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The manufacturer's after-sales service center was established in 2000 and has won outstanding sincere promises. We have passed the supervision of the State Appliance Price Bureau to assess the occupational charge levels for home appliance repairs. Through the accumulation of years of experience in our skills, we have the ability to repair accurately and conveniently. In the spirit of "sincere dedication and faith-seeking", we have been trusted by our customers for several years. We know that as long as real skills are combined with outstanding service, we can only be accepted by our customers. Phone Appointment! 159Ʊ repair! We promise: the repair staff will pass the inspection after coming to the door, make a quotation as appropriate, and perform the repair with the approval of the customer. If there is an unreasonable charge for the repair staff, the customer has the right to refuse the repair without compensation. During the warranty period, the repaired machine is free of charge if it is due to repair skills or quality problems of replacement parts. Promise of service: (1) Strictly repair according to repair procedures and operating procedures to ensure repair quality. (2) Strictly control the quality of accessories and eliminate the use of fake and inferior accessories. (3) The service hotline is on duty for 12 hours and answers within 12 hours. The repair shop and front desk are closed on holidays and Saturdays and Sundays to ensure that users can repair as soon as possible; establish on-site repair guidelines; establish a repair team in time to arrive at the scene for repair at any time. (4) The machine repaired by the customer can enjoy the half-price repair fee when we repair the machine again with the bill of charge and warranty. (5) Establish return visit criteria: track the usage status of our repaired machines (including on-site service) and the quality status of our services regularly, inquire the user's satisfaction rate, and establish a user satisfaction rate query form. Issue our supervision phone to customers, expect customers and relevant departments to supervise our service operations. Purpose of service: Top service quality! Customer benefits top! Integrity repair tops the list!

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