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Shanghai Gas Spectroscopy Equipment Co., Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer of precision analytical instruments in China. It is a major domestic manufacturer of professional R & D, production, and gas chromatographs. It is a Shanghai technology enterprise and has won the trust and praise of new and old customers for many years. Shanghai Gas Spectrometer focuses on the chromatographic analysis of various industrial and civilian gases; liquor, thiophene, methylal, ethylene oxide, cellulose, petroleum, mine gas, No. 6 solvent residue detector, natural gas, etc. Has a unique approach and research! The main products of Shanghai Gas Spectrum are: natural gas analyzer, natural gas calorific value analyzer, liquefied gas analyzer, natural gas online analyzer, hydrogen flame (FID) gas chromatograph, gas calorific value analyzer, thermal conductivity type ( TCD) Gas Chromatograph, LPG Analyzer, LNG Analyzer, CNG Analyzer, Portable Natural Gas Analyzer, SP7890 Dimethyl Ether Analyzer, GC8900 Analyzer, Natural Gas Composition Analyzer, Flame Photometric Chromatograph, High Purity Hydrogen The generator, air generator, and SP-5000 nitrogen-air all-in-one machine are suitable for supporting the use of gas chromatographs from various manufacturers to ensure safety, noiselessness and stable performance. Shanghai Spectrum Development Vision maintains that it develops at least one or two new products each year, is guided by market demand, takes innovation design as the leader, and is based on standardized manufacturing and customer satisfaction as the criteria. Based on the "quality, service" business philosophy, "the product performance is stable, and the development direction of quality and cheap" business management model, think what customers want, to share your heavy experimental analysis tasks and help you choose * It is our duty to be able to fit effective instruments; with a full range, excellent quality and reasonable prices, the company integrates product design, development, production, sales and service into one, has formulated a long-term business strategy, has excellent human resources and sufficient financial resources, Technical personnel with senior titles account for more than one third of the company's total employees. The company has a number of seniors who have long been engaged in chromatographic applications.

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