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Shenzhen Birulan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

Main: Construction site dust monitoring system, highway weather station, negative oxygen ion monitoring system, gridded air station, VOCs online monitoring alarm system, internal intelligent environment system, dust sensor, automatic noise monitoring station

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Shenzhen Birulan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

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Shenzhen Birulan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the field of atmospheric monitoring. It develops, produces, and sells dust pollution monitoring systems, urban grid air stations, online volatile organic compounds VOCs systems, oil fume online monitoring systems, indoor intelligence Environmental system, dust sensor, weather station, negative oxygen ion monitoring station, automatic noise monitoring station, intelligent environmental protection cloud platform as a research and development enterprise. Birulan's products have been identified by many national authorities, China Environmental Protection Product Certification (CCEP), People's Republic of China Type Approval Certificate for Measuring Instruments (CPA), Quality Management System Certification Certificate, National Testing Report, Provincial Quality Technology Supervision Bureau test report, municipal metrology institute calibration report, utility model certificate, computer software copyright registration certificate and other smart environmental protection platform software copyrights, invention of core data acquisition system, platform level system software development, design development, server development, engineering design , Embedded development integration, installation and commissioning of a first-class technical research and development team.

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