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technical article

Instructions for use of rapid pesticide residue detector

Click times: 507 Release time: 2019/3/22 9:36:07

Instructions for use of rapid pesticide residue detector

检测仪器 ,主要用于检测农药使用后残存于环境、生物体和食品中的农药母体、衍生物、代谢物和杂质,被广泛用于多个行业中。 Rapid pesticide residue detector is a commonly used detection instrument , mainly used to detect pesticide precursors, derivatives, metabolites and impurities that remain in the environment, organisms and food after pesticide use, and is widely used in many industries. Today, we mainly introduce the instructions for use of the rapid pesticide residue detector, hoping to help users better apply the product.

1. Pesticide Residue Rapid Tester is turned on

电源 \使用汽车电源,将 仪器 右侧开关置于 “开”的状态即可开机。 Use 220V AC power supply \ Use car power supply, set the switch on the right side of the instrument to "ON" to turn on the device. If you have special needs, you can set the temperature and time. Press the start key "START" and start heating to TEMP. After the buzzer sounds, the TIME1 countdown will be automatically completed. After the TIME1 countdown is completed, the buzzer will continuously issue a "wow, wow, wow" prompt to close the front cover. After closing the front cover, it automatically enters the TIME2 countdown. After the TIME2 countdown is completed, the buzzer will continuously issue a "wow, wow, wow ..." prompt to open the front cover and check the test result. During the entire process, if you press the "START" key to stop the operation, you can switch the time and temperature display by pressing the "DISP" key.

2. Temperature adjustment of rapid pesticide residue detector

Set the temperature range with the "SET" key, and adjust the temperature with "+" or "-". The standard temperature is 30 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ 0.5 ℃.

Note: When the ambient temperature is > 25 C, the setting temperature should be lower than the constant temperature by 1 C.

3. Time setting of pesticide residue fast detector

The display time is set by the "SET" key, and the time is adjusted by using "+" or "-". The time unit is changed to minutes, which is 99 minutes, and the color rendering time accuracy is 1 second.

4. Use of Quick Test Card for Pesticide Residue Rapid Tester

Unfold the quick test card with the red tablet facing up. When the preheating temperature is reached, place the quick test card through the paper guide through the red side and place it on the plastic gasket, and place the white side on the heating pad. After the test, pull out the test card.

5. Observation results of rapid pesticide residue detector

Open the upper cover to observe the color change of the test paper. Blue is negative (non-toxic), light blue is weakly positive, and white is positive (toxic).

Note: This rapid pesticide residue tester is used indoors and outdoors. Avoid rain as much as possible, carefully pull up the test strips upwards, and wipe the test fluid left on the heater with cotton cloth or absorbent paper in time.

Precautions for rapid pesticide residue detector

开关电源 请检查 220V交流电源的线路连接是否正常,开关电源与仪器间的接头是否插好。 1. The external switching power supply cannot be used. Please check whether the 220V AC power line connection is normal, and whether the connector between the switching power supply and the instrument is plugged in.

指示灯 不亮 2. No display when power on / power indicator is off

If the external switching power supply is connected, please check whether the power supply wiring of the external switching power supply is properly connected.

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