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NR-81542B Surface Thermocouple NR81542B

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发布时间:2010/8/1 更新时间:2019/4/19 Brand Name: $ brandModel.Title (imported brands) Model: NR-81542B Country of Origin: Published: 01/08/2010 Updated: 2019/4/19

Product Summary: NR-81542B Surface Thermocouple NR81542B

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product name:

Surface thermocouple

Product number:

NR-81542A / B


K E Indexing number: K , E
2000 Lead length: 2000
/ 胶木 Handle material: Bakelite / Bakelite
-50 ~ Operating temperature range: -50 ~
90 度,适用于各种加热器温度测定及工作中机器的温度测定等。 Application: The tube bend at the detection end is 90 degrees, and it is suitable for measuring the temperature of various heaters and the temperature of working machines. 型测温片为片状, B 型测温片为网状。 The type A thermometer is sheet-like, and the type B thermometer is net-shaped. 片较 B 片更为耐用,但 B 片的反应速度较 A 片快一点。 The A film is more durable than the B film, but the response speed of the B film is a little faster than that of the A film.

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