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AH-MI / E Medium Intensity B Explosion-proof Aviation Obstruction Light

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AH-MI / E Medium Intensity B Explosion-proof Aviation Obstruction Light

Updated on: 10/2/2020

Location: Mainland China

Product model: AH-MI / E

Brief introduction: Product application: In tower cranes, wind turbines, high pole lights, metallurgy, iron towers (electricity, communication, microwave, etc.), chimneys (thermal power plants, coking plants, chemical plants, etc.), high-rise buildings,

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    Main functions and features:


    采用菲涅尔透镜,光利用率高,能有效的把光束控制在要求的范围内 The optical design of the high-precision beam uses a Fresnel lens, which has a high light utilization rate and can effectively control the beam within the required range .

    , 低功耗, 寿命长,低能高效。 Adopt international advanced cold light source LED , low power consumption, long life, low energy and high efficiency.

    Built-in circuit protects the LED , which is very reliable and saves costs.

    ● The control circuit has strong anti-shock capability and is equipped with anti-surge protection device, which can be applied to harsh working environment.

    光电自动控制功能 Photoelectric automatic control function .

    灯罩使用 PC 材料, 带防鸟尖, 具有特别好的抗冲击强度、 耐腐蚀、抗 UV 热稳定性、 阻燃性。 ● The lampshade is made of PC material with anti-bird tip, which has particularly good impact strength, corrosion resistance, UV resistance , thermal stability and flame retardancy.

    航空铝合金 材料,具有重量轻,耐腐蚀等优点。 ● The shell is made of aviation aluminum alloy material, which has the advantages of light weight and corrosion resistance.

    密封材料:防水密封圈。 Sealing material: waterproof sealing ring.

    可订制功能:故障报警输出功能 /GPS 同步功能 / 同步线同步功能 / 配合专用控制器可实现远程监控 Customizable function: fault alarm output function / GPS synchronization function / synchronization line synchronization function / cooperation with special controller can realize remote monitoring

    可选择配件:安装支架 / 电源引线 ( 引线长度可订制 ) Optional accessories: mounting bracket / power lead ( lead length can be customized ) .

    参数表 Product parameter table :





    B 中光强航空障碍灯标准, FAA L-86 4 标准 ICAO-Type B Medium Light Aviation Obstruction Light Standard, and FAA L-86 4 Standard

    型号 Product model

    -MI/ E AH -MI / E

    电压 Supply voltage

    110-240 V (电压可定制) AC 110-240 V (voltage can be customized)

    type of light source


    Glow color


    Way of working


    Flash frequency

    0 FPM ( 20 ~ 60 FPM / 常亮可定制 ) 2 0 FPM (20 ~ 60 FPM / constant light can be customized )

    光强 Effective light intensity

    2000cd ( 25% )

    Flash duration


    功耗 Light source power consumption

    W 90 W

    Average power consumption

    40 W 40 W

    Horizontal light angle


    Vertical light emitting angle


    Light source life

    ≥100,000 hours


    220 233 mm Φ 220 233 ( mm )

    Installation size

    Φ 190 均布 4 M10 mm Pitch circle Φ 190 uniformly distributed 4 holes M10 ( mm )

    Protection class

    7 IP6 7

    Light control ambient brightness


    Ambient temperature

    ˚C ~ 85 ˚C -40 ˚C ~ 85 ˚C

    Working humidity

    % ~ 9 5 % 0 % ~ 9 5 %

    重量 Product weight

    kg 5 kg

    Wind resistance

    80 m / s


    Body: Aluminum alloy


    PC Shade: PC

























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