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Air-conditioning after-sales maintenance information

Samsung Air Conditioner Repair

    Daikin Air Conditioning Repair

      Sanyo Air Conditioning Repair

      Panasonic Air Conditioning Repair

        Wall-hung boiler repair

        Washing machine repair

        Solar repair

          Gas stove repair

          Air-conditioning service

          Water heater after sales maintenance

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          After-sales service outlets promise: (1) Maintain in strict accordance with maintenance procedures and operating procedures to ensure the quality of maintenance. (2) Strictly control the quality of accessories, and eliminate the use of counterfeit and inferior accessories. (3) The service hotline is on duty 24 hours a day and responds within 24 hours. Maintenance workshops and receptions are not closed during the holiday season, and users are guaranteed to repair as needed; establish a maintenance system; set up a repair team in time to arrive at the scene for repair at any time. (4) In terms of charges, the Municipal Price Bureau and our company's charging standards shall be strictly followed, and failures shall not be exaggerated to prevent arbitrary charges. (5) Remote customer judgment of remote customers, technical troubleshooting, and prompt handling of postal accessories required. We will send your own repairs by foreign customers to expedite troubleshooting for your machine, and strive to complete the repair on the same day. (6) All electrical appliances repaired by our after-sales service outlets will be guaranteed. The warranty period is 12 months. During the warranty period, if there is a problem with the quality of the repair or replacement parts, our center will be responsible for repair. (7) If the customer has repaired the machine in our center, he can enjoy the half-price treatment fee when he repairs the machine again with the bill of charge and warranty. (8) Establish a return visit system: regularly understand the use of our company's repaired machines and the quality of our service, investigate customer satisfaction rates, and establish customer satisfaction rate questionnaires. (9) Announce our supervision telephone to customers, welcome customers and related departments to supervise our service work. After-sales service outlets have countries ..

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