Dongguan Junchuang Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd. Main Products: Network Analyzer E5071C, E5071B, E5061B, E5062A, FSV13, N5182B,

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Dongguan Junchuang Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd. is a supplier and service provider of measuring instruments that is engaged in the sales, lease, repurchase, calibration and maintenance of used electronic measuring instruments. Contact hotline: 138-2923-9811 Meng Sheng has a good reputation and is highly praised by people in the industry. Operating for several years, it can ensure the timely, efficient and rapid detection, calibration and maintenance of the instrument. Main operating brands are: Agilent / HP, R & S / Rod & Schwarz, Tektronix / Tektronix, Anritsu / Anritsu, Advantest / Advan, Rosenberger / Rosenberg, keithly / Keithley , Fluke / Fluke, Marconi / IFR, Willtek, JDSU, Sunshine, Panasonic, Jinjin, Kikusui and other brands. Main business scope: comprehensive tester, signal analyzer, network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, signal generator, communication power supply, digital multimeter, oscilloscope, power meter, frequency meter, noise figure analyzer, power probe, attenuator, calibration Receiver, electronic switch, calibration part, GPIB card, GPIB cable and connection cable, connector, etc. For the products of the above brands, the company provides professional maintenance ..

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  • Address: beside Yingbin Avenue, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City
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  • Contact: Manager Meng (please indicate when you contact me that you saw it on Baichuan.com, thank you!)
  • Phone: 0138-29239811
  • Mobile: 13829239811
  • Fax: 0138-27234864
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  • Mobile website: http://m.caijubei.com/c154560/
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