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Dongguan Weihuang Test Equipment Co., Ltd.

Main: Constant temperature and humidity test box, hot and cold shock test box, xenon lamp aging test box, rain test box, sand and dust test box, ultraviolet aging test box, salt spray machine, shaking table

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Dongguan Weihuang Test Equipment Co., Ltd.

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    Dongguan Weihuang Test Equipment Co., Ltd. is a system service manufacturer specializing in the research, development, production and sales of laboratory test equipment. It established Hongkong Weihuang Technology Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong and Dongguan Weihuang Test Equipment Co., Ltd. in mainland China. Service outlets have been set up in many places. The company's research and development products have excellent technology, advanced equipment, and complete testing methods. It has successfully applied in many countries. The company has excellent technical and management personnel, and the company's products have the support and trust of new and old customers. The Dongguan headquarters factory is located in Dongguan, which is known as the world's factory with convenient transportation and developed manufacturing. Our products are widely used in electronics, LED, automobiles, plastics, hardware, toys, paper products, chemicals, household goods and other industries, and are suitable for Research institutes, quality inspection institutions, academic discussions, etc. All kinds of environmental test equipment are manufactured strictly in accordance with relevant national and international industry standards to achieve international quality and local price. Weihuang's professionally developed equipment includes constant temperature and humidity box, cold and hot shock box, high and low temperature test box, walk-in constant temperature and humidity chamber, rapid temperature change test box, salt spray test box, vibration test machine, xenon lamp aging test machine , UV weathering tester, tensile tester and various IP protection level test equipment. & ..

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