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10W active wall mount audio manufacturer active wall mount speaker offer manufacturers 6W active wall mount speaker offer

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发布时间:2018/8/21 更新时间:2019/3/9 Brand Name: $ brandModel.Title (imported brands) Model: Origin: Mainland China Published: 2018/8/21 Updated: 2019/3/9

Product summary: 10W active wall-mounted speaker manufacturer active wall-mounted speaker offer manufacturers 6W active wall-mounted speaker offer

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10W active wall mount audio manufacturer active wall mount speaker offer manufacturers 6W active wall mount speaker offer

10W active wall speaker manufacturer active wall speaker active speaker active speaker manufacturer active speaker manufacturer active speaker manufacturer active speaker company active wall speaker wholesale supply active speaker supply active wall speaker

1. Stereo line input, mono input, unbalanced signal, and volume adjustment;

2, high-fidelity stereo, professional-grade sound effects

3. Flexible connection port, easy to use;

4, using AC220V power supply mode;

5. Reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, wall-mounted installation;

6. Built-in hi-fi high and low frequency speakers;

7, black and white two shell colors to choose from;

8, high performance, low distortion, low loss;

9, very suitable for school multimedia classrooms, conference rooms, training rooms, hotels, background music and other places;

Product name: Built-in receiving class Bantong wireless teaching amplifier

Product number:

Product standard: Main speaker: 1 pair (active type)

Handheld wireless pen-shaped microphone: 1 2.4G wireless microphone (with laser pointer function and control function.)

Product options: PPT page turning module / external headset microphone

Product overview: This product works in the 2.4GHz (ISM) international unlicensed wireless frequency band. The digital transmission technology is used in the audio transmission process, and the modulation / demodulation process is fully digitized. The product has the advantages of clear voice, strong anti-**, and good universality. Each ** only has a unique ID code, with up to a million groups of ID codes, which completely solves the phenomenon of traditional wireless microphone channel frequency **. This ** is used with the H20 microphone and USB wireless remote control **, which can realize the function of remote control computer PPT page turning.

Product details:

Main speaker: 699 radio teaching speakers (active)

Speaker configuration: built-in amplifier active type

Unit configuration: 6.5 inch bass * 1 with horn tweeter

Box configuration: wooden high-density MDF box decorated with PVC veneer, black iron protective net cover

Power: 35W ~ 120W

Nominal impedance: 8Ω

Frequency response: 55Hz ~ 18KHz

Signal to noise ratio: 80dB

Sensitivity: 88dB / 1W / 1M

Sound pressure: 96dB

Single speaker size: 350 * 200 * 205mm

Outsourcing size: 470 * 250 * 400mm

Gross weight: 8KG

Interface: 2 stereo, 2 microphone interface, can be connected to PC / VCD / DVD / TAPE signal source

Function adjustment: with side adjustment knob, independent adjustment of treble and bass, independent adjustment of master volume / microphone volume

Handheld three-in-one wireless pen microphone: (standard microphone)

Receive frequency: 2402-2482MHz (81 channels), dedicated 2.4G two-way shortwave tone Frequency technology. Matchable ** / Matching: ≥400 million (32Bit address coding); the number of devices used in the same building (different classrooms); ≥1000 units without crosstalk

Use: Handheld use / external connector with microphone

LED liquid crystal display: can display charging, voltage, transmission signal, battery power, working status, etc .;

Function control: long-distance electronic laser pointer function; PPT page turning control;
Modulation approach: GFSK
Matching selection: automatic scanning, pairing, locking, with close-range priority connection mechanism.

Usage mode: Optional headset, handheld, can be used in any match, the use distance without hindrance, above 30M.

Pickup distance / Distance: 60CM

Transmission distance / Distance: within 30M

Audio signal / Aural signal: digital sampling, 16-32Bit, 44kHz;

Working bandwidth: 1MHz
RF wireless transmitting power / Transmitting power: 0dB-9.5dBMax

Resistance to light: strong light and complex power grids will not cause product noise and accidental startup

Sensitivity: 90 3 dB

Frequency response: 20HZ ~ 20KHZ ( 3dB)

Distortion / THD + N: ≤0.35%@1kHz

Dynamic range: 90 dB

Output input gain ratio: 1: 1

Resistance to light: strong light and complex power grids will not cause product noise and accidental startup

Working temperature: -25 ~ 85 ℃

Output level: Max 1.0VpK

Input impedance: 2K Ohm

Power Requirements: DC / 5V

Product weight: 300g

Product size: 210 * 135 * 38mm

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