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Lhasa Daikai hospital diagnosis certificate

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Brief introduction:: Sick leave, diagnosis certificate, hospitalization certificate, discharge certificate, outpatient registration, checklist, sick leave, B-ultrasound: sick leave certificate, diagnosis certificate, hospitalization certificate, discharge certificate, outpatient registration, checklist, pregnancy Proof of hospitalization, certificate of hospitalization, opening of the sick leave certificate on behalf of the hospital, hospitalization, sunshine hospital, WeChat public account: bljz2020 online consultation]

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    [Electron.v 溦 Synchronization]: Sick leave, diagnosis certificate, hospitalization certificate, discharge certificate, outpatient registration, checklist, sick leave, B-ultrasound: sick leave certificate, diagnosis certificate, hospitalization certificate, discharge certificate, outpatient registration, Checklist, pregnancy certificate, hospitalization certificate, hospitalization certificate, open the hospital sick leave certificate, hospitalization record, Sunshine Hospital, WeChat public account: bljz2020 online consultation] When quality and branding have become the pursuit of life for modern people, it is used as health-related medical care The industry, how to create high-quality medical services without taking an unusual path, has become a hot topic in the industry. In this regard, Sunshine Hospital listened to the views of patients and physicians through questionnaires, and strived to penetrate the essence of "quality medical care" to better serve the people. In order to make people see and be ill. Sunshine Hospital has worked hard to improve the medical environment, reduce the cost of medical treatment, and optimize the medical treatment process; the implementation of the "holiday-free hospital" system to facilitate the "workers" to see a doctor; through the "diagnosis and treatment card", optimize the process, implement a flexible working system, etc. Methods: Establish a survey mechanism for patient experience and satisfaction, increase the protection of major diseases, and clarify the "hard indicators" for controlling medical expenses. Sunshine Hospital has always adhered to the service concept of "patient-centered and service-oriented", strived to build a harmonious doctor-patient relationship, and dedicated to society with high-quality medical technology services. The concept of "affordable hospital" was filled with applause and doubt. Pros have seen the positioning of hospitals to provide services to low-income people. Regardless of the controversy, it is beneficial to launch some affordable hospitals to partially alleviate the "expensive medical treatment" problem at a time when the current medical reform is chaotic and the interest structure is difficult to break. try. And practical experience shows that the launch of some affordable hospitals can indeed gain market and win word of mouth. Physician's point of view: Measure quality medical from three standards. What is "quality medical"? The relevant person in charge of Sunshine Hospital said that quality medical refers to meeting the physiological and psychological needs of patients, so that patients can get better medical results in the medical process. To make patients and their families satisfied, to rationalize costs and benefits, and to provide patients with a quality medical environment. Medical strength: A hospital should have a professional team of doctors and perfect technical equipment, and use strong strength to ensure the safety of patients, which is the essence of quality medical care. Charges: Formulate reasonable and transparent unified charging standards, and accept public supervision at any time to prevent Unreasonable charges and excessive phenomena allow patients to spend less and be optimistic about the disease. This is the principle of quality medical care. Service philosophy: People-oriented, we must adhere to everything for the patient, everything for the patient, comprehensively consider the patient's medical experience, and provide patients with good Medical conditions, allowing patients to recover in a comfortable environment, this is the soul of quality medical treatment. Quality Medical: Sunshine Hospital has always been at the forefront of South China as a "popular hospital". Sunshine Hospital adheres to the quality medical line, organizes medical technology development, research and guidance, conducts disease technology research, and treats the hospital's open subjects as clinical research. The base regularly invites well-known doctors at home and abroad to come for technical communication and collaboration. Our hospital adheres to the service tenet of “All Patients as the Core”, cares for the health of patients, makes humanistic services meticulous, follows family-friendly services, warms patients' hearts with sincerity, and brings patients more at ease and considerate diagnosis and treatment services. Patients experience the charm of quality medical care. ---------------------------------------------Dividing line--- ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- Beijing Newsletter (He Qiang) I learned from the Ministry of Justice today (September 10) that in order to provide legal protection for the development of enterprises, the Ministry of Justice recently issued an opinion stating that it is necessary to prevent departments from adopting simple and rude methods such as "one size fits all" against enterprises and against general illegal acts in business operations. We must study it carefully and properly handle it. We must not just punish and punish one thing, and resolutely avoid excessive interference in market activities. It is understood that the “Opinions on Fully Exerting Functional Roles to Create a Good Legal Environment for the Development of Private Enterprises” issued by the Ministry of Justice mainly focused on alleviating the burden on enterprises, solving problems in the development of enterprises, and creating a level playing field. Legislative reforms and abolitions, strict standardization of justice and civilization, innovation and expansion of public services, and guidance for enterprises to operate according to law and govern enterprises according to law and other 20 specific measures. Establishing the principle of "access without prohibition by law" hastened the formulation of relevant laws and regulations. It was noted that the opinions clearly stipulated the problems encountered by enterprises in terms of market access, property rights protection, investment and financing. Opinions point out that it is important to focus on the difficulties encountered by private enterprises in market access, property rights protection, investment and financing, fair competition, etc., establish the principle of "entering without prohibition by law," and accelerate the development of relevant regulations. Further implement the status of enterprises as investment subjects, and protect various types of property rights such as property rights, creditor's rights, equity, and intellectual property rights. In addition, the opinion requires that enterprises should be fully guaranteed equal access to government investment funds such as investment subsidies and discounts, effectively alleviate corporate financing difficulties, and achieve equal litigation status, applicable equality, and equal responsibility for various market entities, and ensure fair competition between enterprises and other market entities. . Legislative measures should be taken to strengthen the government's integrity in government affairs, ensure that the government keeps its promises, and prevent problems such as breaching and arbitrarily breaching the contract and "ignoring old accounts by new officials." Regarding the regulations and regulatory documents that are not conducive to the development of enterprises, the opinion says that they must be cleaned up. If the current regulations and regulatory documents are concentrated and cleaned up before the end of 2018, they violate the principle of equal protection and are not conducive to the development of private economy. Perfect, break all kinds

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