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Genuine SM8868 Upgraded Chinese fir forest SML-8868 Line Finder Breakpoint Rangefinder BNC Tester

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发布时间:2018/10/11 更新时间:2018/10/11 Brand Name: $ brandModel.Title (imported brands) Model: SML-8868 Country of Origin: mainland China Published: 2018/10/11 Updated: 2018/10/11

Product summary: Genuine SM8868 upgraded version of Chinese fir forest SML-8868 line finder breakpoint rangefinder BNC tester

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Product name: Multi-function line hunting distance meter

Product Model: Fir SM-8868

.这款产品测线全由显示屏直观的显示,这是普通测线仪根本无法相媲美的,特别是对串扰的测试,和交换机对线连通测试,在国内都是行业技术! Line hunting is the most basic function of this product.On the basis of line hunting, SML8868 has added a very powerful line detection function, including short-circuit detection, continuity, crosstalk, network cable and switch-to-line connectivity test . This product's test lines are all intuitively displayed on the display screen.This is unmatched by ordinary line testers, especially the crosstalk test and the switch-to-wire connectivity test.It is an industry technology in China!

,通过测长度,还能判断出线路断点的位置 ,有了这款工具,所有的寻线,查线,排查线路都可以轻松的解决,这款是网络工程师和电信线路工作者*理想的工具! This product is the most comprehensive one so far. In addition to the line hunting and advanced line measurement functions, there is another function that many wiring engineers and computer room workers love to think about! That is its length measurement function. By measuring the length, you can also determine the location of the line breakpoint . With this tool, all hunting, checking, and troubleshooting can be easily solved. This is the ideal for network engineers and telecommunications line workers * tool!

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