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technical article

Test method for light transmittance of automobile light transmittance meter

Click times: 578 Release time: 2019/3/22 9:10:37

Test method for light transmittance of automobile light transmittance meter

仪器 根据光学原理,执行 GB5137.2—2002《汽车用安全玻璃光学性能试验方法》标准,符合汽车用透光率计校准规范JJF1225—2009之要求,专业用于玻璃、太阳膜、PVC等产品对于光线的透光率测量. 其测试原理是采用进口光源照射被测透光物质,感应器接收光源的入射光强和透过被测物质后的光强,透过光强与入射光强的比值即为透过率,用百分数表示. LH-220 is a high-precision light transmittance measuring instrument. According to the optical principle , the instrument implements the standard GB5137.2-2002 "Test Method for Optical Properties of Safety Glass for Automobiles". Requirements, professional for glass, solar film, PVC and other products for light transmittance measurement. The test principle is to use imported light source to illuminate the light-transmitting substance under test. The light intensity, the ratio of the transmitted light intensity to the incident light intensity is the transmittance, expressed as a percentage.

Instrument Features
1. Adopting parallel light path design, making it possible to measure large thickness materials
2. Split probe with fixed bracket, with fixed test and split test methods
3. High measurement accuracy, fast speed and simple operation
4. Real-time measurement and test immediately
5. With alarm function, qualified range can be set in advance, there will be audible alarm when exceeding the standard
6. Can record 100 sets of measurement data, automatic statistical value, minimum value, average value
7. Two measurement modes: transmittance and blocking rate
8. Equipped with computer software, connected to the computer can achieve automatic testing, alarm exceeding standards, data statistics, data storage,
View bar charts, graphs, print test reports, and more
9. Automatic calibration and manual calibration at startup, no need to calibrate the baseline
10. Large-size LCD screen display, intelligent backlight, automatic shutdown without operation
11. Equipped with high-grade aluminum box and EVA lining for easy carrying out

Technical Parameters
1. Light source wavelength: 380-760nm
2. Measuring range: 0—100%
3. Resolution: 0.1%
4. Measurement error: ≤1%
5. Measuring thickness: ≤50mm
6. Sample size: ≥3 * 3mm
7. Host size: 132x71x29mm
8. Handle size: Φ34 * 75mm
9. Bracket size: 91 * 45 * 70mm
10. Aluminum box size: 340 * 240 * 100 mm
11. Power source: AAA * 4 (No. 7)
12. Operating environment: T & H 0-40 ℃ ≤85%

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