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  • Registered capital: RMB 11 million

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Shanmei Coal Mine Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Jining Machinery Industrial Park, Jining City, Shandong Province. It cooperates with many well-known coal science design institutes, metallurgical design institutes, coal science and technology universities and other scientific research institutions. According to market needs, it mainly engages in electric rock drills, water exploration drill pipes, and rock drills. Anchor drilling rigs, coal power drills, wind coal drills, wind picks, etc., "take all directions, make friends with the world", since the establishment of the company has been in the spirit of "open. Extension innovation, the pursuit of excellence" to "quality, service "Credibility" as the purpose, to effectively serve our customers, so as to achieve a win-win situation with users, the main explosion-proof lights, sensors, belt conveyor comprehensive insurance, alarms and other mining electrical and electronic components-sensors electrical-electrical-industrial control system And equipment --- protector electrician-electrical --- switch-button switch electrician-electrical> low-voltage electrical appliances> starter lighting tools --- special-purpose lamps --- safety protection of explosion-proof lamps --- anti-theft alarm equipment ---- alarm Safety protection --- Life-saving equipment communication products ----Splicing equipment --- --- Cable junction box Bafang Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. Main ◆ DGC175 explosion-proof flood light DGS60 explosion-proof incandescent lamp, DGS20 / 127 explosion-proof fluorescent lamp, BAJ52 explosion-proof emergency light, GEJ30 deviation sensor, GMT30 emergency stop sensor, KBJ mine two-way emergency stop switch, GQQ0.1 smoke sensor, GTH500 carbon monoxide sensor, GSC200 intelligent speed sensor , GVD1200 tear sensor, GWD50 / 60/70 temperature sensor, KGS speed sensor, KHJ emergency stop sensor, GUD coal sensor, KGU-1 coal level sensor, KXH sound and light combination signaler, sound and light language alarm device JCB4 Portable methane detection alarm device, methane sensor for GJ coal mine, LJB explosion-proof telephone junction box, JHH mining ...

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