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Special lightning magnetic PHS-3C precision pH meter / acidity meter PHS3C genuine

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发布时间:2018/10/11 更新时间:2018/10/11 Brand Name: $ brandModel.Title (imported brands) Model: PHS-3C Origin: Mainland China Date: 2018/10/11 Updated: 2018/10/11

Product summary: Special offer PHS-3C precision pH meter / acid meter PHS3C

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main feature:

Large screen LCD segment code liquid crystal display with automatic standard buffer solution recognition function, two-point calibration with manual temperature compensation function

Instrument level: 0.01 level
1. Measuring range:
pH: (0.00 ~ 14.00) pH;
mV: (0 ~ 1999) mV; mV (automatic polarity display)
2. Resolution:
pH: 0.01pH
mV: 1mV
3. Basic error:
pH: 0.01pH 1 word
mV: 0.1% (FS)
4. Input impedance: not less than 1 10 12 Ω 5. Stability: 0.01pH 1 word / 3h
6. Temperature compensation range: (0 ~ 60) ℃
7. Measured solution temperature: (5 ~ 60) ℃
8. Power supply: AC (220 22) V, (50 l) Hz
9. Overall dimensions (mm): 290 210 95
10. Weight: 1.5kg

Shanghai Precision Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd.

Packing list

型精密pH计(03) PHS-3C Precision pH Meter (03)

Serial number

Name and specification











—3C型精密pH计 PHS —3C Precision pH Meter

—201—C9型复合电极 E —201—C9 type composite electrode

多功能电极架 REX-1 multifunctional electrode holder

Three-core power cord (standard universal)

Buffer powder pH 4, 7, 9

Fuse BGXPΦ5 20 0.5A

Dust cover (small)

user's manual

Product certification


1 stick

1 stick

1 stick

5 packets each

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