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technical article

What should I do if the weight does not display after the electronic scale is turned on?

Click times: 607 Release time: 2016/9/26 13:32:13

The electronic scale does not display the general situation is a problem with the display instrument.

Usually after the electronic scale is opened, there are several common problems that cannot be operated. You can change the switch, battery, fuse and multilayer capacitor first and try it out.

For example, there is an electronic scale that does not display weight after it is turned on. Step (1): Check the battery voltage of the electronic scale above 6V. If it is lower than 5.7V, please charge it. If it is lower than 4.8V, and the battery is short of charge soon, please replace the battery.

Method: How to measure the battery and how to judge the quality of the battery?

Use a three-use meter to switch to the 20V DCV position. The red rod of the meter is placed on the + side of the battery, and the black rod is placed on the-side of the battery. The displayed voltage is the battery voltage. Generally, the quality of the battery is judged by the speed of discharge after the battery is saturated, that is, when the charging circuit is normal, the battery cannot be saturated (the battery cannot be charged). Or you need to replace the battery when the battery is fully charged after using it for a while. (Generally speaking, it can be used continuously for more than 100 hours after the battery is fully charged, with no backlight model as an example)

Step (2): Whether the fuse is open or not, please replace it.

Method: How to measure the fuse, first turn the meter to the position?))). There is a FUSE1 position on the AD board (that is, the fuse). Put the red and black bars of the meter on the two ends. If the meter emits a sound, it means that it is OK and does not need to be replaced. If the meter does not emit a sound, it means that the fuse is blown.

Step (3): Is the switch defective?

Method: How to judge the switch of the electronic scale ?

Use a power meter to turn to?))) Position, place the red and black rods on the two ends of the switch, and turn on the switch. If the beep sounds, it means normal.

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