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Explosion-proof LED roadway light DGS18 / 127L

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Explosion-proof LED roadway light DGS18 / 127L

Updated on: 1/12/2020

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Brief introduction: Mine explosion-proof LED roadway light DGS18 / 127L. Zhejiang Liuban Electric specializes in explosion-proof electrical mines. DGS series explosion-proof LED roadway lights for mines are suitable for coal mine roadways, metal mines, and coal washing plants in methane, gas, coal dust or vulnerable and explosive gas environments. High-speed and high-speed railway tunnels, chambers, etc. are used for fixed continuous lighting, and are suitable for other lighting places with explosion-proof requirements.

Quality supply


    Explosion-proof LED roadway light DGS18 / 127L

    Application area

    Applicable to fixed lighting in coal mines, underground roadways, chambers, substations, etc.

    Applicable to hazardous environments with explosive mixture gases such as methane and coal dust in the coal mine industry

    fulfill the standard

    GB3836-2010 《爆炸性环境用电气设备》和 MT221-2005 《煤矿用防爆灯具》等有关标准设计、制造、检验。 This product is designed, manufactured and inspected in accordance with national standards GB3836-2010 "Electrical Equipment for Explosive Environments" and MT221-2005 "Explosion-proof lamps for coal mines".

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    Product advantages

    、外壳采用铝合金压铸成型,强度高;表面高压静电喷塑,耐腐蚀,结构轻巧; 1. The shell is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, with high strength; the surface is electrostatically sprayed with high voltage, corrosion-resistant, and lightweight.

    、玻璃保护罩为钢化高硼硅,耐冲击,高强度; 2. The glass protective cover is toughened high borosilicate, impact resistance and high strength;

    LED 巷道灯采用大功率高性能 LED 作光源。 3 , LED roadway lights use high-power high-performance LED as the light source. 80% 以上,相同功率下,亮度是白炽灯的 10 倍以上;采用的 LED 光源连续点灯寿命可长达五万小时,是白炽灯使用寿命的上百倍。 Small size and low power consumption; high luminous efficiency, more than 80% of the traditional incandescent node , the same power, the brightness is more than 10 times that of the incandescent lamp ; the LED light source used for continuous lighting life can be up to 50,000 hours, is used for incandescent Hundreds of times the life.

    、工作电压范围宽,适应性强,电网电压在 80V-260V 的范围内都能正常工作,且亮度无任何变化,从而可防止由于井下电压波动烧坏灯具的现象。 4. Wide working voltage range and strong adaptability. The grid voltage can work normally within the range of 80V-260V , and there is no change in brightness, which can prevent the lamp from being burned due to the voltage fluctuation in the well.

    Installation requirements


    Quality assurance and after sales

    按照国家标准 GB3836-2010 《爆炸性环境用电气设备》和 MT221-2005 《煤矿用防爆灯具》等有关标准设计、制造,确保产品质量符合国家标准,贴切的诠释了设计效果。 Mine explosion-proof LED roadway lights DGS18 / 127L are designed and manufactured in accordance with national standards GB3836-2010 "Electrical Equipment for Explosive Environments" and MT221-2005 "Explosion-proof lamps for coal mines" and other relevant standards to ensure that product quality meets national standards. Interpret the design effect. 3 年正常保用,自购买之日 7 天内,产品正常使用下出现任何故障由本公司负责免费维护。 Zhejiang Liuban electrical products are guaranteed for 3 years . The company will be responsible for free maintenance if any failure occurs under normal use of the product within 7 days from the date of purchase .


    BHD 矿用电缆接线盒、 JHH 矿用本安接线盒、 DGS/DGY 矿用防爆灯具、 DLEC 矿用浇封型电子喇叭、 DLB 矿用隔爆电铃、 AH 矿用本安型按钮、 BZA1 矿用隔爆型控制按钮、矿用仪器 仪表 等产品。 Zhejiang Liuban Electric specializes in mining explosion-proof electrical, mainly supplying BHD mining cable junction boxes, JHH mine intrinsically safe junction boxes, DGS / DGY mine explosion-proof lamps, DLEC mine-encapsulated electronic speakers, DLB mine explosion-proof Electric bell, AH mine intrinsically safe button, BZA1 mine flameproof control button, mine instrument and other products.

    Explosion-proof certificate and coal safety certificate are complete, welcome to order!

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