Shanghai Qishui Automation Technology Co., Ltd. Main Products: PLC module. Wire and cable. Touch screen. Switch. Soft start. Industrial computer. Servo driver

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IEMENS Shanghai Qishui Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has many years of experience in using and selling the above products. It has a large number of stocks throughout the year, the price is optimal, the supply is fast, and it has sufficient capacity to provide customers with solution design, project complete sets, and technical consultation , Training and other services. At the same time, it also has unique features in industrial network communication, programming, high-level monitoring, hardware debugging, etc., and can provide customers with quality services. The company has strong business innovation and technological innovation capabilities, and will provide fully integrated automation solutions and value-added services according to customer requirements. While providing users with advanced technology systems and products at home and abroad, professional technical support and after-sales service, the company has accumulated experience in various large and medium-sized engineering projects. Shanghai Jinying Automation Technology Co., Ltd. excels in its business activities and has the following business advantages: SIEMENS programmable controllers 1, SIMATIC S7 series PLC, S7-200, s7-1200, S7-300, S7-, ET200 2, logic control Module LOGO! 230RC, 230RCO, 230RCL, 24RC, 24RCL, etc. 3, SITOP series DC power supply 24V DC 1.

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