Wuhan Shengshida Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. Main products: Mindray color ultrasound, black and white B ultrasound machine, monitor defibrillator, automatic biochemical analyzer, blood cell analyzer,

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Shengshida Medical Equipment (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, and its headquarters is located in Wuhan, Jiangcheng, the capital of Hubei Province, which is a thorough province of nine provinces. Is a comprehensive domestic and foreign high-end medical equipment sales agency, maintenance as one integrated enterprise. Professionally serve private hospitals across the country with an innovative service model and private prices. The company has a group of experienced sales elites and skilled engineering staff, who specialize in providing overall procurement solutions for private hospitals across the country. Adhering to "providing customers with * quality products and * fast after-sales service" will completely eliminate your worries. The company has also established close cooperative relationships with many well-known medical equipment manufacturers at home and abroad, and has obtained exclusive agency rights for national private hospitals from many well-known manufacturers at home and abroad, such as: Shenzhen Mindray-Hubei General Generation, National Private General Generation, Olin The national general manager of Bath, the general manager of Beijing Wandong, the general manager of Hubei, the Shanghai general manager of Hubei, the German general manager of Dr?ger, the private manager of Beijing, and the private manager of Beijing Xinyueqi. Beijing, Chengdu, Kunming, Gansu, Liaoning and other major domestic cities have branches and offices, forming a relatively complete sales and after-sales service network. The company has always pursued the "customer first" business philosophy --- --- ..

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  • Address: Room 301, Workshop 10, No.1 Phase I, Wuhan Creative World, No.16, Yeye Lake West Road, Hongshan District, Wuhan
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  • Contact: Manager Zhu (please indicate when you contact me that you saw it on Baichuan.com, thank you!)
  • Phone: 18827098809
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  • Mobile website: http://m.caijubei.com/c158042/
  • Shop address: http://www.ssdyl.cn

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http://m.caijubei.com/c158042/ Mobile website: http://m.caijubei.com/c158042/

http://www.ssdyl.cn Shop address: http://www.ssdyl.cn

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