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Industrial online turbidity meter manufacturers stock online online turbidimeter water quality testing industrial online turbidity meter

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Industrial online turbidity meter manufacturers stock online online turbidimeter water quality testing industrial online turbidity meter

Updated on: 1/15/2020

Location: Mainland China

Product model: HX-33O

Brief introduction: Model HX-33O type online turbidimeter measuring range is low 0 ~ 400NTU; high 0 ~ 4000NTU display mode LCD display power supply voltage 220 (V) Is it cross-border supply?

Quality supply


    Measurement principle


    Turbidity is a measure of the degree of obstruction that occurs when suspended matter in the water transmits light. The water contains mud, dust, fine organic matter and other microorganisms and colloids to make the water appear turbid. After the light wave sent by the transmitter on the sensor is absorbed, reflected and scattered by the measured object during transmission, part of the transmitted light can be irradiated to the detector in the 180 direction, and part of the scattered light is scattered to the detector in the 90 direction on. The intensity of the light received at the 180 and 90 direction detectors has a certain relationship with the turbidity of the sewage being measured. Therefore, the turbidity of sewage can be calculated by measuring the intensity of transmitted light and scattered light.







    Built-in bubble elimination system (flow-through) to improve measurement accuracy and stability;

    Cleaning and maintenance is very simple, once every three months;

    Good reproducibility, independent of sample flow rate and pressure (input type);

    Using two-point correction method;

    NTU and mg / L are optional.






    Waterworks: monitoring of turbidity in reservoirs, wells, clean water tanks, pre-filtration, post-filtration, sedimentation, and water treatment plants

    Industrial process: Water quality monitoring of production cycle water, circulating water, etc.

    Sewage treatment: Monitoring of water quality at inlet and outlet.




    Technical Parameters:

    Measuring range: flow-through, 0 ~ NTU

    Input type, 0 ~ 0NTU

    Display mode: LCD

    Measurement unit: NTU and mg / L

    Resolution: 0.01%

    Accuracy: 1.0% FS

    Repeatability: 1.0% FS

    Power: ≤10W

    Analog output: 4 ~ 20mA, load 750Ω

    Switch output: 3 relays, capacity 220VAC / 2 A

    Power supply: AC220V 10%



    Flow sensor



    Technical Parameters:

    Material: 316 stainless steel

    Cable: shielded cable

    Installation method: input

    Process connection: ZG1

    Dimensions: 60 113mm

    Media pressure: ≤3 bar

    Signal cable: 10M (standard) can be extended

    Protection level: IP68

    Working temperature: Sensor: -20 ~ 60 ℃



    Technical Parameters:

    Material: ABS

    Cable: shielded cable

    Installation: circulation

    Dimensions: Φ280 375mm

    Signal cable: 10M (standard) can be extended

    Protection level: IP65

    Working temperature: Sensor: 0 ~ 50 ℃







    Drop-in sensor


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