Shanghai Huding Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Main Products: domestic elisa kit, rat elisa kit, pig elisa kit, chicken elisa kit, human ELISA kit, rabbit ELISA kit, imported antibodies, imported reagents, serum

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Shanghai Huding Biotechnology Co., Ltd. focuses on the field of life sciences and biomedicine, and is a new high-tech company integrating research and development, production and sales. We provide a variety of rat elisa kits, pig elisa kits, human elisa kits, mouse elisa kits, and elisa antibody detection kits to major universities, scientific research units, hospitals, pharmaceutical and diagnostic reagent manufacturers and other customers. , Importing conventional biochemical reagents, antibodies, chemical reagents, pharmacopoeial reagents, standards, serums and other products, covering the fields of molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, immunology, proteomics, biopharmaceutical and diagnostic reagent development . After years of rapid development, we have obtained agents in China for many brands such as BIM, ABCAM, RD, TSZ, SIGMA, GIBCO, SPECTRUM, AMRESCO, HYCLONE, NQBB, etc. Since the establishment of the company, it has attached great importance to the construction of enterprise informatization. We have adopted an advanced internal supply chain information processing platform to ensure accurate and efficient processing of customer orders. Our customer management system and management team can take the lead in responding to customers' pre-sale and after-sale needs, focusing on customer experience and satisfaction. We have hundreds of professional customer service ...

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  • Address: Room 306, No. 16, Xinqiao Industrial Park, Songjiang District, Shanghai
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