. The product adopts the world's advanced supercharging technology. The pressure of AULLTE ultra-high pressure manual pump can reach MPa; the pressure of hydraulic equipment can reach 1000MPa; the gas pressure can reach 269MPa. It mainly covers auto parts, engineering machinery, shipbuilding, petrochemical industry, offshore drilling platform, coal, energy and power equipment, aerospace, railway, military, metallurgy, bridge, heavy machinery, injection molding and other industries. ⇒Our company always serves the customers with the principle of "community and honesty." The products we operate are: ultra-high pressure manual pump, ultra-high pressure hose, ultra-high pressure gauge, air booster pump, pneumatic liquid booster pump, pneumatic gas booster pump, ultra-high pressure electric pump, ultra-high pressure quick connector, ultra-high pressure valve Parts, hydraulic nuts, hydraulic bolt tensioners, hydraulic cylinders and other hydraulic accessories and tools. ⇒The company's brands include: AULLTE, SPIRSTAR, BOTTS, SMC, WREN, ENERPAC, HIP, HASKEL, SC, REIEN, TECSIS, IMT, and other well-known brands of ultra-high pressure manual pumps, pneumatic pumps, ultra-high pressure pumps, ultra-high pressure soft Pipe, high pressure steel pipe, gas booster valve, hydraulic nut, hydraulic jack and other hydraulic components.

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