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Portable carbon dioxide alarm

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发布时间:2011/9/14 更新时间:2019/11/1 Brand Name: $ brandModel.Title (imported brands) Model: AT-B-CO2 Origin: Mainland China Published: 2011/9/14 Updated: 2019/11/1

Product summary: Portable carbon dioxide alarm AT-B-CO2 Portable carbon dioxide alarm AT-B-CO2 Portable carbon dioxide alarm AT-B-CO2 Portable carbon dioxide alarm AT-B-CO2 Portable carbon dioxide alarm AT-B-CO2 Portable carbon dioxide Alarm AT-B-CO2

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主要用于环境中对 二氧化碳 的检测,以防造给人们造成意想不到的伤害。 Portable carbon dioxide alarms are mainly used to detect carbon dioxide in the environment to prevent people from causing unexpected harm. 主要由显示器和检测器组成,通过 二氧化碳 传感器检测并发出信号然后在显示器显示 二氧化碳 浓度值,从而发出声光报警,以提醒人们防患于未然,防止中毒事故的发生。 The portable carbon dioxide alarm is mainly composed of a display and a detector. The carbon dioxide sensor detects and sends a signal and then displays the carbon dioxide concentration value on the display , thereby issuing an audible and visual alarm to remind people to prevent trouble before it happens and prevent poisoning accidents. 的检测器是采用 优质 高精度 的红外 传感器做为检测原件,灵敏度高,反应的速度较快。 The detector of the portable carbon dioxide alarm uses a high - quality and high-precision infrared sensor as the detection element, which has high sensitivity and fast response speed. 泄露报警器 主要用于 二氧化碳 泄漏的检测,具有实时显示 二氧化碳 浓度,自动校准,声光报警等功能。 Carbon dioxide leakage alarm is mainly used for the detection of carbon dioxide leakage, with functions such as real-time display of carbon dioxide concentration, automatic calibration, sound and light alarm. 二氧化碳 报警器检测到环境中 二氧化碳 的浓度达到或超过预置报警值时,该报警器会立即发出声光报警,以提醒我们及时采取安全措施,防止中毒事故、爆炸、及火灾发生,从而保障生命、财产的安全。 When the carbon dioxide alarm detects that the concentration of carbon dioxide in the environment reaches or exceeds a preset alarm value, the alarm will immediately issue an audible and visual alarm to remind us to take timely safety measures to prevent poisoning accidents, explosions, and fires, thereby guaranteeing Safety of life and property. 广泛应用于石油、化工、冶金、市政和采矿等行业。 Portable carbon dioxide alarms are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, municipal and mining industries.

技术指标 Technical index of portable carbon dioxide alarm

Measurement principle 传感器 Infrared sensor

Measuring range 3 000 /5000/10000 ppm 0- 3 000/5000/10000 ppm

Resolution 1ppm

measurement accuracy 5%

<20S(T90) Response time <20S (T90)

Call the police 80dB sound and light alarm

Alarm point 000 ppm 二级报警: 150 0ppm (可调) Primary alarm: 1 000 ppm Secondary alarm: 150 0 ppm (adjustable)

power supply 7.4V rechargeable lithium battery

Humidity 5% -95% RH ( non-condensing )

Temperature -5 ℃ -40 ℃

Type CO2 AT-B- CO2

Brand Antai Jihua

Origin Beijing

The standard configuration Instrument host, charger, instruction manual, certificate of conformity

Size / weight 135 (L) 50 (W) 25 (H) mm / 200g

Warranty period: one year
TEL: 1500 1088 115

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