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3BDH000370R0001 ABB

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发布时间:2020/1/13 更新时间:2020/1/13 Brand Name: $ brandModel.Title (imported brands) Model: Origin: Mainland China Published: 2020/1/13 Updated: 2020/1/13

Product summary: 3BDH000370R0001 ABB launches FCS international standard as soon as possible. Today's FCS field has seen chaos in the world's major manufacturers. Among the influential ones are Intel's Bitbus, Germany's HART and Profibus, Denmark's P-NET, Honeyvell and AB's WorldFIP, Foxboro, ABB and Yokogawa's ISP, FF's H1 and H2 and Echelon's Lonworks, and Philip's CAN Wait. This confusion is due to the major manufacturers

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Over the years, many Chinese automation companies have made unremitting efforts to catch up and surpass large international companies such as Europe, the United States, and Japan. More ambitious people have pursued high quality from the beginning and actively aligned with international standards. Now they have competed with the world giants. , And move towards the world's top brands. Delta Electronics is a typical example of this.
Accumulate bit by bit
Relying on the accumulated professional experience in power electronics and control technology, Delta's Electrical and Mechanical Business Unit has been developing and producing high-efficiency, high-quality, energy-saving inverter series products since its inception , and has continued to develop energy-efficient products such as Power management solutions, low-radiation large-screen projection televisions, solar cells, and high-efficiency automation products have made Delta Electronics a place in the industrial automation field. Especially in terms of inverter products, the output has grown more than 100 times in the past ten years. At present, Delta Electronics has replaced Japanese manufacturers as the leading brand in Taiwan.
For the emerging and fast-growing Chinese mainland market, Delta has now built a complete distribution service network and is well positioned in the top five suppliers. In recent years, Delta has actively expanded its product lines. In addition to inverters and PLCs, it has also successively launched servos, HMIs, temperature controller optical encoders, and communication conversion modules. In the future, it will continue to expand the breadth and depth of each product line. Moving towards high-end controllers. It is hoped that in the near future, Delta can become a system overall solution provider in the automation industry, and provide economical and practical key spare parts and system development platforms for the automation industry, such as Intel inside computers.
Delta Electromechanical Business Unit has been in the field of industrial automation for nearly a decade. It has been focusing on the R & D and manufacturing of key products such as drives and controls, and is committed to becoming a high-quality parts supplier. For the next ten years, we have established an existing product and technology platform as the starting point, comprehensively developed an automated communication network and eagerly integrated. From the current product sales, we gradually transformed the system integration solution sales and product sales into equal emphasis, and eventually became the world ’s top Goals of the top ten automation solution providers.
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DRT1-ID16T I / O Transitor Remote Terminal
DRT1-ID16T-1 Input Remote Terminal Unit
DRT1-ID16TA I / O Transitor Remote Terminal
DRT1-ID16TA-1 I / O Transitor Remote Terminal
DRT1-ID16X Remote Adapters
DRT1-ID16X-1 Remote Adapters
DRT1-ID32ML I / O Transitor Remote Terminal
DRT1-ID32ML-1 I / O Transitor Remote Terminal
DRT1-MD16 I / O Transitor Remote Terminal
DRT1-MD16C Environment-resisitive Transistor Terminals
DRT1-MD16C-1 Environment-resisitive Transistor Terminals
DRT1-MD16T I / O Transitor Remote Terminal
DRT1-MD16T-1 I / O Transitor Remote Terminal
DRT1-MD16TA I / O Transitor Remote Terminal
DRT1-MD16TA-1 I / O Transitor Remote Terminal
DRT1-MD32ML I / O Transitor Remote Terminal
DRT1-MD32ML-1 I / O Transitor Remote Terminal
DRT1-ND16S Sensor Terminal
DRT1-OD04CL Waterproof Terminals
DRT1-OD04CL-1 Waterproof Terminals
DRT1-OD08 Output Transitor Remote Terminal
DRT1-OD08-1 Output Transitor Remote Terminal
DRT1-OD08C Environment-resisitive Transistor Terminal
DRT1-OD08CL Waterproof Terminals
DRT1-OD08CL-1 Waterproof Terminals
DRT1-OD16 Output Transitor Remote Terminal
DRT1-OD16-1 Output Transitor Remote Terminal

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