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technical article

What is the difference between pumped and free diffusion in a gas detector?

Hits: 520 Date: 2017/5/17 10:30:22

What is the difference between pumped and free diffusion in a gas detector?

The detection principle of the diffusion type and pump-type gas detector is basically the same. The sample gas is detected by the sensor of the instrument , and then amplified by the circuit, converted into a corresponding value and displayed on the screen. Combustible gases are commonly used for catalytic combustion sensors, and toxic gases are often used for electrochemical sensors.
The difference between diffusion and pumping is the sampling method.
Diffusion type gas detector is the gas in the area to be tested, which slowly flows the sample gas into the instrument for the detection along with the free flow of air. It needs to be placed on site. This method is affected by the detection environment, such as ambient temperature and wind speed, and is not suitable for low-pressure air sources. The advantage of a diffuser gas detector is that it is less expensive than a pumped one.
The pump-suction gas detector, as its name implies, is equipped with a small gas pump. The working method is that the power source drives the gas pump to sample the gas in the area to be measured, and then sends the sample gas to the instrument for testing.
The pump suction gas detector is characterized by fast detection speed, long-distance measurement of hazardous areas, and safety of maintenance personnel. Others are the same as diffusion gas detectors.

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