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technical article

Maintenance of two-dimensional image measuring instrument

Click times: 536 Release time: 2016/9/26 13:33:33

Modern optical instruments such as two-dimensional measuring instruments are divided into software and hardware. The hardware is composed of many optical parts and metal parts, so it must be maintained according to its characteristics. The optical system of the two-dimensional measuring instrument is composed of an optical lens, a motion system and an image device. The optical lens is made up of many optical components, and has obtained unique excellent performance. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the optical system clean from dust and dirt. Xinrui Survey summarizes the following methods for everyone, hoping to be helpful to everyone.
1. Identification of dust and dirt parts attached to general optical systems:
(1) Check the optical system of the two-dimensional measuring instrument, and judge the position of the foreign object in the lens by rotating the optical zoom lens;
(2) Image device: The target surface pollution of the image device affects the imaging. Generally, sealing measures are adopted. The position change of the imaging area can be used to judge the target device pollution of the image device, which requires professional inspection and cleaning.
2. Necessary cleaning tools: there are blower balls, brushes, tweezers, cotton swabs, cleaning agents (70% and 30% ethanol mixture), and magnifying glass.
3. Cleaning of optical parts:
(1) If dust is attached to the secondary optical components, blow it off with a blower or use a soft brush.
(2) If a dirty place is found, wipe it with a detergent on the degreasing gauze or the designated lens, and gently wipe it outward from the center of the lens.
4. The optical components of the two-dimensional measuring instrument are foggy. The micro-dew-like substances on the surface of optical parts are collectively called fog, which can be divided into oily fog, water-based fog, and oil-based fog. The reasons for fog are:
(1) Alkali metals in optical glass can react chemically with condensed water vapor.
(2) Foggy cores, such as fingerprints, oil stains, and condensed water vapor.
(3) Have suitable temperature and humidity.
The above are just a few of the more common maintenance methods. More and better methods can be found in the work to maintain the optical system of the two-dimensional measurement instrument.

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