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.Hua Yi Lantern Processing ___r Large Lantern Customization Huaxi Lantern Processing Plant in Luxi District, Luoyang City is engaged in undertaking lanterns, lanterns, floats, floats, simulated dinosaurs, simulated animals and plants, garden art, and urban lighting. A cultural communication company that plans, designs, and produces large-scale exhibitions. Since its establishment, we have hosted large-scale lantern festivals in scenic spots and parks. The level of lantern production has continued to improve. We have gained more than ten years of industry experience and won praise from customers and the industry. Recognized and achieved good social and economic benefits, and contributed to the revitalization and development of the lantern business. There are many professional and technical personnel in Huayi Lantern Processing Factory, Luxi District, Luoyang City. There is a good quality, professional business, and strong combat ability. We have a strong professional team. We not only pay attention to the inheritance and development of traditional craftsmanship, but also pay attention to in-depth research on lanterns from the perspectives of creativity, craftsmanship, and materials. Continuous improvement has enhanced the expressiveness of lanterns and improved the performance of lanterns. The artistic taste of the lamp. At the same time, according to the main content of the relevant festival activities of the customers, folk customs, the design and production of on-site lanterns and the series of services such as exhibitions were carried out to fully display the exquisite artistic charm of Chinese lantern culture. We will continue to follow the path of professional development. We will take the development and innovation of lanterns and lanterns and the quality of products as our lives, strengthen management, actively innovate, and develop new products. To make greater contributions to the promotion of traditional culture. Based on the culture of lanterns, we continue to expand our business, covering a wide range of related art areas such as tourist attractions and sculptures. We work closely with the cultural tourism system to organically combine lantern art with ecological and urban landscapes. "The sea is wide, the sky is high, and the sky is high enough for birds to fly." Huayi Lantern Processing Factory in Luxi District, Luoyang City keeps pace with the times, forges ahead, and innovates continuously. Each piece is made into a fine product, showing you a wonderful charm. the art of. For many years, we have always adhered to the principle of "reliable quality and credibility first" and strived to serve our customers. Our tenet is: "honest and trustworthy, mutually beneficial and win-win", we ...

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