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  • Industrial and commercial certification: [not certified]
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  • Business Type: Distributor
  • Registered capital: RMB ten thousand

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.Furniture shopping mall ___r Birch Zhongtang Furniture Combination Nankang Furniture Shopping mall is a shopping mall for online shopping of furniture, which is a subsidiary of Ganzhou Qiuge Furniture Co., Ltd. It is a "family sentiment" furniture online shopping platform established by Mr. Hu Duge relying on the office of Decheng Accounting Service Co., Ltd. in Nankang District, Ganzhou City, also known as "Decheng House". The mall focuses on shopping guide sales from three aspects of material, size, and workmanship. It is based on the principles of environmental protection, practicality, and personality. The development direction is the pursuit of spiritual taste. The main column of the mall navigation column is the frame: the vertical columns are general-purpose columns such as living room furniture, restaurant furniture, study furniture, bedroom furniture, children's furniture, office furniture, outdoor furniture, etc .; the horizontal columns are the home page, all furniture, and special home furniture , Central House Furniture, Hu Du Ge's recommendation, free shipping furniture and other special edition columns. The mall focuses on shopping guides, making shopping guides more home-friendly ...!

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