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Manufacturer's after-sales service repair center () So far, all of our company's employees have undergone professional training and are experienced? Excellent technology. The company has strong technical strength and services in every corner of Suzhou City. Our company has always formulated the detailed service code based on sincerity and the purpose of virtue management. As we continue to expand, we continue to increase equipment investment and improve service awareness, so that the maintenance company ’s equipment, scale, service, reputation, and technology are at the forefront of the local area. To provide you with thoughtful and timely service. !! To solve the urgent needs of customers all day. The charges are reasonable, and we hope that users will cooperate. Thank you for your support in cooperation. We have the following service commitments: 1. The manufacturer's after-sales service repair center will be on duty 24 hours a day, and respond within 10 minutes 2. Provide free on-site service in urban areas, and charge appropriate on-site fees in the suburbs (prior negotiation) Check the fault first, then report the required cost, and then repair and repair the service policy. 4. The fault is not ruled out and no fee is charged. 5. In the selection of accessories, strictly control the quality and purchase genuine accessories from the original factory or the first-class factory. Eliminate the use of counterfeit and inferior parts 6. In terms of charges, strictly implement the implementation of the "Price Standards" of the Municipal Price Bureau and our company, and return the old parts to customers without exaggerating the failure or charging fees. 7. All the repaired machines of our company are subject to warranty. The warranty period is three months. During the warranty period, if the user's machine fails again due to maintenance quality or parts quality problems, our company will be responsible for free repair. [Service target] Service 0 defects 100% customer satisfaction [Service Standard] Taking customer satisfaction as the standard is our service tenet [Service Commitment] Customer First, considerate service, sincere service, no repair fee will be charged if it is not repaired. [Service style] Fast service is our work style. [Service objective] Service 0 defects ..

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