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Special sale TESTO435 Germany Testo testo 435-3 multifunction measuring instrument

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发布时间:2018/10/11 更新时间:2018/10/11 Brand Name: $ brandModel.Title (imported brands) Model: TESTO435 Origin: Mainland China Date: 2018/10/11 Updated: 2018/10/11

Product summary: TESTO435 testo 435-3 multifunctional measuring instrument

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Probes for every need
Indoor air quality probe: * The newly developed indoor air quality probe can measure CO2, relative humidity and indoor air temperature, and then evaluate the pros and cons of indoor air quality. The probe can also measure absolute pressure.
Turbulence probe: The human body is very sensitive to pumping force. With the help of Testo's turbulence probe, you can make an objective assessment of the feeling of blowing caused by the air velocity in the room.
Elastic surface probes: Elastic surface probes excel at measuring surface temperature. The elastic surface of the probe better contacts the object to be measured, enabling fast and accurate measurements.
Thermal wind speed probe: The new generation of thermal wind speed probe has a built-in temperature and humidity sensor, which measures temperature and humidity at the same time, and is suitable for measurement of ventilation ducts. In this way, wind speed, volume, air humidity and air temperature are all measured in the same process.
Impeller probe: optional 60mm diameter, suitable for integrated measurement of vents and other places. For the detection of ventilation ducts, it is ideal to choose a 16mm diameter impeller probe, which has a wide measuring range of 0.6 ~ 40m / s.
Pitot tube: Pitot tube * is suitable for high wind speeds and contaminated airflow. testo 435-3 has a built-in 25hPa differential pressure probe, which is specially designed for this kind of measurement.
Comfortable user interface
The uniqueness of Testo 435 lies in its humanized function design and simple and friendly menu operation. For duct and indoor air quality measurement, the testo 435 can be freely switched between different user menus.
User Menu-Pipe Survey
Some key functions of pipeline measurement, such as calculating the time period / multi-point average and inputting the cross-sectional area, you can directly enter the operation interface by pressing the function key. The site can choose the type of cross-sectional area, such as round or rectangular. In addition, the instrument has 5 built-in preset sizes, which can be directly selected by the user through the function keys.
User Menu-Indoor Air Quality
The key to detecting indoor air quality is long-term measurement. Users can set and program measurement programs on the Testo 435 instrument, and freely select measurement parameters to record long-term measurement data.
Absolutely compact design
The reliability of performance is the key to judge the quality of the measuring instrument. Testo 435 is IP 54 waterproof, rugged and reliable. The shell is made of special material, which has the function of anti-shock and anti-collision. The large backlit display is built into the housing and is not easily damaged. The instrument is also equipped with a strap design for easy transportation and carrying. The magnet on the back of the instrument is convenient for fixing the instrument during measurement.
Reliable measurement data management
The Testo 435 is equipped with an infrared interface and can wirelessly transmit data to Testo printers in the field. The measurement time and place can be printed simultaneously with the measurement data.
Testo 435-3 has a cycle printing function. Pressing the "cyclic printing" function key, you can print data on Testo printers in a cycle of 1 minute to 24 hours. In this way, a series of measurement tasks can be printed out directly without further storage.
Commissioning of air-conditioning units to detect air volume

Technical data

Storage temperature
-30 ~ + 70 ℃
Operating temperature
-20 ~ + 50 ℃
type of battery
AA type alkaline manganese battery
Battery Life
200 h (based on wind speed measurement)
428 g
220 x 74 x 46 mm
ABS / TPE / metal
Probe Type -NTC
-40 ~ + 150 ℃
0.2 ℃ (-25 ~ + 74.9 ℃)
0.4 ℃ (-40 ~ -25.1 ℃)
0.4 ℃ (+ 75 ~ + 99.9 ℃)
0.5% of measurement value (remaining range)
0.1 ℃
Probe Type - Type K
-200 ~ + 1370 ℃
0.3 ℃ (-60 ~ + 60 ℃)
0.5% of measurement value (remaining range)
0.1 ℃
Probe Type -CO2
0 ~ + 10000 ppm CO 2
1 ppm CO 2
Probe Type - Differential Pressure
0 ~ + 25 hPa
0.02 hPa (0 ~ + 2 hPa); 1% of measurement value (the rest of the range)
0.01 hPa

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