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Special offer United States Weisai YSI laboratory BOD dissolved oxygen analyzer YSI 5100-230

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Product summary: Special offer YSI laboratory BOD dissolved oxygen analyzer YSI 5100-230

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YSI 5000 system specifications
Sexual performance Advantages
Menu operation Easy to use
Compatible with all YSI probes Reduce investment costs
Large LCD display Convenient reading
Can store 100 sets of data No manual transcription required
Compatible with YSI BOD analysis software Automatic BOD calculation with low error rate
RS232 interface Compatible laboratory computer information system
Probe powered by instrument Reduce the number of cables on the laboratory bench
Computer interface control Control functions with keyboard
Acoustic and tactile keyboard response Confirm typing and avoid mistakes
Automatic stabilization Set stable conditions in advance
User upgradeable built-in software Upgrade by yourself without obsolescence
Real Time Clock Time stamp
YSI 5100 (addition to YSI 5000)
Sexual performance Advantages
Built-in oxygen uptake test software Implement USEPA503 regulations for easy operation control
Built-in barometer No need for external barometer and result pressure
Automatic calibration Reduce manual steps and save time
Accessible barcode reader Auto scan input of sample number
Computer keyboard interface Quick keyboard input

YSI 5000/5100 Technical Specifications
Measuring range Resolution Accuracy
Mg / l 0 to 60 0.01 0.1% + 1 lsd
% Air saturation 0 to 600% 0.1% 0.1% + 1 lsd
temperature -5 to + 50 C 0.1 ℃ 0.1 ℃

YSI 5120 BOD analysis software
Installed on a computer and directly drive the dissolved oxygen meter to automate the entire BOD test process
System automatically stores first and last day readings, calculates and prints reports
Automatically reads and stores readings when dissolved oxygen readings stabilize
Supersaturated samples and temperature out of range alerts
Other outstanding features include: automatic blank, sample and loading compensation, non-five-day test BOD result calculation, other dilutions of the first day of reading derivative
Selection guide
5000-230 YSI 5000 laboratory dissolved oxygen analyzer
5100-230 YSI 5100 laboratory dissolved oxygen analyzer (built-in oxygen uptake analysis software)
5010 YSI 5010 BOD Analyzer Probe, Self-Agitated, 1.5m Cable
5015 YSI 5015 barcode reader
059160 YSI 059160 barcode label (1000 pieces / pack)
5120 YSI 5120 BOD analysis software

Selection guide (Note: 5100 can measure OUR and SOUR):
basic configuration 5000 (5100) +5010
Automatic configuration 5000 (5100) + 5010 + 5120
Perfect configuration 5100 + 5010 + 5120 + 5015 + 059160
YSI 5100-230 type WESI YSI laboratory BOD dissolved oxygen analyzer YSI 5100-230 type

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